The Von Erlach Lute Book (Paris, 1622) – with 2 CDs

Publisher: Lute Corner
Format: Book    
Product code: TLC-SCHLEGEL001    
Tags: Lute


This lute book, originally from the archives of the von Erlach family in Castle Spiez on the Thunersee, Switzerland, was likely transcribed in 1622 in Paris by an unknown lute master for the diplomat Franz Ludwig von Erlach. It contains 25 pieces of music, all of them played on the accompanying CD by Andreas Schlegel: along with five extra pieces connected with the Swiss Guards who served the French king.

The lute book and these songs illustrate a turbulent time in Swiss history at the start of the Thirty Years’ War. The songs, heard here as solo music for lute, played an important role in the daily life of that time and served political or religious purposes – but also entertained in courtly society, in taverns and in market places. Andreas Schlegel has followed clues and traced connections to create a lively vista of the period.

112 pages, beautifully illustrated throughout in colour, text English & German with two inlaid audio-CDs:
- On CD 1 Andreas Schlegel plays all 25 pieces in this lute book, plus five pieces from other sources, connected with members of the Swiss Guards.
- CD 2 has 29 tracks played by the ensemble Accords Nouveaux, following the trail of 10 pieces of music (four of them in the Von Erlach lute book), on a tour through Europe: from drinking songs, bawled out in the tavern, to a Christmas carol, sung with bright-eyed innocence.

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