Harpsichord & Spinet

EW954(6) Suites de Pièces pour le Clavecin – Premier Volume£18.00
EW872(6) Suites de Pièces pour le Clavecin – Vol. 2, Part 1£15.00
EW914(6) Suites de Pièces pour le Clavecin – Vol. 2, Part 2£17.00
GS50043100 Sonatas for harpsichord, Vol. 1£13.95
GS50042100 Sonatas for harpsichord, Vol. 2£13.95
GS50011100 Sonatas for harpsichord, Vol. 3£13.95
PF17212 Fugues for clavecin or organ (Berlin, 1783)£16.75
HE3210812 Harpsichord Sonatas£110.00
ED612012 Sonatas for harpsichord, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-6 (Paradies)£17.99
EBL583312 Sonatas for harpsichord, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-6 (Platti)£13.50
ED612112 Sonatas for harpsichord, Vol. 2: Sonatas 7-12 (Paradies)£17.99
EBL583412 Sonatas for harpsichord, Vol. 2: Sonatas 7-12 (Platti)£13.50
EW46217 Italian compositions£23.50
FF489917 Suites for clavecin [manuscript not dated and not edited]£50.00
EB807718 Suites & 6 Sets of Variations for harpsichord£23.00
EB807818 Suites & 6 Sets of Variations for harpsichord, musicological edition£58.00
ED52962 Solos for harpsichord 'Essercizii Musici'£8.50
H1583A3 Organ Pieces: Fancy; Voluntary; 4-Part Fantasy£9.95
FF12793 Sonatas Op. 1 for clavecin/piano & 3 sonatas for harpsichord/piano with violin ad lib£34.50
FF48973 Sonatas Op.7 for clavecin or piano, 3rd with obligato violin (1785)£47.00
UMP2227630 Sonatas for harpsichord£21.50
BA073336 Fantasias for harpsichord£13.00
AL263294 Extracts from Pygmalion Overture, Pantomime, Giga, Contredanse by Balbastre£16.99
JPH0184 Lessons & 2 Voluntarys for harpsichord or organ (c.1770)£10.50
EW7694 Partitas for Harpsichord£16.00
N36714 Pieces for harpsichord: Praembulis; Suite in A minor; Ouverture in G minor; Concerto in G major£27.50
FF501484 Suites of pieces for harpsichord (Paris, 1736)£9.50
MMR0011/241 Sonatas per Cembalo del Signore ms 9771 (1749)£39.90
DM12136 Divertimenti for harpsichord, Op. 2 Vol. 1£18.95
DM12146 Divertimenti for harpsichord, Op. 2 Vol. 2£18.50
DM5586 Divertimenti for harpsichord, Op. l, Vol. 2£18.95
BA51656 English Suites BWV 806-811£18.50
NoCode-King6 Lessons for the harpsichord, Op. 2 (London, 1757)£10.50
ED57746 Overtures for harpsichord£8.99
PF1616 Overtures for harpsichord or spinnet London (1745)£19.00
BA51526 Partitas for harpsichord BWV 825-830£18.50
JPH0156 Sets of Harpsichord Lessons (London, 1750)£12.50
JPH206 Sets of Lessons for harpsichord (London, c.1734)£10.50
JPH0166 Sets of Lessons for harpsichord (London, c.1753)£10.50
JPH0196 Sets of Lessons Op.1 for harpsichord or organ (London, c.1750)£14.95
MR266 Simphonies for clavecin (Paris, 1753)£9.50
ES156 Solos (London, c 1770) for harpsichord or piano£16.75
PF26 Sonatas for Cembalo "Prussian" Sonatas Wq.48 (Nuremberg, 1742)£16.75
HE18.0026 Sonatas for Cembalo (1756)£18.00
AM-AGRELL16 Sonatas for cembalo solo (Nurnberg, 1748)£24.50
FF31556 Sonatas for clavecin, Op.14 with optional other parts (Paris, 1766)£32.85
PF2026 Sonatas for clavicembalo all 'Uso delle Donne Wq.54 (Riga, 1773)£16.75
JPH0176 Sonatas for harpsichord (1764)£12.50
