B318'Messiah' Ornamented (E flat - G)£6.50
BA422511 Sonatas for flute & bc£17.00
G26612 Kassel Sonatas for treble recorder: Sonatas 1-4£18.00
G26912 Kassel Sonatas for viola da gamba: Sonatas 1-4£17.75
G27012 Kassel Sonatas for viola da gamba: Sonatas 5-8£17.75
G27112 Kassel Sonatas for viola da gamba: Sonatas 9-12£17.75
BA42422 Trio Sonata Op.5/7 & Op.5/1£17.00
UE304083 Sonatas for flute & bc£13.95
OUP43716 Fugues or Voluntaries for organ£12.95
GZ0063256 Sonatas for 2 flutes£9.75
Kings-Handel-Ant546 Sonatas Op. 2c£15.00
BA42516 Sonatas Vol. 1: Nos 1-2, HWV 380-381£22.00
ED43266 Sonatas Vol. 1: Sonatas in A major, E major & F major£9.50
BA42526 Sonatas Vol. 2: Nos 3-4, HWV 382-383£17.00
ED43276 Sonatas Vol. 2: Sonatas in D major, G minor & A major£9.50
BA42536 Sonatas Vol. 3: Nos 5-6 HWV 384-385£17.00
G3427 Arias a 3£20.25
PF207 Sonatas or Trios Op. 5 (London, 1739),  3 part-books£31.50
Han10Ah! Spietato! from Amadigi£6.60
Han14Aria: Ombre, Piante (from Rodelinda)£6.00
Han17Armida Abbandonata£9.50
Han4Cantatas from Rome, 1707 for soprano & bc£10.10
PF14Complete Water Music for harpsichord (London, 1743)£16.75
BA4226Complete Works for violin & bc£27.00
ANT52Concerto a Quattro in D major£9.50
ANT51Concerto a Quattro in D minor£9.50
CEFD09Concerto in B flat, from the concerto Op.4/6£10.50
G189Concerto in C major (Handel)£12.25
BA8533aConcerto in G minor for Flute (Oboe) and Orchestra. HWV 287. Piano Reduction£11.00
Han1Cuopre tal volto il cielo, Italian Cantata£10.10
CVR3843Eternal Source of Light Divine - for soprano, trumpet in C & keyboard£4.80
CVR3208Eternal Source of Light Divine (Alto)£4.80
CVR3207Eternal Source of Light Divine (Soprano)£4.80
Han7Four Duets Book I - Che vai pensando (HWV 184) & Tacete, ohimè, tacete (HWV 196)£10.40
Han8Four Duets Book II - Quando in calma ride (HWV 191) & Giù nei Tartarei (HWV 187)£9.00
CMP456Handel for Six (from the Horn Suite)£5.50
BA4224Harpsichord Works [Urtext], Vol. 1: The 8 Great Suites£18.50
BA4221Harpsichord Works [Urtext], Vol. 2: The Second Collection£24.50
BA4222Harpsichord Works [Urtext], Vol. 3: Single Suites & Pieces Part 1£18.50
BA4223Harpsichord Works [Urtext], Vol. 4: Single Suites & Pieces Part 2£18.50
DP10166Keyboard Works£13.95
UT50118AKeyboard Works Vol. 1a - Suites HWV 437-450£17.95
UT50118BKeyboard Works Vol. 1b - Suites HWV 436-454£17.95
UT50120Keyboard Works Vol. 3 - Selected Miscellaneous Pieces£18.75
Han5ALanguia di bocca lusinghiera (HWV 123)£6.00
ENS3Mi palpita il cor - Cantata for soprano, oboe & bc (1711-1713)£16.00
Han16Mi palpita il cor.  Cantata (HWV 132b)£8.30
PAR124Music for the Royal Fireworks£5.25
Han18Nel dolce dell'oblio Pensieri notturni di Fili£7.90
Han3Nell'Africane selve & Dalla guerra amorosa - Italian Cantatas for bass & bc£8.30
Han15O Numi Eterni! (La Lucretia)£8.30
Han6O Ruddier than the Cherry! from Acis & Galatea£7.10
Han12Oh! That I on wings could rise from Theodora for soprano, violin & bc£6.00
CMP470Overture to Alexander's Feast in 4 parts£4.50
NoCode-KingSix Concerti Grossi Op. 3 - score & parts£50.00
NoCode-KingSix Organ Concertos, Op. 4 for strings, oboes and bassoon - set of parts£30.00
PEMS030Six sonatas for flute and continuo. Vol. I, Sonatas in G major and E minor£12.75
