SE327610 English Lute Ballads of the 16th & 17th Century - from different manuscript sources£10.00
SE327913 English Renaissance Lute Dances£10.00
SE307915 English Pieces for viola da gamba£8.10
SE362915 Pieces from the Folger-Dowlands Manuscript: Easy Elizabethan Dances & Divisions for Renaissance Lute£10.00
IRCS1915th Century Anonymous Chansons from Bologna£45.00
EM701316 Polish Folksongs arranged for guitar£11.75
EM11152 Trio Sonatas£11.50
SE346724 Scottish Pieces for Renaissance Lute£9.50
SE398132 Pieces for Renaissance Lute£15.00
EW6354 Brünner Suiten£13.00
SE34778 Italian Lute Pieces (Paris, c.1505)£9.50
TLS019A Compendium of 178 Polish Dances for Renaissance Lute£15.00
G220Aires & Symphonys, Opera tunes and Lessons for viola da gamba solo£14.50
G043Allegretto, Scherzando & Rondo£14.80
G334Berliner Gambenbuch: Selected Pieces£14.40
FF2632Book of organ pieces from la Bibliotheque Limoges including some by Raison, Julien, Corrette£27.50
EW384, Capriccio à due & Codex Caioni/Sonata Super "Surge Propera amica mea"£9.99
HE18.504Concertino in G major & Sonata in C major for 2 harpsichords£13.05
PTYW07Die Katzenpfote (The Cat's Paw)£4.50
PTYW08Duke of York's Cotillion£3.50
EW838, Durham Ground: Variations on a theme of Corelli£15.50
SM73English and Celtic folk dances for Bass Viol. Book 2:  Intermediate to Advanced£15.00
NoCode-Tree-52Fantasia sopra: 'Nun sich der Tag geendet hat...' (c.1730) for Baroque Lute£9.00
B637Folk Songs for Voice and Harp (or Piano)£6.80
LMP216Four Duos from the Codex Montpellier (c.1330)£6.50
EW632Fuga á 4£11.50
EW526Gamben-Chorale - 35 Chorales for lyra-viol (Paris, 17th c.)£18.00
Tree-549Greensleeves variations for solo instrument and Renaissance Lute£4.50
NoCode-Tree-19Herold Lute Book (Padua, 1602)£67.50
G240Instruction or a Method for the Viola da Gamba£20.50
K23Intabolatura Nova di Ballo£6.50
PTYW22Kemp's Jig£4.50
G214Kremsierer Gambensonate, Sonatina in D minor£14.50
ED3694Lieder und Tanze auf die Lauten (Lute Songs and Dances) from a 1512 Manuscript£7.99
G100Lubecker Sonata in D minor for viola da gamba & bc£14.50
LMP20Paduana: Bona Speranza£3.00
G066Parisian Gambenduos - 6 Sonatas for 2 bass viols, !st edition, Vol. 1: Sonatas I & II£16.92
G067Parisian Gambenduos - 6 Sonatas for 2 bass viols, !st edition, Vol. 2: Sonatas III & IV£16.90
G068Parisian Gambenduos - 6 Sonatas for 2 bass viols, !st edition, Vol. 3: Sonatas V & VI£16.90
DM842Partita in G major£15.95
PTYW18-21Past Three O'Clock£4.50
EW831Pastorell Kindlwiegen£10.50
EW900Pastorell Kindlwiegen II£12.50
TTP004Popular Elizabethan Lute Music, Vol. 1£20.00
EW372Salve Regina (Anon)£12.50
G044Sonata for viola da gamba and keyboard£15.30
Tree-713Sonata in A minor for Baroque Lute (Lima, 1766)£9.00
VDGS44Sonata in C Major (Berlin, 1760)£4.50
EW571Sonata No. 12, 'Das Jagerhorn'£12.50
EW577Sonata No. 6, Musicalisch Uhrwerk£12.00
EW583Sonata No. 9, Das Post-Horn£14.50
EW457Sonate per Organo Vol. 1£22.00
EW985Sonate per Organo Vol. 3£22.00
EW989Sonate per Organo Vol. 4£22.00
GM158Suite in D minor (Anon)£9.50
B483Tablature for Two Lutes, Book 1: Anonymous Compositions£12.50
BOE973/4479The Burwell Lute Tutor, c.1660-1672£35.00
TTP002The Continuo Players Book of Grounds£27.00
CMP422The Maid's Lesson£2.50
TTP001The Renaissance Fake Book, "Ballads, Dances, and Sundry Tunes", Vol. 1£30.00
TTP003The Renaissance Musicians Booke of Grounds£20.00
TLS027The Siena Lutebook£10.00
PTYW101The York Waits Christmas Collection: Six Favourites from Piae Cantiones 1582 & 1625£5.00
PTYW104The York Waits Christmas Collection: Christmas Drones£5.00
PTYW102The York Waits Christmas Collection: Sore Afraid!£7.00
PTYW103The York Waits Christmas Collection: The Nativity£7.00
EW486Trio Sonata£12.80
EM1114Trio Sonata in G major (Anon-Moeck)£10.00
M41.124Trio Sonata in G major (Anon-Möseler Verlag)£9.50
DM460Trio Sonata in G minor - Salzburger£10.95