ED90186 Sonatas for harpsichord (Benda)£7.50
AM166 Sonatas for harpsichord (c.1754)£11.50
N66286 Sonatas for harpsichord (Galuppi)£9.50
Kings-Worgan6 Sonatas for harpsichord (London, 1769)£7.50
NoCode-King6 Sonatas for harpsichord (London, c.1770)£8.50
CV40.596/006 Sonatas for harpsichord Op. 7£18.00
CV40.5996 Sonatas for harpsichord or organ, Op.1£14.90
ED90296 Sonatas for harpsichord or piano£6.50
HS2816 Sonatas Op. 25 for Harpsichord and Violin (Paris 1742)£28.75
HN3336 Sonatas Op.17 for harpsichord or piano£16.00
FF45196 Sonatas Op.5 (c.1766) & 6 Sonatas Op.17 (c.1779)£45.00
HN3326 Sonatas Op.5 for harpsichord or piano£16.50
EW9216 Sonatas, Vol. I, 1-3£18.50
EW9426 Sonatas, Vol. II, 4-6£19.50
MER20256 Suites for clavecin (Amsterdam, 1701)£13.00
K56 Suites for harpsichord£7.50
GS2616160 Sonatas for harpsichord, Vol. 1£9.95
GS2616360 Sonatas for harpsichord, Vol. 2£9.95
MMR0011/160 Sonatas per Cembalo del Cavalier Don Domenico Scarlatti ms 9770 (1742)£49.35
K397 Suites for harpsichord£7.75
EW9688 Capricci per Cembalo£18.50
ED65018 Fugues for the harpsichord or organ£10.99
JPH0148 Lessons for harpsichord or organ, 3 with violin parts (London, c.1750)£12.50
PF91348 Preludes & Allemande from L'Art de Toucher le harpsichord (Paris, 1717)£10.50
MR64F8 Sets of Lessons for harpsichord (London, 1754)£13.50
F5070348 Sonatas for harpsichord£8.99
K278 Sonatas for harpsichord (London, 1756)£7.50
PF868 Suites of Easy Lessons for the Harpsichord, Vol. 1, Opera Terza (London, 1750)£19.00
PF878 Suites of Easy Lessons for the Harpsichord, Vol. 2, Opera Sesta (London, 1758)£19.00
PF198 Suites of Lessons for harpsichord or spinet (London, 1728)£15.00
MR279 Sonatas for clavecin or piano Op. I, II & III (Paris, c.1783)£11.25
ZAN58479 Sonatas for harpsichord£24.00
PJH001A Collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord£10.50
EW1134Aria sopra La Bergamasca£12.80
FF2217Book of Pieces for clavecin "Les Caracters de la Guerre" (Paris, 1724) (Fuzeau)£43.00
PF165Book of Pieces for clavecin "Les Caracters de la Guerre" (Paris, 1724) (Performers’ Facsimiles)£21.00
SI014Capricci da Sonare cimbali et organi (Naples, 1687)£24.80
DV1Chaconne from Violin Partita in D minor BWV I 004, arr. for harpsichord£8.50
PF92Choice Lessons for harpsichord or spinet (London, 1711)£19.00
P-KNIGHTSClavichord Discography£24.00
DP7Clavierubungen with Complete Fingerings after C.P.E. Bach, Vol. 1 (1761)£13.50
DP8Clavierubungen with Complete Fingerings after C.P.E. Bach, Vol. 2 (1762)£13.50
DP9Clavierubungen with Complete Fingerings after C.P.E. Bach, Vol. 3 (1763)£13.50
EW805Clavierwerke for harpsichord or organ£21.50
BB1aCollected Works for Harpsichord Part 1£27.00
BB1bCollected Works for Harpsichord Part 2£22.50
PF61Collection of Lessons for harpsichord (London, cI725)£16.75
PF134Collection of Lessons for harpsichord or spinnet (London, 1696)£19.00
MB73Complete Harpsichord Music£95.00
K30Complete Harpsichord Music Book 1£10.50
K31Complete Harpsichord Music Book 2£11.25
K29Complete Harpsichord Works£7.00
K21Complete Harpsichord Works, Vol. 1: 8 Suites£9.00
