Peacock Press

PEMS0343 chefs d'oeuvres for forte-piano£12.00
P-ORG100A Centenary Album - 2009£14.00
PJH001A Collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord£10.50
PCB031A Summer Day£3.95
P714Alto Recorder Solo Book£18.50
P045Animal Antics. Ten Treble recorder Studies with optional piano accompaniment£4.75
P116Baryton & Voice at the Vienna Hofkapelle£11.50
P151Barytons, Voice & Mandolins at the Vienna Hofkapelle£13.50
P722Bass Recorder Solo Book£18.50
DUN01Bass Viola da Gamba Tutor£14.00
P239Cantus Avium et Volatus - Song and Flight of Birds£7.50
P-KNIGHTSClavichord Discography£24.00
PAR014Concerto di Camera (Concerto in G minor)£7.75
PEMS020Concerto TEL 44:43£8.50
PEMSMAXConsort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - all 4 volumes£75.00
PEMS081Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - Volume I, Nos. 1-20, in 3, 4 & 5 parts£20.00
PEMS082Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - Volume II, Nos. 21-40, in 4 & 5 parts£22.50
PEMS083Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - Volume III, Nos. 41-60, in 3 & 4 parts£22.50
PEMS084Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - Volume IV, Nos. 61-86, in 4, 5 & 6 parts£25.00
PEMS093Couranten Lustgärtlein, Vol. 1 (1-15)£18.00
PAR128Danserye - selected dances£7.50
PTYW07Die Katzenpfote (The Cat's Paw)£4.50
PEMS064Dirge for Romeo and Juliet£11.00
PTYW08Duke of York's Cotillion£3.50
P200Easy Baroque Repertoire for treble recorder & piano£5.50
PJH002Eight Lessons for the Harpsichord Composed by Various English Masters of the 18th Century£12.00
PLS008English Lute Duets of the Golden Age:  The Ultimate Collection£60.00
P217Five "New" Sonatas for piano£4.50
PTYW12-16Four Playford Dances£5.00
PEMS022Gantz Neue Cantzon, Intraden, Balletten & Coranten£40.00
P-LESTER-HBGirolamo Frescobaldi: A Variety of Inventions (hardback)£22.95
PTYW22Kemp's Jig£4.50
PTYW01La Plus Belle et Doulce Figure£4.50
P-SPINETMaking a Spinet by Traditional Methods£8.95
DUN02Méthode de Viole de Gamba 2£14.00
PAR116Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Ouvertures, Book 1£7.50
PAR117Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Ouvertures, Book 2£7.50
PAR124Music for the Royal Fireworks£5.25
PTYW02Nous Sommes de l'Ordre de St Babouin£4.75
PEMS023Paduanen, Galliarden, Canzonen, Allmand & Coranten£40.00
PCB004Pagan Piper£2.50
PTYW18-21Past Three O'Clock£4.50
PEMS014Pavans, Galliards, Almains and other short Aeirs in five parts£40.00
TTP004Popular Elizabethan Lute Music, Vol. 1£20.00
PJT171Scherzo and Canzona£6.50
PJH003Six Lessons for the Harpsichord £10.50
PEMS030Six sonatas for flute and continuo. Vol. I, Sonatas in G major and E minor£12.75
PEMS031Six sonatas for flute and continuo. Vol. II, Sonatas in A major & F sharp minor£12.75
PEMS032Six sonatas for flute and continuo. Vol. III, Sonatas in D major & B minor£12.75
PTYW03-05/09-11Six Tudor Ballads£4.75
PAR105Slow movements for recorder£6.50
P707Soprano Recorder Solo Book£18.50
P322Suite in A minor for Harpsichord£5.75
P311Ten Advanced Studies for treble recorder£4.50
PEMS079Thalia. A Collection of Six Favourite Songs£13.50
TTP002The Continuo Players Book of Grounds£27.00
P-MUSKETTThe Hurdy-Gurdy Method£35.00
PLS009The Lutenist's Handbook£15.00
TRMThe Recorder and its Music£14.45
TTP001The Renaissance Fake Book, "Ballads, Dances, and Sundry Tunes", Vol. 1£30.00
TTP003The Renaissance Musicians Booke of Grounds£20.00
P-MACMILLAN-SFCThe Small Flute Concerto In Early Eighteenth-Century London£11.95
PAR108The Solo Recorder, Volume 1 - Telemannn, Quantz, J S Bach, C P E Bach£20.00
PAR109The Solo Recorder, Volume 2 - Telemann, Marais, J S Bach£20.00
PTYW101The York Waits Christmas Collection: Six Favourites from Piae Cantiones 1582 & 1625£5.00
PTYW104The York Waits Christmas Collection: Christmas Drones£5.00
PTYW103The York Waits Christmas Collection: The Nativity£7.00
PTYW06The York Waits: Twelve Country Dances£4.50
P309Time Out of Mind- Canzona£5.50
P-BETHELL-VTICVocal Traditions in Conflict£25.00