CL016S‘Oh portento! Oh stupor!’: score£10.00
CL016C‘Oh portento! Oh stupor!’: score & parts£17.00
FT00212 Divertimenti per camera, Op. 2£22.50
ED413612 Pieces for 2 violins£6.50
PF18612 Solos for a violin or oboe with a bass (harpsichord) Book 1£17.00
PF18712 Solos for a violin or oboe with a bass (harpsichord) Book 2£17.00
NoCode-King12 Solos for violin & bc (1746)£12.50
NoCode-King12 Solos for violin, Op. 1 (1716)£7.50
CSS3612 Sonatas£32.85
SI08612 Sonatas for violin & bass, Op. 2 (Venice, 1709)£26.50
LCE06A12 Sonatas for violin & bc (hardback edition, Vol. 6 of Complete Locatelli Edition)£56.99
Kings-Geminiani-312 Sonatas for violin & bc, Op. 4 (1739)£8.50
SI07212 sonatas for violin or flute (Dresden)£26.50
EW62912 Sonatas Vol. IV: Sonatas No. 5 in G minor & No. 6 in C major£21.50
FT02612 Sonatas, Op. 1 for solo violin with cello & harpsichord bc (Paris, 1712)£24.80
ED421312 Sonatas, Op. 2 , Vol. 2: Sonatas 7-12£9.99
ED421212 Sonatas, Op. 2, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-6£9.99
ED438012 Sonatas, Op. 5, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-6£11.99
ED438112 Sonatas, Op. 5, Vol. 2: Sonatas 7-12£11.99
ED506012 Sonatas, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-6£12.99
ED506112 Sonatas, Vol. 2: Sonatas 7-12£12.99
MMR03212 Sonate a Violino solo£43.50
MMR02412 Sonate da Camera for violin & cello, Op. 1 (Amsterdam)£34.80
MMR02512 Sonate da Camera for violin & cello, Op. 4 (Amsterdam)£39.80
MMR01512 Sonate op. 4£32.50
FUE448012 Triosonaten for 2 violins and bc, Vol. I£27.00
BP4342 Concertos and a Sonata for 4 violins, TWV 40:201-203£13.50
NMA2292 Divertimenti da camera for violin & harpsichord£14.85
NMA352 Duos for flute & violin: Duet No. 1 in G major and Duet No. 2 in C major£7.00
HM2392 Sonatas£13.00
BA51672 Sonatas for violin & bc, BWV 1021 & 1023£16.50
BA5876903 Concertos for violin & orchestra: No. 1 in A minor, No. 2 in D major & No. 3 in G minor - piano reduction£15.25
HM113 Duets from 'Der Gertreue Musikmeister' - B-flat major, D major, G major£12.00
HM2153 Sonatas£12.30
BA52563 Sonatas & 3 Partitas for solo violin BWV 1001-1006£15.00
HN4583 Sonatas BWV 1020-1023£12.75
BP5723 Sonatas for violin & bc£12.00
EBA22033 Sonatas for violin & bc: Sonata No. 1 in Bb major, Sonata No. 2 in F major & Sonata No. 3 in E major£9.99
EBA22013 Sonatas for violin & bc: Sonata No. 1 in F major, Sonata No. 2 in C minor & Sonata No. 3 in D major£10.50
DV81014 Sonatas (RV2, 29, 25 & 6) for violin & bc£13.00
FF521584 Sonatas for violin & bc£11.75
GM11424 Sonatas for violin & bc£20.75
EMA1014 Sonatas Op. 5 (RV18, 30, 33 & 35)£11.50
VLB814 Sonatas, Op. 12 for violin & bc: Sonatas No. 3 in A major, No. 4 in A minor, No. 6 in A major & No. 9 in G minor£15.75
VLB754 Sonatas, Op. 2 for violin & bc: Sonatas No. 2 in D minor, No. 6 in G minor, No. 9 in D major & No. 12 in C major£11.95
EW5815 Suites from the 'Musicalische Recreation' (1637-1700)£18.50
BA29816 Canonic Sonatas, Op. 5, Vol. 1: TWV 40:118-123£9.50
BA29826 Canonic Sonatas, Op. 5, Vol. 2: TWV 40:118-123£11.50
MMR0346 Concerti a più strumenti, op. 5 Libro primo£89.80
PF796 Duets 'Composd in an easy Stile for the Use of the Duke of Parma' for 2 violins (London, 1770)£18.90
