EW2042 Sonatas a 8£22.50
MR22102 Sonatas a Quattro in F major Nos. 3-4£11.75
RFS3422 Bicinia on German Folksongs£5.00
M42.2223 Sonatas, after the Cembalo Sonatas£18.99
NoCode-King6 Concertos - Non Nobis Domine (1749): complete set£40.00
LMP80Alas It Is I - from The Fayrfax Manuscript£5.75
BA473365Complete Church Sonatas, Vol. 3/4: wind set£8.50
BA473552Complete Church Sonatas, Vol. 5 Sonata C major K. 263: trumpet 1 & 2 each£2.50
BP921Concerto a tre in F major£8.50
NM200Concerto in C major (Matteis)£6.95
KM484Concerto in D major - per la Solennita di San Lorenzo, RV562£28.00
HE35.201/00Concerto in D major BWV 249 - full score£14.00
HE35.201/09Concerto in D major BWV 249 - harmony parts (except strings)£15.30
PP216Concerto in Eb major - Score & parts (Hertel)£35.95
91.106/00Concerto Pastorello No. 23 in C major & No. 24 in D major - full score£7.65
91.106/31Concerto Pastorello No. 23 in C major & No. 24 in D major - trumpets 1 & 2£1.90
FF5270Concerto pour flute a bec, hautbois, 2 violons et basse, RV87; Concerto pour viole d'amour, 2 cors, 2 hautbois, bassoon et basse, RV97£31.00
CVR3843Eternal Source of Light Divine - for soprano, trumpet in C & keyboard£4.80
CVR3208Eternal Source of Light Divine (Alto)£4.80
CVR3207Eternal Source of Light Divine (Soprano)£4.80
MR1267Fantasia for 2 trumpets, trombone, bass & bc£6.25
CVR3564Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen, Cantata BWV 51£8.30
EW726Musique de Table (Hamburg, 1733)£106.00
BA3538Overture & Conclusion in D major - score£29.75
M40.137-01Overture in D major 'La Tromba' - trumpet solo£2.00
M40.137-00Overture in D major 'La Tromba', for trumpet in C, strings & bc - full score & bc£18.50
EW198Quai bellici accenti ascolti, mio core?£20.00
PJT171Scherzo and Canzona£6.50
Six-sonatasSix Sonatas£24.50
MR1822Sonata a 3 in A minor£7.75
MR1214Sonata a 3 in C major£8.75
MR1270Sonata a 3 in D minor£9.75
NM167Sonata a 4£6.95
EW124Sonata a 5£13.50
EW147Sonata a 6£15.50
MR1949bSonata a 7 - score & parts£12.50
MR2069Sonata in C major (Corbett)£9.50
PF70The Celebrated Water Musick' in Seven Parts - 7 part-books£33.75
NoCode-KingThe Favourite Minuets - score£3.00
NoCode-KingThe Favourite Minuets - separate parts£2.00
CVR3195Three Arias for Alto Voice and Trumpet£6.60
CVR3565Three Arias for Bass Voice and Trumpet (Bach)£6.60
CVR3206Three Arias for Bass Voice and Trumpet (Handel)£7.80
CVR3205Three Arias for Soprano Voice & Trumpet£6.00
CVR3196Three Arias for Tenor Voice and Trumpet£6.60
EW572Trio in F Major (Graupner)£14.50
BP1113Trio Sonata in D major (Herzogenberg)£22.00

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