K22Complete Harpsichord Works, Vol. 2: Miscellaneous Pieces£11.25
BA8066Complete Keyboard and Organ Works Vol. 4: Partitas and Partita Movements Part 2£55.50
K6Complete Keyboard Music Book 1: Harpsichord Suites£6.80
BA6581Complete Keyboard Works Vol. 1. The books of 1705-6 and 1724£36.00
BA6582Complete Keyboard Works Vol. 2. The books of 1726-27 and 1741£36.00
BA6583Complete Keyboard Works Vol. 3. Les Indes Galantes. Balet, reduit a quatre grand concerts (1735/36)£36.00
PF14Complete Water Music for harpsichord (London, 1743)£16.75
HE32487Complete Works for harpsichord Book 1, Vol. 1 - LP 57£73.00
HE33686Complete Works for harpsichord Book 1, Vol. 2 - LP 57£62.00
HE32488Complete Works for harpsichord Book 2, Vol. 1 - LP 58£71.00
HE33702Complete Works for harpsichord Book 2, Vol. 2 - LP 58£65.00
FF4340Complete Works for Harpsichord or Piano Op. 1 (Paris, 1763) Op. 2 (Paris, 1764)£28.50
BA8419Complete works for keyboard incl. pieces by Ebner£31.50
EB8407Complete Works for Keyboard Instrument£46.00
DM1206Complete Works for keyboard Vol. 4: Modulatio Organica£27.50
EB8086Complete Works for Keyboard/Harpsichord£25.00
HE18.504Concertino in G major & Sonata in C major for 2 harpsichords£13.05
ED10159Concerto for 2 Cembali Concertati£9.50
EW715Concerto in D Major£16.00
SM35Concerto in G minor, RV531£12.00
SM49Concerto No. 6 in D minor (score & parts)£29.75
EW1029Concerto per il Cembalo£14.00
EW1100Concerts Royaux£18.00
PF94Corelli's Celebrated Twelve Concertos Op. 9 (London, after 1782)£19.00
ED2382Cravistas Portuguezes - Traditional Portuguese keyboard music 1£17.99
SM37Dance of the Furies£10.00
BOOTH001Did Bach Really Mean That? Deceptive Notation in Baroque Keyboard Music£30.00
ZAN6050Diversi Capricci per Sonare Book 2 (Naples, 1609)£33.00
MR113FDivertimenti da Camera, tradotti per Cembalo da composti per Violino, o Flauto£12.00
EW838, Durham Ground: Variations on a theme of Corelli£15.50
CL011AEight Divertimenti, Vol. I (No. 1-4)£35.00
CL011BEight Divertimenti, Vol. II (No. 5-8)£35.00
PJH002Eight Lessons for the Harpsichord Composed by Various English Masters of the 18th Century£12.00
JPH33Eight Sets of Lessons for the Harpsichord (London, 1747)£15.00
MB94English Keyboard Concertos 1740–1815£96.00
PC6English Keyboard Music 1650-1695£85.00
SI063Essercizi for gravicembalo (London, 1738)£24.15
MR251Essercizii Musici [3 Part Books]£33.75
UMP21604Fandango for harpsichord£9.95
MR51Fantasia, Per il Clavicembalo o Forte-Piano Opera 58£7.00
K2Fifteen Dances from Musica Britannica£5.95
FF3287First Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1704) (Fuzeau)£22.50
PF22First Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1704) (PF)£10.50
FF2734First Book of Pieces for clavecin (Paris, 1735)£26.50
FF2008First Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1744) (Fuzeau)£20.00
PF65First Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1744) (PF)£16.75
PF12First book of pieces for clavecin Op. 12 (Paris, 1728)£16.75
PF72Five Celebrated Fuges or Voluntaries for harpsichord or organ (London, c.1784)£16.75