EP43086 Solo Sonatas and Partitas, BWV 1001-1006£11.95
HN4556 Sonatas£23.00
EMA1056 Sonatas (1698) Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6 for violin & bc£10.95
IMC25256 Sonatas & Partitas for violin solo with facsimile of the autograph manuscript£25.95
RG1016 Sonatas for 2 violins£16.00
FF57716 Sonatas for 2 violins without bc, Op. 4 (Paris, 1739)£22.50
FF58196 Sonatas for 2 violins without bc, Op. 5 (Paris, 1739)£23.40
BA51186 Sonatas for solo violin, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£22.50
BA51196 Sonatas for solo violin, Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6£22.50
NoCode-King6 Sonatas for violin & bc (arranged from cellos sonatas, Op. 5)£7.50
C136 Sonatas for violin & bc (Benda)£48.00
BP4666 Sonatas for violin & bc (Fontana)£13.50
BB2081-16 Sonatas for violin & bc (from a Berlin manuscript) Vol. 1: Sonatas X, XIV & XXVII£26.00
BB2081-26 Sonatas for violin & bc (from a Berlin manuscript) Vol. 2: Sonatas XXIII, XXXII & XIII£26.00
DM9356 Sonatas for violin & bc Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£20.50
DM9366 Sonatas for violin & bc Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6£23.95
SMC391466 Sonatas for violin & keyboard£7.50
DM136 Sonatas for violin & keyboard Vol. 1: Sonata No. 1 in C major & Sonata No. 2 in D maj£14.95
DM146 Sonatas for violin & keyboard Vol. 2: Sonata No. 3 in C major & Sonata No. 4 in G maj£14.95
DM156 Sonatas for violin & keyboard Vol. 3: Sonata No. 5 in C major & Sonata No. 6 in G maj£14.95
GM321a6 Sonatas Op. 4, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£23.85
GM322a6 Sonatas Op. 4, Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6£27.95
BA42516 Sonatas Vol. 1: Nos 1-2, HWV 380-381£17.00
ED43266 Sonatas Vol. 1: Sonatas in A major, E major & F major£9.50
BA42526 Sonatas Vol. 2: Nos 3-4, HWV 382-383£17.00
ED43276 Sonatas Vol. 2: Sonatas in D major, G minor & A major£9.50
BA42536 Sonatas Vol. 3: Nos 5-6 HWV 384-385£17.00
EMA1026 Sonatas, Op. 5, Vol. 1£9.99
GM1118a6 Sonatas, Op. 5, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£26.50
EMA1036 Sonatas, Op. 5, Vol. 2£10.95
HM1276 Sonatas, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£17.00
EM21096 Sonatas, Vol. 1: Sonatas No. 1 in C major & No. 2 in D major£12.50
VLB966 Sonate da Camera for violin & bc£14.50
BP5206 Suites for unaccompanied violin£12.00
SH077 Sonates, Book 1£19.80
FF526128 Sonatas for violin & bc£17.10
CSS50A Collection of Curious Scots Tunes for violin, flute or harpsichord£32.85
VLA3A Duet for violin & viola (c.1770-75)£12.00
SM3Airs for solo violin£10.00
BA8977Allegro for Violin and Piano G major - piano reduction£5.50
FT037Allettamenti armonici op. 4£24.80
RG122Arioso for harpsichord & violin, H. 535£10.00
PCH-2Ayres for the Violin: The Fourth Part, for Violin or Flute. Optional Second Treble, and Basso Continuo£49.50
EM2028Canto delle Sonate over canzoni£23.50
SI084Capricci armonici da chiesa (Venice, 1678)£24.50
HM100Chaconne in G minor£13.50
B024Chorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Christus, der ist mein Leben” (complete set)£45.00
B024SChorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Christus, der ist mein Leben” (score)£20.00
B021SChorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Du, o schönes Weltgebäude” - score£16.00
