EP45163 Duet Sonatas: C, Op. 15/6; A, Op. 18/5; F, Op. 18/6£19.50
N10196 Sonatas Op. 16 for keyboard & accompaniment for violin or flute£14.90
HN3336 Sonatas Op.17 for harpsichord or piano£16.00
FF45196 Sonatas Op.5 (c.1766) & 6 Sonatas Op.17 (c.1779)£45.00
HN3326 Sonatas Op.5 for harpsichord or piano£16.50
PB3794Overture in Bb major, Op.9 (Op.21) No.1 - full score£16.20
OB3794-harOverture in Bb major, Op.9 (Op.21) No.1 - harpsichord/piano part£8.50
OB3794-strOverture in Bb major, Op.9 (Op.21) No.1 - separate string parts£3.20
OB3794-winOverture in Bb major, Op.9 (Op.21) No.1 - wind parts£9.50
OB3797-harOverture in D major, Op.18/6 - harpsichord/piano£9.50
OB3797-strOverture in D major, Op.18/6 - separate string parts£3.20
OB3797-winOverture in D major, Op.18/6 - wind parts£19.00
PB3797Overture in D major, Op.18/6 for Harpsichord, strings & winds - full score£17.00
PB3796Overture in Eb major, Op.18/5 - full score£29.00
OB3796-harOverture in Eb major, Op.18/5 - harpsichord/piano part£9.50
OB3796-strOverture in Eb major, Op.18/5 - separate string parts£3.20
OB3796-winOverture in Eb major, Op.18/5 - wind parts£15.50
EB8544Quintet in D major Op.II/6 for 2 keyboard instruments£15.00
HM42Quintet in D major, Op.22/1£13.90
BP872Quintet in F major, Op.22/2 for oboe, violin, viola, cello & harpsichord£13.50
BP321Quintets Op. 11 No. 1 in C major£15.25
BP322Quintets Op. 11 No. 2 in G major£15.25
BP323Quintets Op. 11 No. 3 in F major£15.25
BP324Quintets Op. 11 No. 4 in Eb major£15.25
BP325Quintets Op. 11 No. 5 in A major£15.25
BP326Quintets Op. 11 No. 6 in major£15.25
PB4863Sinfonia in Eb major, Op.6/3 - full score£9.50
OB4863-harSinfonia in Eb major, Op.6/3 - harpsichord/piano part£5.60
OB4863-strSinfonia in Eb major, Op.6/3 - separate string parts£3.20
OB4863-winSinfonia in Eb major, Op.6/3 - wind parts£6.50
PB3793Sinfonia in G minor, Op.6/6 - full score£16.20
OB3793-harSinfonia in G minor, Op.6/6 - harpsichord/piano£9.50
OB3793-strSinfonia in G minor, Op.6/6 - separate string parts£3.20
OB3793-winSinfonia in G minor, Op.6/6 - wind parts£9.50
BRP1783Sonata in Bb major for violin (flute or oboe) & piano or organ£9.25
EW639Sonata in D major (Bach)£13.30
BA6894Trio in G major for two Flutes & Basso continuo£9.85

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