How Sweet the Warbling Linnet Sings

Instrumentation: Mezzo-soprano, sopranino, violin, viola and basso continuo
Author/Editor/Arranger: Thalheimer
Publisher: Edition Walhall
Format: Sheet music    
Product code: EW1015    


Editor Peter Thalheimer  tells us that in operas and cantatas of the Baroque era, the recorder often served for the depiction of idyllic nature and for the imitation of birdsong. Galliard was born in Celle, Germany in 1680. He was a flautist and oboist and received composition instruction from Jean Baptiste Farinelli and Agostino Steffani in Hanover. After 1705 he worked in London where he participated in performances of Händel’s operas under the composers direction. From 1717 to 1730 Galliard was active at Lincoln’s Inn Fields Theatre. During this time he composed operas, masques, cantatas and music for pantomimes!
Galliard died in Chelsea in 1747.
The original score doesn’t contain any instrumentation indications, as was the norm of the time but Layton Ring indicates (in 1961) that the top line is probably intended for either Sopranino or French flageolet.

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