B021Chorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Du, o schönes Weltgebäude” (complete set)£38.00
B022Chorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Jesu, meine Freude” (complete set)£48.00
B022SChorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Jesu, meine Freude” (score)£21.00
B023Chorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Jesus meine Zuversicht” (complete set)£51.00
B023SChorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Jesus meine Zuversicht” (score)£21.00
EW589Ciaccona in C major£15.50
EW734Ciacona in D major£16.50
FF52180Ciacona in D major for violin & bc£14.50
RG123Clavier-Fantasie with accompaniment from violin, H. 536£16.00
BA473374Complete Church Sonatas, Vol. 3/4: violin part£4.50
BA473574Complete Church Sonatas, Vol. 5: Sonata C major K. 263 - violin part£4.00
BA4226Complete Works for violin & bc£27.00
MMR033Concerti a quattro da chiesa op. 2£43.50
SI081Concertini & Serenate for violin & vc, Op. 13£32.50
EB8738Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in D major, KV 218 - piano reduction£9.99
BA486390Concerto for violin & orchestra No. 1 in Bb major, KV 207 (piano reduction with solo part)£13.50
BA486490Concerto for violin & orchestra No. 2 in D major, KV 211 (piano reduction with solo part)£15.00
BA486590Concerto for violin & orchestra No. 3 in G major, KV 216 (piano reduction with solo part)£14.00
BA486690Concerto for violin & orchestra No. 4 in D major, KV 218 (piano reduction with solo part)£14.00
BA471290Concerto for violin & orchestra No. 5 in A major, KV 219 (piano reduction with solo part)£17.00
ANT105Concerto in A major£8.50
VLB1Concerto in A major for violin, string orchestra & bc (piano reduction with solo part)£11.99
VLB41Concerto in A major, RV 552 for violin & string orchestra with bc (piano reduction with solo part)£12.95
VLB24Concerto in Bb major for violin, strings & bc (piano reduction with solo part)£8.99
HH52.kbdConcerto in C minor, RV198/198a for violin, strings & bc (piano reduction)£8.00
BP446Concerto in D major for 4 violins, TWV 40:202 - score & parts£8.50
BA514490Concerto in D minor for violin, strings & bc (piano reductions with solo part)£19.50
EB8694Concerto in E major for violin, strings & bc, BWV 1042 - piano reduction£11.75
VLB23Concerto in F major for violin & string orchestra (piano reduction & solo part)£10.99
BP445Concerto in G major for 4 violins, TWV 40:201 - score & parts£8.50
VLB21Concerto in G major for violin & orchestra, KV 216 (piano reduction with solo part)£9.50
BA8980Concerto in G major op.3/3 - piano reduction£8.50
VLB40Concerto No. 2 in E major for violin & orchestra (piano reduction with solo part)£9.99
VLB8Concerts Royaux: Deuxieme Concert in D major for violin & bc£9.50
VLB7Concerts Royaux: Premiere Concert in G major for violin & bc£8.99
VLB10Concerts Royaux: Quatrieme Concert for violin & bc£7.50
VLB9Concerts Royaux: Troisieme Concert in A major for violin & bc£9.50
NM206Dialysis for violin & harpsichord£9.50
BP2400Die kleine Kammermusik: 6 Partiten£13.50
CL003SDomine ad adjuvandum: score£20.00
CL003VDomine ad adjuvandum: standard part set£9.00
FT021Due concerti£29.80
JPH005Eight Solos for a Violin (London, 1746)£12.50
