‘T Uitnement Kabinet (Amsterdam 1646, 1649) – Volume VIII

Instrumentation: 2 recorders (violins, transverse flutes, cornetti) & bc
Author/Editor/Arranger: Rasch
Publisher: Edition Walhall
Format: Sheet music    
Product code: SBG08    
Tags: Violin


13 compositions by Johann Schop and one by Louis Constantin. Contains Schop’s violin works: 1. Praeludium (senza Basso), 2. Almande Mortiel, 3. Ballet, 4. Nobelman, 5. Courant, 6. Lachrime Pavaen, 7. Almande, 8. Pavaen de Spanje, 9. Spintsers Pavaen, 10. Koraelen, 11. Als Jupiter gedacht, 12. Sine titulo, 13. Nasce la pena mia; and 14. Lavion (Louis Constantin). 112 pages.

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