Strings – plucked

AC020’Adelaide’, per voce e chitarra (Vienna)£12.50
SE327610 English Lute Ballads of the 16th & 17th Century - from different manuscript sources£10.00
TLS009114 Early to Intermediate Pieces for Renaissance Lute from a Student’s Lute Book of 1603 and other Manuscripts£15.00
NoCode-Tree-5012 Duets for equally tuned Renaissance Lute£15.30
NoCode-Tree-5312 Lieder with Renaissance Lute accompaniment£18.00
SE330912 Lute Pieces from Manuscript Sources£9.50
NoCode-Tree-312 Menuette, 1757 (and a Fancy by Baron) for Baroque Lute£18.00
SE327913 English Renaissance Lute Dances£10.00
SE362915 Pieces from the Folger-Dowlands Manuscript: Easy Elizabethan Dances & Divisions for Renaissance Lute£10.00
TLS018158 Early Cinquecento Preludes and Recercars for Renaissance Lute£18.00
SE327816 Pieces for Renaissance Lute£12.50
EM701316 Polish Folksongs arranged for guitar£11.75
TLS05719 Easy to Early Intermediate Pieces for Baroque Guitar from French and Iberian Manuscripts£7.00
CH26719 Preludes for Guitar£11.95
Tree-31719 Unique Pieces, collected from the Goess Manuscript£22.50
NoCode-Tree-222 Concertos for Lute, Violin & Cello£18.00
SE347920 Lautenstucke (1536)£9.50
SE346724 Scottish Pieces for Renaissance Lute£9.50
SE398925 Lute Pieces from German sources£12.00
ED105453 Fantasias from Adrien le Roy's 'Quart Livre de Tablature de Guiterre'£2.99
CH2603 Frammenti for Guitar£9.95
NoCode-Tree-133 pieces for two lutes£13.50
TLS0343 Sonatas and 3 Partitas for Violin Solo, BWV 1001-1006a, arranged for lute£25.00
CH3293 Sonatine Op. 71 for Guitar£11.65
SE375930 Lute Pieces for Solo Lute£14.50
Tree-32Easy32 Easy Pieces for Baroque Lute£18.00
SE398132 Pieces for Renaissance Lute£15.00
NoCode-Tree-494 Cello Suites, BWV 995-1010 arranged for Baroque Lute£22.50
TLS01043 Lyra Viol Tablatures for solo instrument from Tobias Hume’s The First Part of Ayres (1605)£10.00
CH2726 Andanti Op. 320 for Guitar£11.95
NoCode-Tree-316 Sonatas for Archlute in Baroque style£9.00
NoCode-Tree-246 Sonate, Op. 1 (1740)£18.00
SE34778 Italian Lute Pieces (Paris, c.1505)£9.50
LS15A Book of Ayres, with Lute tablature£13.50
TLS028A Collection of Pieces for Solo Lute 1£9.00
TLS029A Collection of Pieces for Solo Lute 2£9.00
TLS019A Compendium of 178 Polish Dances for Renaissance Lute£15.00
Tree-DialogueA Dialogue on a Kiss, for 2 voices & lute£13.50
TLS031A Diverse Collection of Easy Pieces for the Baroque Lute£10.00
LS16A Musicall Banquet£15.45
VC051LA Pilgrimes Solace - lute score, in tablature£14.00
VC051CA Pilgrimes Solace - score, lute score, 4 parts£53.00
LS4A Pilgrimes Solace, 1612 & Three Songs from 'A Musicall Banquet', with Lute Tablature£18.50
H140An Anthology of English Music for Harp. Book 2: 1650-1750£9.75
H141An Anthology of English Music for Harp. Book 3: 1750-1800£9.75
TLS033An Anthology of Music by Sylvius Leopold Weiss£15.00
ME009Angelique: Selected lute music of Robert Ballard & Nicolas Vallet£38.75
EM7004Ausgewahlte Werke for Guitar£10.80
LS21Ayres (c.1609) with Lute Tablature, Book 1£15.45
