Did Bach Really Mean That? Deceptive Notation in Baroque Keyboard Music

Publisher: Mark Argent
Format: Book    
Product code: BOOTH001    
Tags: Keyboard


Did Bach Really Mean That? is an entertaining and practical guide, exploring musical notation and the way in which composers of Baroque keyboard music used it. The aim of the book is to liberate players from a literal dependence upon the score in front of them and reveal hidden possibilities within it, enabling performers to get that bit closer to the mindset of Baroque composers themselves. It is a systematic exploration of notational conventions, from the most basic (note-length and touch) through to rhythmic complexities, notational formulae, and certain aspects of ornamentation. Recovering this understanding can make the music more alive and meaningful for today's players, and, paradoxically, give them greater freedom than they had when their performance was based just on a literal reading of the notes.

The book is absolutely first class: very learned yet imaginative and totally approachable. So much to learn from it, and so much to admire.” Sir Roger Norrington, conductor.

349 pages, 254 x 178, hardback, black & white interior.

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