Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance (3.e)

Publisher: Keyword Press
Format: Book    
Product code: KW001    
Tags: clavichord


The standard reference work for all clavichord owners, revised with much new material, including a section on improving the sound and touch, and appendices on false beats, humidity control, and the principles of scaling. The guide to finding sources of tools and materials includes advice on the use of online resources and a survey of the different kinds of wire now available. The theory and history of temperament are explained in plain language without any complex mathematics, and twenty schemes for tuning various temperaments are presented. Every aspect of caring for your instrument is covered, including how to replace broken strings, and how to deal with sticking keys, damping faults and extraneous noises. Paperback; 272 pages; numerous illustrations, diagrams and tables.

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