EW60110 Part Songs£23.00
GM793a12 Sonatas for flute/recorder & bc, Op. 3, Vol. 1, 1-3£22.00
GM793b12 Sonatas for flute/recorder & bc, Op. 3, Vol. 2, 4-6£22.00
IH232 Sonatas in D minor and G minor£18.50
CERR053 sonatas Op.1, No. 1, 5 & 9 (Amsterdam, c.1722) Sonata in D, Op. 1/1 (Amsterdam, c.1722)£6.50
EW44831 Bicinien£15.50
EW6984 Sinfonie: Vol. 1£15.50
EW7004 Sinfonie: Vol. 2£16.00
EW7745 Christmas Carols£14.80
UE302496 Sonatas Op. 9 for two recorders£11.95
EW9216 Sonatas, Vol. I, 1-3£18.50
EW9426 Sonatas, Vol. II, 4-6£19.50
EW8586 Triosonatas Vol. 1 (Sonatas I, III, VI)£18.50
PCB031A Summer Day£3.95
ED9761Advanced Recorder Technique Vol. 1 - Finger and Tongue Technique£13.50
ED9762Advanced Recorder Technique Vol. 2 - Breathing and Sound£13.50
P045Animal Antics. Ten Treble recorder Studies with optional piano accompaniment£4.75
FEM311Aria Pastorella£13.80
EW1134Aria sopra La Bergamasca£12.80
HE31.308/00Bach: The recorder parts of his vocal works£52.00
P239Cantus Avium et Volatus - Song and Flight of Birds£7.50
EW705Canzonen & Sonaten Vol. 2£22.50
EW709Canzonen & Sonaten Vol. 3£24.80
EW707Canzoni a una, Canzona a 3 voci (La Rubina)£13.80
EW999Cares when they're over£15.50
EW1106Chaconne (Z 731): Three parts upon a ground£13.50
FEA134Chaconne aus "Bourgeois Gentilhomme"£9.80
EW1063Chaconne in C Major£11.75
EW980Chirping Warblers£16.00
B023Chorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Jesus meine Zuversicht” (complete set)£51.00
B023SChorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Jesus meine Zuversicht” (score)£21.00
EW1152Concerto a tre in C major£14.80
PAR014Concerto di Camera (Concerto in G minor)£7.75
EW986Concerto in B flat-Major - Score£19.50
EW799Concerto in C major - score£19.80
MR1529AConcerto in C major RV 444 for Sopranino Recorder and Piano - score and parts£10.75
EW785Concerto in G minor - piano reduction£13.20
EW743Concerto in G minor - score£17.50
EW971Cuckoo Sonata£12.60
B063Dances & Ayres£25.00
PAR128Danserye - selected dances£7.50
STIMU-2Der Gooden Fluyt-Hemel£15.00
EW713Due Sinfonie per Violino£15.50
EN517Duets of French Masters for treble recorders or other instrument: Suites by Boismortier and Naudot£8.50
EW838, Durham Ground: Variations on a theme of Corelli£15.50
P200Easy Baroque Repertoire for treble recorder & piano£5.50
EW855Eight Solo Sonatas, Vol. I (No. 1–4)£24.00
EW884Eight Solo Sonatas, Vol. II (No. 5-8)£20.00
G12.046English Airs, Vol. II£19.80
G12.047English Airs, Vol. III£17.00
G12.048English Airs, Vol. IV£17.00
STIMU-5Euterpe oft Speel-goddinne I£20.00
EW1019Exercitium BWV 598£10.00
EW1040Flauto e Voce 13£22.00
EW1053Flauto e Voce 14£22.35
EW1109Flauto e Voce 16£22.30
EW1146Flauto e Voce 17£24.50
TR3Forgotten and Rediscovered: the Recorder£49.50
B003AFortsetzung des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes Vol. I£72.00
FEB053Fuga in D minor£10.00
FEB022Fuge BWV 849£8.50