WB5Five Part Consorts£54.00
B062Flute Partita: Vol. 4 (arr. for harpsichord)£20.00
WB4Four Part Consorts£40.50
FF2052Fourth Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1768) (Fuzeau)£14.80
PF68Fourth Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1768) (PF)£14.25
B067Fugue in G Minor BWV 1026£12.00
H1545Fugues for organ or harpsichord with Lessons for harpsichord£9.95
P-LESTER-HBGirolamo Frescobaldi: A Variety of Inventions (hardback)£22.95
BA5162Goldberg Variations BWV 988 (Bärenreiter)£12.00
B56Harpsichord Music£53.00
AOK4Harpsichord Music associated with the name La Barre£28.50
B19Harpsichord Suites with organ voluntaries£41.00
EB8688Harpsichord Works£23.00
BA4224Harpsichord Works [Urtext], Vol. 1: The 8 Great Suites£18.50
BA4221Harpsichord Works [Urtext], Vol. 2: The Second Collection£24.50
BA4222Harpsichord Works [Urtext], Vol. 3: Single Suites & Pieces Part 1£18.50
BA4223Harpsichord Works [Urtext], Vol. 4: Single Suites & Pieces Part 2£18.50
MMI8269Il primo libro di Toccate£95.00
EW919Intavolatura Vol. 1 (Catena Collection)£19.50
EW922Intavolatura Vol. 2 (Catena Collection)£16.00
BA5150Inventions & Sinfonias£16.50
BA5161Italian Concerto & French Overture BWV 971, BWV 831£12.00
BA5221Keyboard Arrangements of Works by Composers Vol. 1: 6 Concertos after Vivaldi etc. BWV 972-977£16.50
BA5222Keyboard Arrangements of Works by Composers Vol. 2: 7 Concertos after Vivaldi etc. BWV 978-984£17.00
BA5223Keyboard Arrangements of Works by Composers Vol. 3: BWV 985-987, 592a, 972a£17.00
EW421Konzert F Dur - score£17.00
EB5560L' Art de Toucher le Clavecin (Breitkopf & Härtel)£14.50
FF5227L' Art de Toucher le Clavecin (Paris, 1717)£36.00
FF5396Les Pieces de Clavecin Book 1 (Paris, 1687)£34.50
HE32326Lessons for harpsichord£71.99
K35Lessons for harpsichord£13.50
MR65FLessons for harpsichord in 2 volumes (London, 1761)£27.00
HE32571Lessons for harpsichord or spinet£71.99
PF122Lessons for harpsichord or spinet (London, 1705)£14.25
FUE30525Lessons for the harpsichord Op.1/2£22.50
P-SPINETMaking a Spinet by Traditional Methods£8.95
PF234Melothesia: Lessons for playing continuo (London, 1673)£23.75
HE33639Menuet 'Dans nos Bois' for harpsichord - extract from LP 54£6.50
K40Miscellaneous harpsichord pieces£9.25
MB15Music of Scotland 1500-1700£96.00
ED6254Musicalischer Parnasus: 9 Suites for cembalo£13.50
Offenburg-SM4202-1Musico-Instrumentalische Gemüths-Lust, Vol. 1£32.50
Offenburg-SM4202-2Musico-Instrumentalische Gemüths-Lust, Vol. 2£34.50
FF0807New Suite of Pieces for clavecin (Paris, 1728)£24.50
BA5163Notebook for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach£17.50
BA8411Organ and Keyboard Works Book 1-1: Recercari et Canzoni franzese (Rome, 1615 & 1618)£46.50
BA8412Organ and Keyboard Works Book 1-2: Toccate e Partite d'involatura di cembalo (Rome, 1615-16)£46.50
EW856Partita in a for Harpsichord £7.50
EW831Pastorell Kindlwiegen£10.50
EW900Pastorell Kindlwiegen II£12.50
FF50115Pieces de Clavecin£8.10
PF298Pieces de clavecin Book 3£25.70
PF299Pieces de clavecin Book 4£25.70
PCH-1Pieces de Clavecin en Concerts, arranged for 2 keyboards£22.00