NoCode-JPHEight Solos for a Violin and Thorough-Bass£10.00
RG116First Book of Sonatas for violin & bc£29.80
B003AFortsetzung des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes Vol. I£72.00
B003BFortsetzung des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes Vol. II£72.00
B003CFortsetzung des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes Vol. III£95.00
B003DFortsetzung des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes Vol. IV£90.00
B003EFortsetzung des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes Vol. V£105.00
B003FFortsetzung des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes Vol. VI£95.00
B003GFortsetzung des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes Vol. VII£85.00
B067Fugue in G Minor BWV 1026£12.00
OT001Gran Metodo per Violino£49.80
EW848Grand Duo op. X£14.80
EW1145Greensleeves and Pudding Pies£24.50
B035Harmonia Parnassia Sonatarum a 3 & 4, Vol.II (Nos 6-10)£40.00
B034Harmonia Parnassia Sonatarum a 3, Vol. I (Nos 1-5)£40.00
MR59Hortulus Chelicus uni violino (Mainz, 1688)£15.00
EW117cHortus Musicus - Partitas No. 5 and No. 6£19.80
FF0745Il Pastor Fido - 6 Sonatas for flute, violin, musette or hurdy-gurdy (1737)£63.50
HH006SOLL'arte del arco (The art of bowing) for violin & bc£8.00
EW638La Bella Pastora£13.80
CSS11La Stravaganza£13.95
CL004SLaudate pueri in E major: score£30.00
CL004PLaudate pueri in E major: standard part set£24.00
CL005SLaudate pueri in G major: score£36.00
CL005PLaudate pueri in G major: standard part set£22.00
FF0790Le Prime Sonate for violin & bc Op. 1 (London, 1739)£27.50
Offenburg-GF2204Leçons pour la Basse Generale£24.00
VC043BLittle Consort - Suite II in G major£12.00
PF54Livres des Sonates for solo violin, Op. 2 (Paris, 1710)£17.00
AFT046Méthode raisonnée pour apprendre la musique£24.80
BA2241Methodical Sonatas, Vol. 1: Sonatas in G minor TWV 41:g3 and A major, TWV 41:A3£14.00
BA2242Methodical Sonatas, Vol. 2: Sonatas in E minor TWV 41:e2 and D major, TWV 41:D3£14.00
Offenburg-SM4202-1Musico-Instrumentalische Gemüths-Lust, Vol. 1£32.00
Offenburg-SM4202-2Musico-Instrumentalische Gemüths-Lust, Vol. 2£34.00
EW1128Musikalisches Klee=Blat op. 5, Parts I-III£19.80
DM1237Mystery Sonatas for violin & bc: Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-5£35.00
DM1238Mystery Sonatas for violin & bc: Vol. 2: Sonatas 6-10£31.50
DM1239Mystery Sonatas for violin & bc: Vol. 3: Sonatas 11-16£39.00
B002Oboe Concerto in F Major: score & parts£14.00
EP4309BPartita No. 1 in B minor for solo violin, BWV 1002£2.95
FF52165Partite sopra diverse sonate for solo violin without bc£6.50
FF2773Pieces for keyboard with violin or flute & violin 2 (Paris, 1741)£26.50
JPH001Posthumous Works I for violin & bc£12.95
JPH001APosthumous Works II for violin & bc£12.95
FF2664Premier Livre de Sonates for solo violin & bc (Paris, 1748)£23.85
FF1011Premier Livre de Sonates for violin & bc (Paris, c.1739-1740)£31.00
CL007Quartet No. 3£12.00
HM261Quattro Balleti Op. 1/3, 4, 5, 8£13.00
EW126Recueil de Douze Sonates (1712): Duo Sonatas No. 8-12£22.00
NoCode-KingRosary Sonatas for violin & bc (Munich)£10.00
MR58Scherzi Musicali da Violino solo (Mainz, 1687)£15.00
FF50527Second book of sonatas for violin with bc£18.00