PEMS031Six sonatas for flute and continuo. Vol. II, Sonatas in A major & F sharp minor£12.75
PEMS032Six sonatas for flute and continuo. Vol. III, Sonatas in D major & B minor£12.75
EB6691Six Sonatas, Op. 1, Vol. 1: Nos. 3, 10, 12£10.50
EB6692Six Sonatas, Op. 1, Vol. 2: Nos. 13, 14, 15£10.50
G149Sonata G minor HWV 364b£14.00
EB8067Sonata in G major for 2 harpsichords HWV 596£15.00
EB2499Sonata in G minor (after HWV 287) for cello & bc£8.50
H260Sonata in G minor, Op. 1 No. 6 for cello & keyboard£5.75
H244Sonata in G minor, Op. 1, No. 6 for Viola and Piano£9.50
PF151Sonatas (Amsterdam, c.1722)£28.50
R9001Sonatas, Op. 1 with Keyboard: Book 1£9.50
R9002Sonatas, Op. 1 with Keyboard: Book 2£9.50
Han2Spande ancor a mio dispetto, Italian Cantata£8.30
EK002Suite in C minor for 2 harpsichords [2 playing scores included]£15.00
Tree-445Suite in D minor for Baroque Lute£9.00
TLS036Suite in G minor, arranged for archlute£6.00
PF70The Celebrated Water Musick' in Seven Parts - 7 part-books£33.75
B643The Handel Opera Repertory, Book 1: Mezzo-Soprano£9.50
B777The Handel Opera Repertory, Book 2: Tenor£9.50
EMA109The harpsichord Pieces from the Aylesford Collection Vol. I£10.95
PF114The Musick for the Royal Fireworks, set for flute or violin or harpsichord (London, 1749)£16.75
EW903The Sonatas for Recorder - Volume I£24.00
EW1092The Sonatas for Recorder - Volume III£24.00
EW1089The Sonatas for Recorder – Volume II£24.00
EW1099The Sonatas for Recorder, Volume IV£20.50
6502CThe Suites of 1720, Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 7£7.75
6502DThe Suites of 1720, Nos. 2, 4, 6 and 8£7.75
CVR3195Three Arias for Alto Voice and Trumpet£6.60
CVR3206Three Arias for Bass Voice and Trumpet (Handel)£7.80
CVR3205Three Arias for Soprano Voice & Trumpet£6.00
CVR3196Three Arias for Tenor Voice and Trumpet£6.60
Han11Three Arias from Solomon£9.00
ANT54Trio in G minor, Op. 5/6£10.99
BP1351Trio Sonata in A major, Op. 5/1£8.50
M41.224Trio Sonata in B minor Op.2 No 1b£14.50
BP1901Trio Sonata in B minor, Op. 2/1£8.50
HG3079Trio Sonata in Bb major for 2 recs & bc£6.70
ED11911Trio Sonata in Bb major HWV380£7.50
BP1903Trio Sonata in Bb major Op. 2/3£8.50
OFB42Trio Sonata in C minor (Handel)£8.50
BP1352Trio Sonata in D major, Op. 5/2£8.50
BP2038Trio Sonata in E minor (Handel)£10.25
BP1353Trio Sonata in E minor, Op. 5/3£8.50
BP2358Trio Sonata in F major (Handel-Amadeus)£10.50
HG3122Trio Sonata in F major (Handel-Noetzel)£6.70
OFB43Trio Sonata in F major (Handel-Schott)£8.50
BA4261Trio Sonata in F major HWV405£10.00
BP1904Trio Sonata in F major Op. 2/4£10.50
ANT53Trio Sonata in F major Op.5/6£10.99
BP1356Trio Sonata in F major, Op. 5/6£8.50
BP1354Trio Sonata in G major, Op. 5/4£8.50
DV8324Trio Sonata in G minor (Handel-Breitkopf & Härtel)£9.50
G130Trio Sonata in G minor (Handel-Güntersberg)£16.65
BP1905Trio Sonata in G minor Op. 2/6£8.50
BP1906Trio Sonata in G minor op. 2/6 · HWV 391£8.50
BP1902Trio Sonata in G minor, Op. 2/2£8.50
BP1355Trio Sonata in G minor, Op. 5/5£8.50
NoCode-KingTwelve Grand Concertos, Op. 6, Book 1: 1-6£45.00
NoCode-KingTwelve Grand Concertos, Op. 6, Book 2: 7-12£45.00
Han9Two Arias from Echeggiate, festeggiate (HWV 119)£7.80
Han19Un'alma innamorata£8.30
Han13Welcome as the Dawn of Day from Solomon£7.80
G167XII Fantasie, HWV 577 (Fantasia I)£16.00