Jean-Baptiste Lully and the Flute: Recorder, Voice Flute, and Traverso

Publisher: Instant Harmony
Format: Book    
Product code: IH2224    


Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) looms large in any study of woodwind repertoire in the seventeenth century. Nevertheless, his music for flûtes is still little known today, despite comprehensive studies over the last fifty years. One of the purposes of David Lasocki’s book is to bring the music to wider attention, so it includes a large number of full-length musical examples. The book begins by taking a detailed look at the woodwind musicians who played Lully’s music and also considers the music of his predecessors. Drawing on this evidence, the book then discusses his flûtes to determine as far as possible whether they were recorders (and of what sizes) and/or traversos. The book also ties in Lasocki’s new theory about the voice flute (alto recorder in d1), the origins of which have been mysterious until now. The flûte music of Lully’s student Pascal Collasse is also considered, for good measure. And there are passing looks at the development of the oboe, cromorne, and bassoon. A must-read for all lovers of the recorder and traverso as well as anyone interested in Baroque woodwind instruments and their music.

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