BP480Sei Suonatine per Violino e Cembalo£13.50
EMA115Seventeen Violin Duets from the Magic Flute£11.50
B065Sinfonia in D Major BWV 1045£20.00
PF179Six Duets for two Violins (London, c.1775)£17.00
PF189Six Duets for two Violins, Op. 2 (London, c.1780)£17.00
VLN1aSix Duets Op. 8 (c.1778), Vol. 1: Two Duets, No. 1 in C major & No. 2 in A major£16.00
VLN1bSix Duets Op. 8 (c.1778), Vol. 2: Two Duets for violin & viola£16.00
PF188Six Duettos, five for two violins and one for two German flutes, Op. 1 (London, 1777)£17.00
BP684Six duos for violin and viola£13.50
FT041Six Solos£24.50
PF51Six Solos for a Hautboy (London, 1748)£15.00
MMR002Six solos for violin (1720)£24.80
JPH004ASix Solos for violin & bc, Op. 4£10.00
JPH004Six Solos for violin & bc, Op. 7£10.00
ED4221Six Sonatas£10.99
EB8366Six Sonatas for solo flute or violin, Vol. 1£13.50
EB8367Six Sonatas for solo flute or violin, Vol. 2£13.50
PF46Six Sonatas for violin & cello or harpsichord, Op. 6 (Paris, c.1748)£15.00
EW134Six Sonatas for violin & harpsichord, Op. 2, Vol. I: Sonatas 1-2£18.00
EW146Six Sonatas for violin & harpsichord, Op. 2, Vol. II: Sonatas No. 3 in F major & No. 4 in A major£16.00
EW245Six Sonatas for violin & harpsichord, Op. 2, Vol. III: Sonatas No. 5 in C minor & No. 6 in E major£16.00
PF108Six Sonatas or Solos for the Violin with a Through Bass for the Harpsichord or Bass Violin (London, 1697)£15.00
PF71Six Sonatas or Solos, three for a Violin, and three for the Flute, with a Thorough Bass (London, 1698)£10.35
ED4618Six Sonatas, Op. 1£12.50
EB6691Six Sonatas, Op. 1, Vol. 1: Nos. 3, 10, 12£10.50
EB6692Six Sonatas, Op. 1, Vol. 2: Nos. 13, 14, 15£10.50
BA2979Six Sonatas, Op. 2, Vol. 1: TWV 40:101-106£11.00
BA2980Six Sonatas, Op. 2, Vol. 2: TWV 40:101-106£11.00
GM1118bSix Sonatas, Op. 5, Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6£26.50
EB8327Six Sonatas, Op. IVa, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£13.50
EB8328Six Sonatas, Op. IVa, Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6£13.50
FF3382Six Sonates a violon seul with keyboard accompaniment (Frankfurt, 1715)£18.90
PF171Six Sonates for oboe or violin & bc (Amsterdam, 1710)£15.00
FF3035Six Sonates pour le Clavecin Op XIV with violin accompaniment (Paris, 1766)£32.80
PCH-7Six Suites for Violin or Flute and bc (1701)£21.50
FT040Six Trios Op. 3£26.50
EW265Solo fantasien for violin, TWV40:15-25 (Hamburg, 1735)£17.00
EW689Solo in G major£14.80
VLB51Sonata 'a la Maresienne'£9.50
EW569Sonata 'Die Turkenschlacht bei Wien 1683' ('The Turkish battle at Vienna 1683') for violin & bc£12.50
BP830Sonata 'L'Abondance' for violin & bc£10.25
HH111Sonata 'La Montari' in A major for violin & bc£11.95
DM372Sonata 'Representativa' in A major for violin solo£17.95
JPH002Sonata da Camera for violin & bc (London, 1702)£10.00
BC16Sonata duodecima from Op. 16 for violin & bc (1693)£7.75
Kings-MuffatSonata for violin & bc (1677)£6.00
JPH009Sonata for violin & keyboard, Op. 1£10.00
EW585Sonata in A major (Briegel)£13.80
VLB35Sonata in A major for violin & bc from 'Essercizi Musici'£8.99
EW575Sonata in A minor£12.50
VLB16Sonata in A minor, Op. 9 No. 5 for violin & bc£9.99
MO602Sonata in B major£9.50
VLB3Sonata in B minor Wq.76£9.99
BP679Sonata in Bb major for violin & bc£7.75