FEB011Fuge BWV 864£5.50
FEB023Fuge BWV 867 & Preambulum 872a£8.50
FEB016Fuge BWV 869£11.50
FEB018Fuge BWV 876£6.50
FEB019Fuge BWV 878£6.50
FEB007Fuge BWV 881£6.80
FEM246Grave aus Stabat Mater£8.50
EW930Ich will den Herren loben allezeit£15.00
EW528Il primo Libro delle Canzoni£23.40
Musedita-RO5VEIl vero modo di diminuire£28.00
DM43Instrumental Passages in melodic progression from Aurelio Virgiliano’s “Il Dolcimelo” (c.1600) for Violin or Recorder in G£11.00
JVE01Jacob van Eyck and the Others: Dutch Solo Repertoire for Recorder in the Golden Age£85.00
FEM222Kanon BuxWV 124, Canzonetta BuxWV 167£8.50
VC064SL’Amorosa Ero - score£35.00
VC064WL’Amorosa Ero - score and four parts£55.00
HS29Maestri del Barocco Italiano,  12 two-part Canons for 2 Descant or Tenor Recorders £13.00
PAR116Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Ouvertures, Book 1£7.50
PAR117Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Ouvertures, Book 2£7.50
PAR124Music for the Royal Fireworks£5.25
EW1128Musikalisches Klee=Blat op. 5, Parts I-III£19.80
EW454O Welt, ich muss dich lassen - two fantasias à 5 - score & parts£15.00
B048SOde for St. Cecilia’s Day. Score£28.00
B048COde for St. Cecilia’s Day. Score & parts£40.00
EW949Ouverturensuite C Major TWV 55:C1£15.50
EW963Ouvertürensuiten G Major and B flat Major£18.50
PCB004Pagan Piper£2.50
Musedita-RO5PAPassaggi per potersi essercitare nel diminuire terminatamente£17.90
OUP0015Playing Recorder Sonatas, Interpretation and Technique£38.00
EW978Quell’esser misero£15.00
PAR105Slow movements for recorder£6.50
CERR09Sonata da Camera, No 1 in C Major£5.00
MR1116Sonata for Treble Recorder and Piano - score and parts£12.60
EW841Sonata in A minor - Harrach-Sonate No 2£10.00
IH07Sonata in C major£13.30
EW1049Sonata in C Major£13.50
EW958Sonata prima "La Pellicana"£12.60
EW809Sonate c-Moll - Harach Sonata No. 1£12.80
FEM245St Petrus-Hymnus£8.50
FEM224Symphonie de Noel£12.80
FEM042Tafelmusik III 1. Suite B-Dur Part 1£21.80
FEM043Tafelmusik III 1. Suite B-Dur Part 2£21.80
P311Ten Advanced Studies for treble recorder£4.50
UE19930The Kid from Venezuela£10.99
TRMThe Recorder and its Music£14.45
PAR108The Solo Recorder, Volume 1 - Telemannn, Quantz, J S Bach, C P E Bach£20.00
PAR109The Solo Recorder, Volume 2 - Telemann, Marais, J S Bach£20.00
EW903The Sonatas for Recorder - Volume I£24.00
EW1092The Sonatas for Recorder - Volume III£24.00
EW1099The Sonatas for Recorder, Volume IV£20.50
FEB055Tiento sobre Qui la dira£13.80
P309Time Out of Mind- Canzona£5.50
EW1143Two Diminutions for Soprano and Bass£13.40
CERR03Two Sonatas, No 1 in F major & No 3 in D minor (London, c.1720)£9.00
CERR04Two Sonatas, No 2 in C major & No 4 in G major (London, c.1720)£9.00
CERR01Two Sonatas, Op. 1/5 in F major & Op. 1/6 in E minor (Dublin, c.1724)£7.50
CERR02Two Sonatas, Op. 1/7 in C major & Op. 1/8 in G minor (Dublin, c.1724)£7.50