STIMU-1 12 Sonate da cimbalo di piano e forte detto volgarmente di martelletti, Op.1£12.50
EB44011. 6 Piano Sonatas Wq 55/1-6£12.00
EW66012 Sonate da cimbalo di piano e forte op. 1 Volume II (No. 7-12)£17.50
EB807718 Suites & 6 Sets of Variations for harpsichord£23.00
EB807818 Suites & 6 Sets of Variations for harpsichord, musicological edition£58.00
M18.1052 Sets of 4 Sonatas or Duets on one piano£27.00
EB44022. 3 Piano Sonatas and 3 Rondos Wq 56/1-6£12.00
OUP224823 Pieces Characteristiques£17.50
ED783824 Polonaises in all keys£13.50
PEMS0343 chefs d'oeuvres for forte-piano£7.50
EP45163 Duet Sonatas: C, Op. 15/6; A, Op. 18/5; F, Op. 18/6£19.50
EB44033. 3 Piano Sonatas and 3 Rondos Wq 57/1-6£12.00
AF00233 Variations on a valse for the Piano-Forte£25.00
EB44044. 2 Piano Sonatas, 3 Rondos & 2 Fantasias Wq 58/1-7£12.00
EB44055. Piano Sonatas with Rondos & Fantasias Wq 59/1-6£12.00
ED23536 Sonatas for keyboard Versuch, 1753 Wq.63, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£8.99
ED23546 Sonatas for keyboard Versuch, 1753 Wq.63, Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6£8.99
EB44066. 2 Piano Sonatas, 2 Fantasias & 2 Rondos£12.00
EB8612Airs de Danse£12.50
HN557Chaconne from Partita no. 2 D minor£12.00
UT50161Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue in D minor BWV 903£7.25
BA5236Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue in D minor BWV903£7.00
EB6646Collected Clavier Works - chorales & free compositions£27.00
BA8066Complete Keyboard and Organ Works Vol. 4: Partitas and Partita Movements Part 2£49.00
UT50226Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1: K189d - K300d£13.95
UT50227Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2: K300 - K547a£17.95
BA8419Complete works for keyboard incl. pieces by Ebner£21.00
EB8086Complete Works for Keyboard/Harpsichord£25.00
BA4786Complete works for piano duet£17.50
EW1005Concerto No 1 C Major RV 398 – Piano reduction£15.50
UT50052Dances - Authentic Piano Versions£10.95
MMR037Die Kunst der Fuge£98.50
M41.207Duet Sonata in F major£12.60
UT50060English Suites£15.95
EW1038Europe for Advanced Musicians: 16 Great Christmas Songs£16.50
FF3385Fantasie & Sonata for piano Op.11 (1786)£31.50
P217Five "New" Sonatas for piano£4.50
UT50159Goldberg Variations BWV 988 (Wiener Urtext)£8.95
UT50057Italian Concerto in F major BWV 971£6.50
MMR007Keyboard Sonatas with Rondos & Fantasias Vol. 1-6 (Leipzig, 1779-1787)£49.80
HE32.202Keyboard Works Vol. 2: 3 Sonatas for piano: Sonatas in D major, F major & A min£12.00
ED6122Klavierfantasien for keyboard£11.99
BA5238Little Preludes & Fughettas£8.50
BA5232Miscellaneous Works for Piano I, Six Little Preludes BWV 933-938, 917, 918, 921, 922, 894-896, 903, 903a£14.50
BA5233Miscellaneous Works for Piano II, BWV 904, 906, 923/951, 951a, 944, 946, 948-950, 952, 959, 961, 967£14.50
BA5234Miscellaneous Works for Piano III, BWV 992, 993, 989, 963, 820, 823, 832, 833, 822, 998£14.50
BA5115Notebook for Anna Magdelana£21.50
BA8411Organ and Keyboard Works Book 1-1: Recercari et Canzoni franzese (Rome, 1615 & 1618)£42.50
BA8412Organ and Keyboard Works Book 1-2: Toccate e Partite d'involatura di cembalo (Rome, 1615-16)£44.50
ED2827Partitas & Pieces£8.50
UT50229Piano Pieces, Vol. 1: Earlier Works£18.75
UT50230Piano Pieces, Vol. 2: Later Works£21.25
HN1220Piano Sonata C major K. 159, L. 104£4.50
HN1221Piano Sonata d minor (Toccata) K. 141, L. 422£5.00
HN001Piano Sonatas Vol. 1: K279 (189d) - K311 (284c)£18.00
HN002Piano Sonatas Vol. 2: K330 (300h) - K576£18.00
HE32.201Piano Works Vol. 1: Fantasia & 3 Sonatas for piano£12.00
BA3800Pièces de Clavecin (Piano, Harpsichord) £34.00
EM2169Rondoletto G-Dur, opus 149 for piano£9.00
EW307Sechs Ouverturen nebst zween Folgesätzen TWV 32:5-10£17.50
BA9261Selected Works for keyboard, Vol. I: Hymns and Versets£25.25
BA9262Selected Works for keyboard, Vol. II: Hymnes, Versets and Tientos£24.25
BA0887Singe-Spiel und Generalbass-Ubungen (1733-1734)£10.00
ED9023Sonata in A major for keyboard duet£6.50
ED9020Sonata in Eb major for harpsichord or piano - Duet£6.50
EP4284Sonata in F major for 2 pianos£14.95
EP4188Sonatas & Pieces including Variations on La Folia£18.50
ABRSM8708The Art of Fugue BWV 1080£20.00
ED2577The Circle of Keys£6.99
BA5219The Six French Suites / Two Suites in A minor and E-flat major BWV 812-819£21.00
BA6539The Six Prussian Sonatas Wq 48£12.00
BA6498The Six Wuttenberg Sonatas Wq 49£15.00
FT023Three favourite sonatas£21.80
BA5235Toccatas BWV910-916 (Bärenreiter)£17.00
UT50081Toccatas BWV910-916 (Wiener Urtext)£15.95
AF004Variazioni per il forte-piano£32.50
AF003Variazioni su arie di balletto per il piano-forte£27.00