SI08612 Sonatas for violin & bass, Op. 2 (Venice, 1709)£24.15
ED421312 Sonatas, Op. 2 , Vol. 2: Sonatas 7-12£9.99
ED421212 Sonatas, Op. 2, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-6£9.99
SM363 Concertos from Op. 3 No. 1, 2 & 6£20.00
BP5723 Sonatas for violin & bc£12.00
DV81014 Sonatas (RV2, 29, 25 & 6) for violin & bc£13.00
BP8284 Sonatas for flute & bc£13.50
FT0114 Sonatas for flute & bc - RV 48, 49, 50 & 51 (Cambridge manuscript)£24.15
EMA1014 Sonatas Op. 5 (RV18, 30, 33 & 35)£11.50
Z134399 Sonatas for cello & bc£21.50
BA6995Complete Sonatas for cello & bc, RV 39-47£27.50
B014Concerti "The Seasons" arranged for flute, bass viol and harpsichord£25.00
VLB41Concerto in A major, RV 552 for violin & string orchestra with bc (piano reduction with solo part)£12.95
KM434Concerto in A major, RV347- score & parts complete£15.00
KM596Concerto in A major, RV552 - Per eco in lontano£23.50
EP9119Concerto in A minor, RV 418 for cello & orchestra (cello & piano reduction)£11.95
EP4961Concerto in A minor, RV 442 for cello & orchestra (cello & piano reduction)£11.95
BP915Concerto in A minor, RV108£12.00
KM433Concerto in A minor, RV357- score & parts complete£15.00
MR1184Concerto in A minor, RV445 - score & parts complete£14.75
MR1955bConcerto in A minor, RV461 - score & parts complete£17.50
MR1963bConcerto in A minor, RV463 - score & parts complete£12.50
MR1246Concerto in B major, RV501 - score & parts complete£12.50
KM430Concerto in Bb major, RV383a - score & parts complete£15.00
MR1529AConcerto in C major RV 444 for Sopranino Recorder and Piano - score and parts£10.75
MR1529Concerto in C major RV444 - score & parts complete£16.50
GM963Concerto in C major, RV 399 for cello & orchestra (cello & piano reduction)£9.95
KM498Concerto in C major, RV109 - score & parts complete£13.00
KM436Concerto in C major, RV185 - score & parts complete£13.00
CON161Concerto in C major, RV443 - score & parts complete£9.50
KM597Concerto in C major, RV558£40.00
KM489Concerto in C major, RV559 - score & parts complete£22.00
KM488Concerto in C major, RV561 - score & parts complete£19.00
MR1144Concerto in C major, RV87 - score & parts£11.25
MR1143Concerto in C major, RV88£12.50
KM491Concerto in C minor, RV118 - score & parts complete£13.00
HH52.kbdConcerto in C minor, RV198/198a for violin, strings & bc (piano reduction)£8.00
MR1203Concerto in C minor, RV441 - score & parts complete£18.25
KM484Concerto in D major - per la Solennita di San Lorenzo, RV562£28.00
ANT127Concerto in D major 'Il Gardellino', RV428£8.50
MR1150Concerto in D major 'La Pastorella', RV95 - score & parts£10.75
KM567Concerto in D major, RV124 - score & parts complete£12.00
KM440Concerto in D major, RV204 - score & parts complete£15.00
MR1149Concerto in D major, RV217 - score & parts complete£12.95
MR2128Concerto in D major, RV89 - score & parts£17.50
MR1217Concerto in D major, RV90£19.25
MR2170Concerto in D major, RV92 - score & parts£16.50
MR1149Concerto in D major, RV94 - score & parts£12.95
EES407Concerto in D minor, Op. 26, No. 9 for cello & orchestra (cello & piano reduction)£14.95
KM495Concerto in D minor, RV127 - score & parts complete£13.00
KM437Concerto in D minor, RV249 - score & parts complete£15.00
MR1945bConcerto in D minor, RV454 - score & parts complete£20.75