LS22Ayres (c.1609) with Lute Tablature, Book 2£15.45
MB6Ayres for Four Voices£105.00
TLS032Bach for Baroque Lute£12.00
NoCode-Tree-20Baroque Opera Arias transcribed for the Lute - 2 volumes£40.50
TLS021British Library Additional Manuscript 31389, a Venetian lute manuscript of c.1520£10.00
Tree-519Cabinett der Lauten (1695)£18.00
CH259Canzoni del focolare (Hearth Songs) for Guitar (2009-2017)£11.95
SI017Capricci armonici sopra la chitarra spagnuola (1692)£17.00
TLS055, Cesare Morelli's arrangements of Jean-Baptiste Lully£15.00
MB53Collected English Lutenist Partsongs I£100.00
MB54Collected English Lutenist Partsongs II£100.00
SE3500Collected Lute Music£17.50
Tree-200Collected Lute Music - 4 surviving books in one edition for Renaissance Lute£72.00
Tree-756Collected Lute Music, Complete Edition£81.00
NoCode-Tree-18Collected lute music: Complete edition, Vol. I & II£117.00
NoCode-Tree-17Collected lute music: Tablature edition£40.50
Tree-717Collected Lute Solos£27.00
Tree-510Collected Works for Lute (Borrono)£31.50
NoCode-Tree-30Collected Works for Lute (Dalza)£22.50
Tree-Baron-CWCollected Works, Complete Edition Vol. 1 & 2£145.00
NoCode-Tree-12Complete Lute Solos£18.00
TLS056Complete Trio Sonatas£30.00
B018Complete Works for Solo Viol transcribed for guitar£12.00
AL23881Corrente detta la Favorita Gonzaga for 2 guitars or lutes£6.99
TLS008aDas Erst Buch (1544)£10.00
TLS008Das Erst Buch (1544) with CD£18.00
Tree-DebussyDebussy/Satie: 4 Pieces for Archlute£9.00
NoCode-Tree-16Divertimento for strings & lute (1761)£13.50
CH271Double Guitar. 22 Easy to Intermediate Contemporary Pieces for 2 Guitars£11.95
TLS037, Duets by Francesco da Milano and Joanne Matelart£10.00
TLS040Duets from the Phalèse Anthologies, Volume 1£15.00
TLS041Duets from the Phalèse Anthologies, Volume 2£15.00
Tree-323Easy Duets for Two Lutes, or Melody Instrument & Lute£18.00
SE3896Easy Lute Music, Vol. 1 - Music from Scotland arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
SE3897Easy Lute Music, Vol. 2 - Music from Germany arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
SE3898Easy Lute Music, Vol. 3 - Music from Italy Arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
SE3899Easy Lute Music, Vol. 4 - Music from England Arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
SE3900Easy Lute Music, Vol. 5 - Music from France Arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
TLS017Eight 'Setts' for lute from Musick's Monument (1676) transcribed for 10-course Renaissance lute, and for 10 string or alto classical guitar£12.00
FE3aEight Consort Songs, Lutebook alone (with fully underkeyed vocal part)£7.50
TLS013Eight Pieces by Cuthbert Hely for Ten-Course Lute£10.00
TLS059Eight Setts for lute from Musick's Monument (1676) transcribed for 10-course lute and for classical guitar£12.00
Tree-813Ein newes sehr kunstlichs Lautenbuch (1552)£35.00
NoCode-Tree-9Ein newgeordent, kunstlichs Lautenbuch (1536)£31.50
NoCode-Tree-11El Maestro, for Renaissance Lute or Vihuela£54.00