ME1254Pieces de Clavecin Vol. 1£6.50
ME1255Pieces de Clavecin Vol. 2£6.50
EW135Pieces de harpsichord£24.50
MR39Pieces for cembalo (Hamburg, c.1735)£27.00
HE32629Pieces for clavecin£89.99
FF5688Pieces for clavecin (1689)£90.00
MR8Pieces for clavecin (Dornel)£10.00
MR124FPieces for clavecin (Le Roux)£20.50
PF117Pieces for clavecin (London, 1743)£19.00
FF5769Pieces for clavecin (or cello) (Paris, 1707)£21.00
FF1998Pieces for clavecin (Paris, 1736)£24.50
PF41Pieces for clavecin (Paris, 1751)£19.00
FF2775Pieces for Clavecin Book 1 (Paris, 1670)£35.50
FF2600Pieces for clavecin Book 1 (Paris, 1677)£38.50
FF50147Pieces for Clavecin Book 2 (Paris, 1670)£10.50
FF50531Pieces for clavecin Book 2 (Paris, 1687)£38.50
FF50149Pieces for clavecin First book (Paris, 1759)£13.00
MR109FPieces for clavecin in two volumes (London, 1714)£13.50
FF3283Pieces for clavecin Op.1 (Paris, 1741)£24.50
HE31812Pieces for clavecin Vol. 1£80.99
HE31971Pieces for clavecin Vol. 1£86.99
HE32440Pieces for clavecin Vol. 1 - LP 54£68.99
HE33692Pieces for clavecin Vol. 2 - LP 54£80.99
HE31833Pieces for clavecin Vol. 2 (Couperin)£65.99
HE32649Pieces for clavecin Vol. 2 (Duphly)£37.99
HE31970Pieces for clavecin Vol. 3£80.99
HE31972Pieces for clavecin Vol. 4£94.99
PF222Pieces for clavecin with 'playing manual' (Paris, 1705)£23.75
FF1021Pieces for clavecin with voice or violin Op.5 (Paris, 1784)£18.00
FF1982Pieces for clavecin, Book 1 (Paris, 1713)£41.00
FF5230Pieces for clavecin, Book 1 (Paris, 1746)£24.50
FF2846Pieces for clavecin, Book 2 (Paris, 1716-1717)£43.00
FF1986Pieces for clavecin, Book 3 (Paris, 1722)£40.00
FF0889Pieces for clavecin, Book 4 (Paris, 1730)£40.00
MR182Pieces for clavecin, Liege (1749)£27.00
HE32387Pieces for clavecin, organ and fortepiano£52.99
PF118Pieces for clavecin, second collection (London, 1762)£19.00
HE33712Pieces for harpsichord£52.99
HE32634Pieces for harpsichord - includes Lessons for harpsichord (London, 1712) and 6 Suites of Lessons for harpsichord (London, 1723)£71.99
PF17Pieces for harpsichord (Paris, 1702) Book 1£7.00
PF18Pieces for harpsichord (Paris, 1702) Book 2£7.00
FF3285Pieces for harpsichord (viol pieces arr. by his son) (Fuzeau)£24.50
HE31977Pieces for harpsichord (viol pieces arr. by his son) (Heugel)£63.99
BA5200Preludes & Fughettas composed in conjunction with the Well-Tempered Clavier£13.00
EK003Priscilla Bunbury’s Virginal Book£30.00
OM121Recercadas sobre Tenores italianos£17.80
FF1274Recueil de Noels in 4 suites with variations for harpsichord and fortepiano (Paris, 1770)£27.00
EW936Ricercari d’Intavolatura d’Organo£18.50
EM2119Sechs Cembalosonaten fur Damen£20.00
SF2000Second Book of Harpsichord Pieces£22.50
FF2005Second Book of Pieces for clavecin (Paris, 1748) (Fuzeau)£21.00
PF66Second Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1748) (PF)£16.75
AOK9ASelected Works for Harpsichord & Organ£22.50
BA9261Selected Works for keyboard, Vol. I: Hymns and Versets£31.50
BA9262Selected Works for keyboard, Vol. II: Hymnes, Versets and Tientos£31.50