MR1641bConcerto in D minor, RV535 - score & parts complete£18.75
KM598Concerto in D minor, RV540 - score & parts complete£18.00
MR1251Concerto in D minor, RV96 - score & parts£10.95
BP858Concerto in E minor for flute, strings & bc - flute & keyboard reduction£12.00
BP2216Concerto in E minor for flute, strings & bc - score & string parts only£13.50
KM431Concerto in E minor, RV279- score & parts complete£15.00
ANT125Concerto in F major 'La Tempesta di Mare', RV433£8.50
KM572Concerto in F major, RV136 - score & parts complete£13.00
KM438Concerto in F major, RV284 - score & parts complete£15.00
ANT129Concerto in F major, RV434£8.50
MR1956bConcerto in F major, RV455 - score & parts complete£17.50
MR1161Concerto in F major, RV99 - score & parts£15.25
BA8980Concerto in G major op.3/3 - piano reduction£8.50
GM173Concerto in G major, RV 120 for cello & orchestra (cello & piano reduction)£9.75
MR1636Concerto in G major, RV101 - score & parts£14.95
KM496Concerto in G major, RV145 - score & parts complete£13.00
KM79Concerto in G major, RV146 - score & parts complete£13.00
KM441Concerto in G major, RV298 - score & parts complete£15.00
KM432Concerto in G major, RV301- score & parts complete£15.00
ANT128Concerto in G major, RV435£8.50
MR1665bConcerto in G major, RV545 - score & parts complete£20.70
MR1504Concerto in G minor, RV103 f£13.75
MR1635Concerto in G minor, RV105 for recorder/flute, oboe, violin, bassoon & bc£21.50
MR1241Concerto in G minor, RV106 - score & parts complete£13.50
MR1148Concerto in G minor, RV107 - score & parts complete£14.50
KM497Concerto in G minor, RV152 - score & parts complete£13.00
KM435Concerto in G minor, RV316a - score & parts complete£15.00
MR1185Concerto in G minor, RV439 - score & parts complete£15.95
SM35Concerto in G minor, RV531£12.00
EW871Concerto No. 13 in F major RV 410£14.40
FF5270Concerto pour flute a bec, hautbois, 2 violons et basse, RV87; Concerto pour viole d'amour, 2 cors, 2 hautbois, bassoon et basse, RV97£31.00
FF5255Concertos RV86, 92, 108£26.00
FF5682Concertos RV88, 90, 98, 99 & 107£39.00
EW865Konzert Nr. 28 g-Moll RV 531 - score£15.75
EW886Konzert Nr. 28 g-Moll RV 531- piano score£14.85
VI02Le 9 Sonate per violoncello e basso continuo, RV 39-47 (1st edition)£57.75
PAR105Slow movements for recorder£6.50
P9465Sonata in C major RV779£13.25
SM9Sonata in C major, RV 48 for flute & bc£10.50
MR1620Sonata in E minor 'Stockholm' RV 50, for flute & bc£8.25
PF138Sonatas for violin & bc, Op. 2 (1716)£10.00
FF5663Sonates pour Violon et Basse Continuo, Op. 2 (1709)£32.00
FF5254Sonates pour violoncelle et basse continue£38.75
PF30Suonate a camera a tre: Op.1 (Amsterdam, 1715)£30.00
ECS34bTen Sonatas for cello & bc, Vol. 2£28.00
B26The Manchester Violin Sonatas£53.00
MRF1133Trio Sonata in A minor£9.50
DM449Trio Sonata in Bb major Op. 5/5,£11.50
ANT134Trio Sonata in C minor (Vivaldi)£9.50
M41.115Trio Sonata in D major (Vivaldi)£11.25
EE1088Trio Sonata in D minor (Vivaldi)£8.99
EM1047Trio Sonata in G minor (Vivaldi)£12.25
DM418Trio Sonata in G minor Op. 5/6£10.95
MRF1622Trio Sonata in G minor RV81£8.95
PF139VI Sonate, Op. 5 (Amsterdam, 1716)£14.50
PF125VI Sonates for solo cello & bc (Paris, 1740)£15.75

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