VLB70Sonata in Bb major for violin & bc, Op. 6/1£8.99
MO604Sonata in C major (Cattaneo)£9.50
BP447Sonata in C major for 4 violins, TWV 40:203 - score & parts£8.50
VLB19Sonata in C major, Op. 1/4 for violin & bc£9.50
EB4176Sonata in C minor (Telemann)£7.10
VLB50Sonata in C minor Wq.78£10.99
VLB6Sonata in D major 'Les Jeux Olympiques', Op. 25/5£8.50
EW639Sonata in D major (Bach)£14.80
MO605Sonata in D major (Cattaneo)£10.30
VLB33Sonata in D major for solo violin£7.50
HG6056Sonata in D major for two unaccompanied violins£5.50
VLB22Sonata in D major for violin & bc£8.99
VLB20Sonata in D major, Op. 1/3 for violin & bc£9.50
ED10260Sonata in D major, Op. 8/5£3.50
VLB15Sonata in D major, Op. 9 No. 3 for violin & bc£9.50
RG121Sonata in D minor for obbligato harpsichord & violin, H.503£12.80
VLB26Sonata in D minor for violin & bc£9.50
HG1381Sonata in D minor for violin & harpsichord£8.95
VLB39Sonata in D minor, Op. 8/1 for violin & bc£8.99
EB8668Sonata in E major, Op. 5/11 for violin & bc, arranged for violin & guitar£8.00
ES264Sonata in Eb major for two unaccompanied violins£9.50
BP1030Sonata in Eb major for viola & violin£10.25
MO603Sonata in F major (Cattaneo)£11.00
VLB36Sonata in F major for violin & bc from 'Essercizi Musici'£8.99
VLB34Sonata in G minor 'The Devil's Trill' for violin & bc (with cadenza by Fritz Kreisler)£8.50
EW587Sonata in G minor (Petz)£13.80
KM2102Sonata in G minor (Purcell)£7.10
HM278Sonata in G minor The Devil's Trill£9.99
VLB31Sonata in G minor, Op. 1/10 'Didone abbandonata'£8.50
VLB2Sonata in G minor, Op. 6/2 for violin & bc£8.50
EW571Sonata No. 12, 'Das Jagerhorn'£12.50
EW577Sonata No. 6, Musicalisch Uhrwerk£12.00
EW583Sonata No. 9, Das Post-Horn£14.50
FUE201Sonata Prima op.16£20.00
UE13301Sonatae Unarum Fidium Vol. 1£17.50
UE13302Sonatae Unarum Fidium, Vol. 2£17.50
EW725Sonatae Unarum Fidium: 6 Sonatas£28.50
PF151Sonatas (Amsterdam, c.1722)£28.50
SI075Sonatas for flute or violin & bc (London, 1724)£22.80
EBA5058Sonatas for obbligato harpsichord and violin or flute£14.00
PF27Sonatas for solo violin & bc, Op. 1 (Paris, 1738)£17.00
PF28Sonatas for solo violin Op. 2 (Paris, c.1742)£17.00
PF138Sonatas for violin & bc, Op. 2 (1716)£10.00
FF50106Sonatas for violin & bc, Op. 4 (London, 1739)£9.00
FF5560Sonatas for violin & bc, Op. 5£63.50
FF5633Sonatas for violin & harpsichord (Paris, 1707)£23.85
HN80Sonatas for violin & keyboard - Complete (Clothbound)£66.50
HN1077Sonatas for violin & keyboard Vol. 1: K301-306£16.00
HN78Sonatas for violin & keyboard Vol. 2: K296 & K376-380£18.75
HN79Sonatas for violin & keyboard Vol. 3: Later Viennese Sonatas£18.00
EB9455Sonatas for Violin and bc, Op. 5, Volume 1. 1-6£21.00
EB9456Sonatas for Violin and bc, Op. 5, Volume 2, 7-12£21.00
MMR010Sonatas for violin, vc & kbd, Op. 1 (London, 1716)£36.50
SI021Sonatas, Op. 5 (Rome, 1700)£26.50
FT039Sonate a due, op. 2£24.80
AFE2921Sonate a violino e basso Op. 2 (Bologna, 1721)£24.30
SI071Sonate a violino solo e basso Op. 1 (Dresden)£26.50
SI073Sonate accademiche for violin & bc Op. 2 (London-Florence, 1744)£26.50
Kings-VeraciniSonate accademiche, Op.2 for violin & bc (1744)£12.50
PF11Sonate da Camera a Violino Solo & cello or harpsichord (London, c.1775)£17.00
