William Byrd: Consort Music

Author/Editor/Arranger: Martin
Publisher: Peacock Press
Format: Book    
Product code: P-MARTIN    


A scholarly and detailed book offering great insight into William Byrd's 33 surviving pieces of consort music: a diverse body of work written over a span of about fifty years including five different musical forms.

It explores the historical context, manuscript sources, and Byrd’s In Nomines, Fantasias and Pavans from early on to his mature consort works. Paperback.

“..It is simply everything I wanted of a book about Byrd’s music for viols, being comprehensively informative and insightful as well as pleasantly readable. I am delighted to have it on my shelf beside those other classics of Byrd scholarship by Kerry McCarthy, Oliver Neighbour, Joseph Kerman and John Harley." - Richard Turbet.

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