MR163Six Concertos for harpsichord or organ, Op.2 (London, c.1745)£12.15
PJH003Six Lessons for the Harpsichord £10.50
PF121Six Overtures Op.8 for harpsichord or piano (London, cI775)£16.75
WB6Six Part Consorts£57.00
FT041Six Solos£24.50
G352Six Sonatas for harpsichord Op. 2, Sonatas III-IV£15.50
G353Six Sonatas for harpsichord Op. 2, Sonatas V-VI£15.50
G263Six Sonates Concertants - III–IV (D & A Major)£15.00
G264Six Sonates Concertants - V–VI (G & B Major)£15.00
G262Six Sonates Concertants: I–II (C & F Major)£15.00
B061Six Suites for Cello and Partita for Solo Flute: Cello Suites: Vol.3 (Nos. V &VI)(arr. for harpsichord)£35.00
B060Six Suites for Cello and Partita for Solo Flute: Cello Suites: Vol. 2 (Nos. III & IV)(arr. for harpsichord)£35.00
B059Six Suites for Cello and Partita for Solo Flute: Cello Suites: Vol. I (Nos. I & II) (arr. for harpsichord)£30.00
PF141Six Suites of Lessons for the Harpsichord or Spinnet (London, 1723)£21.00
G309Sonata a Piano forte e Viola da Gamba obligato (Maltzan IX)£13.90
G094Sonata B major (1694)£16.00
SI049Sonata for cembalo or piano Op. 1 (Florence, 1732)£26.50
DM1196Sonata in A major for cembalo£15.95
G150Sonata in B minor£14.50
AM-ROMAN1Sonata in C major for harpsichord£7.50
AM-ROMAN2Sonata in D minor for harpsichord£7.50
G379Sonata in G major£15.50
EB8067Sonata in G major for 2 harpsichords HWV 596£15.00
G241Sonata IV in C major£10.80
NMP1094Sonata No. 1 in E-flat major, BWV 525£19.99
NMP1095Sonata No. 2 in C minor, BWV 526£19.99
NMP1096Sonata No. 3 in D minor, BWV 527£19.99
NM1097Sonata No. 4 in E minor, BWV 528£19.99
NMP1098Sonata No. 5 in C major, BWV 529£19.99
NMP1099Sonata No. 6 in G major, BWV 530£19.99
PF34Sonatas & Pieces Op. 12 for clavecin with violin ad lib (Paris, 1765)£19.00
PF232Sonatas and pieces for harpsichord (Paris, c.1739)£19.00
FF4413Sonatas en Quatuor pour le Clavecin, Op. 7 (Paris, 1764)£31.50
CL008Sonatas for Bass Viol, Cello or Basso & Harpsichord£35.00
MR114FSonatas for cembalo - studies and divertimenti (Naples, c.1732)£9.00
FF50151Sonatas for clavecin with optional violin, Op. 1, 2, 3 & 17£11.00
FF3284Sonatas for clavecin with violin Op. 3 (Paris, 1740)£26.50
MMR0011/3Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 1: 30 Sonatas, ms 9772 (1752)£44.50
MMR0011/12Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 10: 34 Sonatas, ms 9781 (1755)£39.90
MMR0011/13Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 11: 30 Sonatas, ms 9782 (1756)£39.90
MMR0011/14Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 12: 30 Sonatas, ms 9783 (1756)£39.90
MMR0011/15Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 13: 30 Sonatas, ms 9784 (1757)£39.90
MMR0011/4Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 2: 30 Sonatas, ms 9773 (1752)£39.90
MMR0011/5Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 3: 30 Sonatas, ms 9774 (1753)£39.90
MMR0011/6Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 4: 30 Sonatas, ms 9775 (1753)£44.50
MMR0011/7Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 5: 30 Sonatas, ms 9776 (1753)£39.90
