The Burwell Lute Tutor, c.1660-1672

Instrumentation: Lute

Author/editor/arranger: Introduction by Robert Spencer

Publisher: Boethius Press

Format: Facsimile

Product code: BOE973/4479

Tags: Lute


An English manuscript tutor of app. 140 pages for the eleven-course and twelve-course baroque lute. The teacher (possible John Rogers, d. 1676) filled in all the music examples after the pupil had copied the tutor. The teacher himself was probably a pupil of Ennemond Gaultier, so this tutor is especially appropriate for Hender Robert's lute book, which contains 65 pieces by Gaultier and his contemporaries. The Burwell tutor contains 16 pieces of music in various tunings by Dubut, Pinel, Vincent, The Marquis de Mortmar and 3 of the Gaultiers-English, Vieux and Jeune.

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