H147Elizabethan and Jacobean Songs£6.80
PLS008English Lute Duets of the Golden Age:  The Ultimate Collection£60.00
B616English Lute Songs, Book 1£9.00
B617English Lute Songs, Book 2£9.00
LS12English Lute Songs: Airs, Songs and Dialogues - no lute tablature printed£15.45
Tree-526Erfreuliche Lautenlust (1667)£22.50
EW1038Europe for Advanced Musicians: 16 Great Christmas Songs£16.50
NoCode-Tree-52Fantasia sopra: 'Nun sich der Tag geendet hat...' (c.1730) for Baroque Lute£9.00
SE1113Fantasias and Dances for Renaissance Lute£13.50
TLS025Fantasias in British Sources£10.00
TLS039Five Duets from ’Fronimo’ (1584)£6.00
NoCode-Tree-26Florilegium - 1594 for Renaissance Lute£13.50
B637Folk Songs for Voice and Harp (or Piano)£6.80
TLS054Four Chamber Sonatas£15.00
BOE1154/4450Francis Willoughby's Lute Book, c.1575£25.00
LS9Funeral Tears, 1606; Songs of Mourning, 1613; The Masque of Squires, 1614 - all with Lute Tablature£13.50
Tree-549Greensleeves variations for solo instrument and Renaissance Lute£4.50
GA100Harmonia quadripartita - 13 dance movements transcribed from tablature for guitar£7.99
NoCode-Tree-19Herold Lute Book (Padua, 1602)£67.50
NoCode-Tree-6Hortulus Cytharae£31.50
SI66Il liuto di Bernardo Gianoncelli (Venice, 1650)£21.00
Tree-537Il primo libro d'intavolatura (for 10 course lute)£22.50
NoCode-Tree-54Il quinto libro de tabolatura da liuto (1567) for Renaissance Lute£18.00
CH261Improvviso e Ritmico for 2 Guitars (1998)£17.95
SE3843Intabolatura de Lauto (1546)£18.00
SI030Intavolatura di chitarra e chitarriglia (1646)£16.80
SI046Intavolatura di lauto e di chitarone£44.50
SE3990Intavolatura di Liuto: Book 1£18.00
NoCode-Tree-43Intavolatura Libro V for Renaissance Lute£18.00
Z5702Introduzione alla Studio del Liuto rinascimentale£14.99
NoCode-Tree-42Isagoge in artem testudinariam for Renaissance Lute£13.50
SE3988J'ay mis mon cueur: 24 lute pieces£12.00
EW421Konzert F Dur - score£17.00
TLS003Kraków Mus. ms 40641£10.00
PAN1500La buona et felice mano - Italian madrigals 1615 (Urtext)£20.00
BOE1018Lachrimae or Seaven Teares for five viols/violins & lute (London, 1604)£20.00
TLS050Lamentatio Henrici Noel, Psalms and Canticles (c.1596)£10.00
MMR011Libro d’intavolatura di Liuto£59.80
NoCode-Tree-44Libro primo - Venice, 1554 for Renaissance Lute£13.50
NoCode-Tree-10Libro primo di arie for Voice & Renaissance Lute (1623)£18.00
ED3694Lieder und Tanze auf die Lauten (Lute Songs and Dances) from a 1512 Manuscript£7.99
UMP-LECHNER1Lieder, Tanze und Praeambeln for guitar/lute solo£18.99
TLS043Lute Duets£15.00
TLS014Lute Intabulations of Works£10.00
D534400Lute Music for Guitar£27.50
NoCode-Tree-34Lute Music from II Ballarino, 1581£31.50
DP19294Lute Songs: Third and Fourth Books with Lute Tablature and Guitar Notation£12.95
UNI43654Margravia for Solo Lute (includes tablature by Michel Faleze)£9.99
DM27Method for Renaissance Lute£35.00
AC014Méthode complète pour le decacorde nouvelle guitare, op. 293£13.00
TLS022Music for Lute and Chanson Transcriptions£10.00