MMR0011/8Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 6: 30 Sonatas, ms 9777 (1753)£39.90
MMR0011/9Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 7: 30 Sonatas, ms 9778 (1754)£39.90
MMR0011/10Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 8: 30 Sonatas, ms 9779 (1754)£39.90
MMR0011/11Sonatas for harpsichord, Book 9: 30 Sonatas, ms 9780 (1754)£39.90
P322Suite in A minor for Harpsichord£5.75
EK002Suite in C minor for 2 harpsichords [2 playing scores included]£15.00
JPH012Suites of the Most Celebrated Lessons Fitted to the harpsichord or spinnet (London, 1717) (JPH)£14.95
PF208Suites of the Most Celebrated Lessons Fitted to the harpsichord or spinnet (London, 1717) (PF)£23.75
PF242Suites or Sets of Lessons for Harpsichord (London, 1732)£21.00
EW652Suites pour le Clavecin, Vol I, No. I-VI£18.00
EW658Suites pour le Clavecin, Vol II, No. VII-XII£18.00
JPH22Suits of Lessons for harpsicord or spinnet in most keys (London, 1719)£10.50
G350Suonata per il Violino Solo e Cembalo G Major£12.60
PF206The 3rd Book of the Ladys Entertainment or Banquet of Musick London (1709)£16.75
MMR009The Art of Accompaniment on the Harpsichord (London)£38.85
BA5207The Art of Fugue BWV 1080 with supplement of "Mirror Fugues for 2 Harpsichords"£28.50
8100AThe Complete Keyboard Works. Book 1, Ordres 1-5£17.00
8100BThe Complete Keyboard Works. Book 2, Ordres 6-12£17.00
8100CThe Complete Keyboard Works. Book 3, Ordres 13-19£17.00
8100DThe Complete Keyboard Works. Book 4, Ordres 20-27£17.00
EMA109The harpsichord Pieces from the Aylesford Collection Vol. I£10.95
CLARK001The Mirror of Human Life: Reflections on François Couperin's Pieces de Clavecin£18.00
PF114The Musick for the Royal Fireworks, set for flute or violin or harpsichord (London, 1749)£16.75
R5900AThe Sonatas Book 1£9.50
R5900BThe Sonatas Book 2£9.50
R5900CThe Sonatas Book 3£9.50
6502CThe Suites of 1720, Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 7£7.75
6502DThe Suites of 1720, Nos. 2, 4, 6 and 8£7.75
BA5191The Well Tempered Clavier BWV 846-869: 48 Preludes & Fugues Book 1£19.00
BA5192The Well Tempered Clavier BWV 870-893: 48 Preludes & Fugues Book 2£19.00
FF3121Third Book of Pieces for clavecin (Paris, 1756) (Fuzeau)£21.00
PF67Third Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1756) (PF)£16.75
MR170Thorough-Bass Made Easy (London, c.1763)£13.50
WB3Three Part Consorts£24.00
EW888Three Sonatas BWV 1027-9£30.00
SI040Toccata for clavicembalo (Manuscript Biblio del conservatorio, Naples)£26.50
SM24Toccata for harpsichord£8.00
ZAN5768Toccatas, Book 1£22.00
ZAN5769Toccatas, Book 2£22.00
EW727Toccate e Corenti: 6 Toccatas£16.70
SI012Toccate e Correnti (Roma, 1657)£24.80
EW767Toccate per Organo£16.70
CL009Trios for Bass Viol, Violin & Cello, Vol. I (Nos 1-3)£30.00
CL010Trios for Bass Viol, Violin & Cello, Vol. II (Nos 4-6)£30.00
SC6125Trois livres de clavecin£51.40
K44Twenty-Five Harpsichord Pieces£8.75
EW1143Two Diminutions for Soprano and Bass£13.40
AF004Variazioni per il forte-piano£32.50
AF003Variazioni su arie di balletto per il piano-forte£27.00
G167XII Fantasie, HWV 577 (Fantasia I)£16.00