Kings-Corrette-LD'Les delices de la solitude', Op. 20 for cello£6.00
Kings-Comique6 Concerto Comiques, Op. 8£15.00
N13946 Duets, Op.23 for 2 flutes£8.95
NM1656 Sonatas Op.2 for 2 flutes£6.95
AFT0216 Sonatas. Op.13 for flute or violin & bass (Paris, c.1737)£21.00
NoCode-King6 Trio Sonatas Op.14£12.50
EMA113Concerto 'Le Phenix' for 4 bassoons£14.99
BP2010Concerto Comique in Bb major 'Le Mirliton', Op. 8/1£12.00
BP395Concerto Comique in C major 'Margoton', Op. 8/3£12.00
BP721Concerto Comique in G major 'Les Plaisir des Dames', Op. 8/6£12.00
BP715Concerto in C major, Op. 4/3£12.00
SM45Concerto No. 2 in A major (score & parts)£30.50
SM46Concerto No. 3 in D major (score & parts)£31.50
SM48Concerto No. 5 in F major (score & parts)£29.75
SM49Concerto No. 6 in D minor (score & parts)£29.75
BP2095Concerto Noel 'Allemand'£12.00
BP2401Concerto Noel 'Suisse' for recorder, 2 violins & bc£12.00
B18First Book for Organ & Nouveau Livre de Noels for Organ£45.00
ED6939First book of pieces for clavecin Op. 12£9.99
PF12First book of pieces for clavecin Op. 12 (Paris, 1728)£16.75
ED12209Les delices de la solitude Op. 20, Vol. 1£13.50
ED12210Les delices de la solitude Op. 20, Vol. 2£13.50
AFT049Methode pour apprendre aisement a jouer de flute traversiere (Paris, c.1738)£24.15
O/L77Nouveau Livre de Noels Scola Cantorum Vol. 1£22.70
O/L78Nouveau Livre de Noels Scola Cantorum Vol. 2£21.20
O/L79Nouveau Livre de Noels Scola Cantorum Vol. 3£21.20
BP679Sonata in Bb major for violin & bc£7.75
VLB6Sonata in D major 'Les Jeux Olympiques', Op. 25/5£8.50
FTR25Sonata in E minor, Op.25/4 'Les amusements d'Apollon chez le Roi Admete'£7.99
CMP457Sonata No. 1 from 'French Music for Viols'£3.50
HE32797Sonata No. 2 for flute or violin & harpsichord£19.99

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