TLS046Music for Lute Consort c.1500, volume 1£10.00
TLS047Music for Lute Consort c.1500, volume 2£10.00
TLS048Music for Lute Consort c.1500, volume 3£10.00
TLS044Music for Lute Quartet£15.00
MB40Music for Mixed Consort£96.00
MB15Music of Scotland 1500-1700£96.00
SLB2192Nam Ai - Version for Solo Baroque Lute£8.50
Tree-ReusnerNeue Lautenfruchte (1676)£22.50
NoCode-Tree-33Neue Lautenstucke, 1724 for Baroque Lute£18.00
BOE5964Nicholas Lanier: The Complete Works (Callon)£28.00
CH330Non ti spiacqua l’ascoltar. Anthology from Vincenzo Capirola’s Lute Book (1517) for Guitar£14.35
ESZ8402Opere Complete per Liuto for Lute or Guitar£58.99
TLS006Osborn fb7£21.00
TLS002Partie en B flat Major (c.1720)£7.00
NoCode-Tree-48Partita BWV 1001 arranged for Baroque Lute£13.50
NoCode-Tree-47Partita BWV 1002 arranged for Baroque Lute£13.50
NoCode-Tree-46Partita BWV 1004 arranged for Baroque Lute£13.50
EM7019Partita No. 1 in B minor for solo violin - arranged for guitar£10.80
UMP-ORSINI1Per Pianto la mia Carne for voice & lute£7.99
NoCode-Tree-27Petit boucquet Complete Edition£45.00
NoCode-Tree-28Petit boucquet Part I: Chansonettes for Renaissance Lute£27.00
Tree-DeMoyPetit boucquet Part II: Solo lute pieces£22.50
NoCode-Tree-37Pieces de Lut, 1702 for Baroque Lute£22.50
Tree-BlovinPieces de Luth£25.00
SE3681Pieces de Luth, for Baroque Lute£18.00
NoCode-Tree-1Pieces for 4 Lutes£13.50
Tree-GallatPieces for lute (1686)£45.00
NoCode-Tree-45Pieces for Lute, BWV 995, 997, 1000£18.00
TTP004Popular Elizabethan Lute Music, Vol. 1£20.00
GA145Prelude and Fugue in D major from the Suite in Eb major for Lute, arranged for guitar£5.50
SE3711Premier Livre de Luth (1551)£16.25
NoCode-Tree-32Remembrance of things past, 4 songs£13.50
Tree-RenRenaissance Lute Book£15.00
TLS023Renaissance Lute Music from German Sources£12.00
BOE1097/7710Richard Mynshall's Lute Book£24.00
EM7007Rossiniana No.6, Op. 124 for Solo Guitar£11.00
Tree-504Selected Pieces for Renaissance Lute£13.50
Tree-443Selected Pieces from 'Delitiae musicae', for Renaissance Lute (1612)£9.00
NoCode-Tree-29Selected Pieces from the 16th Century, for Renaissance Lute£13.50
Tree-Bach-AnnaSelected Pieces from the Anna Magdelana Note Book, arranged for Baroque Lute£9.00
TLS024, Selections from Piccinini and Kapsperger for Solo Renaissance Lute£9.00
NoCode-Tree-7Selectissima Guiterna Carmina (1570)£27.00
NoCode-Tree-2Seven Duets from 'Silva de Sirenas' - Valladolid, 1547£18.00
TLS058, Six lute duets arranged for two guitars£10.00
TLS035Six Sonatas for 11-Course Lute£10.00
PEMS052Sonata a 3£12.50
NoCode-Tree-40Sonata a due for Flute & Baroque Lute£18.00
Tree-HagenSonata a Liuto Solo, B Major£15.00
Tree-714Sonata for flute (violin) & lute£13.50
Tree-309Sonata in A minor - L'Infidele, for Baroque Lute£9.00
Tree-713Sonata in A minor for Baroque Lute (Lima, 1766)£9.00
EB6759Sonata in C major for Solo Guitar, Op. 16£6.25
Tree-JSBSonata in G minor BWV 1001£15.00
G241Sonata IV in C major£10.80
H229Sonata No. VI in B flat. Violin, Cello and Harp (or Piano)£8.75