SI078Sonate da camera a violino solo e basso Op. 7 et Invenzioni, op. 10£29.80
FF2057Sonate da Camera for solo violin, with cello or harpsichord (Turin, 1723)£22.00
FF2810Sonate da Chiesa, Op. 4 (Amsterdam, c.1704)£22.00
EW249Sonates a Violon seul (1713): No. 1-3£20.00
FF5622Sonates a Violon seul with bc, Book 2 (Paris, 1721)£45.00
PF44Sonates a Violon Seul with bc, Op. 4 (Paris, 1747)£15.00
PF45Sonates a Violon Seul with bc, Op. 5 (Paris, c.1747)£15.00
FUE290Sonates pour le Viollon et pour le clavecin, Vol 1: Sonata I (d), Sonata II (D)£26.00
FUE392Sonates pour le Viollon et pour le clavecin: Vol 3: Sonata V (a), Sonata VI (A)£26.00
FUE350Sonates pour le Viollon et pour le clavecin. Vol. 2: Sonata III (F), Sonata IV (G)£26.00
FF5663Sonates pour Violon et Basse Continuo, Op. 2 (1709)£32.00
SH08Sonates, Book II - Sonates I-VI£19.80
SH09Sonates, Book II - Sonates VII-XII£19.80
HM175Suite in G minor from Der Gertreue Musikmeister£13.00
Aquila003Tables on the Evolution of Strings in the Violin Family£12.00
NoCode-KingThe Art of Playing on the Violin (1751) (King's Music)£10.00
MR171The Art of Playing on the Violin (1751) (Musica Repartita)£10.00
PF115The Division Violin Book 1 (1684 - Playford)£14.00
PF116The Division Violin Book 2 (1703 - Playford)£14.00
VC062CThe Harp Consorts - Complete set (score, harp part, instrument set)£70.00
VC062A&BThe Harp Consorts - Main score and harp part (without part set)£53.00
B26The Manchester Violin Sonatas£53.00
SEME4Three Sonatas Vol. 1: Sonata IV in A major£5.50
SEME5Three Sonatas Vol. 2: Sonata V in B minor£5.50
SEME6Three Sonatas Vol. 3: Sonata VI in G minor£5.50
ENS4Tra Sperenaza a Timore - Cantata£16.00
SI076Trattenimenti Armonici per Camera for 2 violins & bc, Op. 6 (Amsterdam)£29.80
EMA106Trattenimenti Armonici per Camera, Op. 6, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-4£11.95
EMA107Trattenimenti Armonici per Camera, Op. 6, Vol. 2: Sonatas 5-8£11.95
EMA108Trattenimenti Armonici per Camera, Op. 6, Vol. 3: Sonatas 9-12£11.95
CL009Trios for Bass Viol, Violin & Cello, Vol. I (Nos 1-3)£30.00
CL010Trios for Bass Viol, Violin & Cello, Vol. II (Nos 4-6)£30.00
FUE182Triosonaten Vol. 1£26.00
FUE174Triosonaten Vol. 2£25.00
FF1003Twelve caprices for solo violin (Paris, 1762)£23.40
BA2972Twelve Fantasias for violin without bass, TWV 40:14 - 40:25£10.50
B71Twelve Solos for violin or flute - Score & Parts£46.00
B71PTwelve Solos for violin or flute - Separate Parts£45.00
HG1330aTwelve Sonatas for violin or flute & bc , Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£12.50
HG1330bTwelve Sonatas for violin or flute & bc , Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6£12.50
HG1330cTwelve Sonatas for violin or flute & bc , Vol. 3: Sonatas 7-9£12.50
HG1330dTwelve Sonatas for violin or flute & bc , Vol. 4: Sonatas 10-12£12.50
NoCode-KingTwelve Sonatas, Op. 1 for violin & bc (1721)£12.50
VC010Two Fantasia-Suites£30.00
PF139VI Sonate, Op. 5 (Amsterdam, 1716)£14.50
BA6986Violin Solos from Sacred Cantatas, Masses, Passions & Oratorios£24.50
G195XII Sonatinae, 12 Sonatas for violin and bc, Sonata I-III£16.00
G196XII Sonatinae, 12 Sonatas for violin and bc, Sonata IV-VI£16.00
G197XII Sonatinae, Sonata VII-IX£16.00
G198XII Sonatinae, Sonata X-XII£16.00