Various Composers (16-17th C.)

LS16A Musicall Banquet£15.45
K9Clement Matchett’s Virginal Book£6.80
MB53Collected English Lutenist Partsongs I£100.00
MB54Collected English Lutenist Partsongs II£100.00
MB22Consort Songs£96.00
SE3896Easy Lute Music, Vol. 1 - Music from Scotland arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
SE3897Easy Lute Music, Vol. 2 - Music from Germany arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
SE3898Easy Lute Music, Vol. 3 - Music from Italy Arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
SE3899Easy Lute Music, Vol. 4 - Music from England Arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
SE3900Easy Lute Music, Vol. 5 - Music from France Arranged for 6-course Renaissance Lute£11.00
MB55Elizabethan Keyboard Music£100.00
VC093SFire & Frost: Madrigal Settings of ‘Ardo sì’ and Related Texts - score£25.00
H132Jacobean Consort Music: Five Fantasias and Two Dances of Three Parts£9.00
MB102Keyboard Music from Fitzwilliam Manuscripts£113.00
K48Keyboard Solos and Duets, Early Keyboard£8.75
TLS003Kraków Mus. ms 40641£10.00
VC064SL’Amorosa Ero - score£35.00
VC064WL’Amorosa Ero - score and four parts£55.00
TLS006Osborn fb7£21.00
H479Play Baroque! Cello£17.00
LS18Songs from Manuscript Sources: 2£9.25
TLS004The Folger 'Dowland' Manuscript£22.00
EMU2The Lute Society Facsimiles: Works by Johnson, Sturte, Dowland, Bocquet, de Moy etc.£35.00
EW908The Manchester Gamba Book
TLS001The Mathew Holmes Manuscripts I: Cambridge University Library MS Dd.2.11£75.00
TLS005The Welde Lute Book£22.00
CAD6631Three Renaissance Pieces Arranged for Solo Guitar£13.75
K24Tisdale's Virginal Book£11.25
LS19Twenty Songs from Printed Sources£19.75