EM7025Sonata, Op. 15 in C major for Solo Guitar£10.00
SI061Sonate nuove per la chitarra spagnuaola (Venice, 1663)£19.80
LS10Songs for the Lute, Viol & Voice, 1606£15.45
LS17Songs from Manuscript Sources, Book 1£9.25
LS18Songs from Manuscript Sources: 2£9.25
LS8Songs from Rosseter's Book of Ayres, with Lute Tablature£13.50
NoCode-Tree-39Suite for 2 Baroque Lutes£13.50
TLS038Suite for 2 Lutes£6.00
NoCode-Tree-36Suite for 2 lutes, BuxWV 241£9.00
NoCode-Tree-35Suite for Baroque Lute, BuxWV 236£10.80
GA456Suite for Lute in E major, arranged for guitar£8.50
TLS042Suite for Two Lutes£4.00
NoCode-Tree-23Suite in B major for Baroque Lute£13.50
NoCode-Tree-41Suite in D major for Baroque Lute, from 'Der getreue Musikmeister'£9.00
Tree-445Suite in D minor for Baroque Lute£9.00
Tree-532Suite in F major for Baroque Lute£9.00
Tree-FrobSuite in G minor for Baroque Lute£9.25
TLS036Suite in G minor, arranged for archlute£6.00
NoCode-Tree-14Suites for 2 lutes (or one instrument & lute)£13.50
NoCode-Tree-21Suonate accommodate per il liuto (5 suites)£36.00
Tree-319Tablature de Lutz (Lyon, 1549)£13.50
EMU1Tablature For One, for Unaccompanied Lute£35.00
B483Tablature for Two Lutes, Book 1: Anonymous Compositions£12.50
B484Tablature for Two Lutes, Book 2: Works by Allison, Cutting, Ferrabosco, Johnson, Lawrey & Robinson£12.50
B487Tablature for Two Lutes, Book 3: Works by Daniel, Dowland, Johnson, Pilkington & Robinson£12.50
NoCode-Tree-8Tabulaturbuch auff die Lauten (1558)£18.00
NoCode-Tree-38Tabulature de Lutz (1549) for Renaissance Lute£18.00
NoCode-Tree-4Tabulaturen etlicher Lobgesang (1512) for Voice and Renaissance Lute£22.50
Tree-552Technique building studies for Baroque Lutenists£13.50
LS11Ten Aires from 'Musicke of Sundrie Kindes', with Lute Tablature£7.00
Tree-544Ten pieces for ten-course lute or archlute£10.00
Tree-816Testudo Gallo-Germanica (Nurenburg, 1615)£45.00
ME005The Bottegari Lute Book Part 1:Sacred and devotional music for voice & lute£32.00
NoCode-TreeThe Bottegari Lute Book, Part 1: Sacred and devotional music for voice & lute£18.00
BOE972The Brogyntyn Lute Book, c.1595-1600 [hard cover]£30.00
BOE4452The Brogyntyn Lute Book, c.1595-1600 [soft cover]£20.00
BOE973/4479The Burwell Lute Tutor, c.1660-1672£35.00
TLS020The Collected Lute Music£15.00
ME001The Collected Lute Works of Hippolito Tromboncino£30.00
TLS015The Complete Lute Solos£10.00
TLS012The Complete Works of John Danyel, Volume 1: Lute Works£10.00
TTP002The Continuo Players Book of Grounds£27.00
TLS051The English Lute Song before Dowland: Volume 1£12.00
TLS052The English Lute Song before Dowland: Volume 1 (Copy)£12.00
LS13The First Book of Ayres, 1600, with Lute Tablature£13.50
LS5The First Book of Ayres, with Lute Tablature£14.45
LS1The First Book of Songs, 1597, with Lute Tablature£13.50
ELS26The First Booke of Songes or Ayres of foure parts with Tableture for the Lute.£19.00
LS14The First Booke of Songs, with Lute Tablature£13.50
TLS004The Folger 'Dowland' Manuscript£22.00
VC062CThe Harp Consorts - Complete set (score, harp part, instrument set)£70.00
VC062A&BThe Harp Consorts - Main score and harp part (without part set)£53.00
BOE1055/4478The Hirsch Lute Book, c.1595£25.00
R12The Instrumental Music - Music for lute: 3 In nomines, 6 Fantasias, 2 Christe pui luxs, Precamur, Manus tue, etc.£42.00
Tree-NicholsonThe Jew's Dance, for Flute (Violin, Recorder or Viol) & Renaissance Lute£13.50
NoCode-Tree-51The Lute Book of Johannes Arpinus for Renaissance Lute£27.00
LIE2The Lute in Europe 2. Lutes, Guitars, Mandolins and Citterns£35.00
Aquila001The Lute in its Historical Reality£22.00
EMU2The Lute Society Facsimiles: Works by Johnson, Sturte, Dowland, Bocquet, de Moy etc.£35.00
NoCode-Tree-15The Lute, the Bird and the Deers - Contemporary Lute Duets£9.00
PLS009The Lutenist's Handbook£15.00
TLS001The Mathew Holmes Manuscripts I: Cambridge University Library MS Dd.2.11£75.00
MB1The Mulliner Book£106.00
TTP001The Renaissance Fake Book, "Ballads, Dances, and Sundry Tunes", Vol. 1£30.00
TTP003The Renaissance Musicians Booke of Grounds£20.00
LS6The Second Book of Ayres, with Lute Tablature£14.45
VC080CThe Second Book of Songs & Airs. Complete set (score, vocal and instrument parts)£53.00
VC080PThe Second Book of Songs & Airs. Part set£21.00
VC080SThe Second Book of Songs & Airs. Score£32.00
LS2The Second Book of Songs, 1600, with Lute Tablature£14.45
TLS027The Siena Lutebook£10.00
TLS011The Solo Lute Music£22.00
LS7The Third Book of Ayres (c.1618)(No Lute Tablature)£13.50
LS3The Third Book of Songs, 1603, with Lute Tablature£14.45
LS20The Twelve Wonders of the World - Songs with Lute Tablature£14.45
TLC-SCHLEGEL001The Von Erlach Lute Book (Paris, 1622) - with 2 CDs£45.00
TLS005The Welde Lute Book£22.00
NoCode-Tree-5Theatrum Musicum (1568)£45.00
SE3855Theorbo Music: 12 original theorbo works and 15 arrangements of pieces for viol£16.25
TLS026Thirty Pieces for the Lute£10.00
CAD6631Three Renaissance Pieces Arranged for Solo Guitar£13.75
TLS045Trios from Tobias Hume ’s Poeticall Musicke (1607) for two tablature instruments and bass£15.00
CH270Trittico Esatonale for Guitar (2010)£9.95
EM7005Trois Rondos Brilants for Solo Guitar£13.00
TLS016Tunes of Old London£4.00
TLS030Twelve Fantasies TWV 40: 14-15£9.00
SS62Twelve Seventeenth-Century English Songs£6.50
LS19Twenty Songs from Printed Sources£19.75
TLS049Twenty-two Easy Songs to the Lute, An Anthology of Lute Songs£9.00
BL02-ITwo Partitas for Solo Lute - written in tablature£10.50
NoCode-Tree-25Varietie of Lute Lessons (London, 1610)£31.50
ME010Vingt et vn Pseaumes de David (1615)£38.75
Tree-AgricolaVon der Lauten - Musica Instrumentalis Deutsch (1529) for Renaissance Lute£13.50
TLS007Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript£22.00
BOE1145/4453William Trumbull's Lute Book, c.1595£24.00
Tree-WorksWorks for Lute  BWV 995 - 1000, 1006a£40.50
T0663Works for Solo Lute & Chamber Orchestra (strings & harpsichord bc) - score & parts£55.00
Tree-759XVI Auserlesene Lautenstucke (Hamburg, 1747)£18.00