IRCS210 Ricercars Op. 1. Score & parts complete£15.00
GM977A12 Flute Sonatas, Op. 4, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£22.00
GM977B12 Flute Sonatas, Op. 4, Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6£22.00
GM977C12 Flute Sonatas, Op. 4, Vol. 3: Sonatas 7-9£22.00
GM977D12 Flute Sonatas, Op. 4, Vol. 4: Sonatas 10-12£22.00
FF575612 Solos, Op. 3, Nos. 1-6 for recorder, Nos. 7-12 for flute (London, 1729)£33.00
GM793a12 Sonatas for flute/recorder & bc, Op. 3, Vol. 1, 1-3£22.00
GM793b12 Sonatas for flute/recorder & bc, Op. 3, Vol. 2, 4-6£22.00
FT02612 Sonatas, Op. 1 for solo violin with cello & harpsichord bc (Paris, 1712)£24.80
OFB8112 Trio Sonatas Vol. 1: Nos. 1-4£14.99
OFB8212 Trio Sonatas Vol. 2: Nos. 5-8£15.99
OFB8312 Trio Sonatas Vol. 3: Nos. 9-12£9.50
FF571812 Trio Sonatas, Op. 2 (c.1725)£31.50
AFT0051st Book of Pieces for flute (Paris, 1712)£21.80
NoCode-King1st Book of Trios (1694/1707)£15.00
VDGS502 Part Fancies or Duos from The Seventh Set of Bookes 1638£13.80
EM25232 Sonatas (c.1625)£13.60
BP8112 Sonatas (Castello)£10.25
EML1942 Sonatas (Rossi)£2.80
CS62 Sonatas from Op. 4£4.00
NM2192 Sonatas in F major£6.95
BP4832 Sonatas Op. 2 No. 1 and Op. 3 No. 2£12.00
BP25902 Sonatas Op.1/8 & 3£13.50
HM2312 Trio Sonatas£15.00
EM11152 Trio Sonatas£11.50
N34942 Trio Sonatas in C minor & Bb major£15.50
HG35682 Trio Sonatas Op.6/2&6£13.95
RFS3422 Bicinia on German Folksongs£5.00
SBG342nd Book of Pieces for flute, recorder, oboe, violin & bc (Paris, 1714)£25.00
NoCode-King2nd Book of Trios (1700)£15.00
HM113 Duets from 'Der Gertreue Musikmeister' - B-flat major, D major, G major£12.00
BP7203 Sonatas£13.99
HM2153 Sonatas£12.30
ED123053 Sonatas for 2 recorders & bc: Nos. 2, 4 & 6£12.99
BP7073 Sonatas Op. 4/25, 26 & 27 for two melodic instruments & bc£13.50
CERR053 sonatas Op.1, No. 1, 5 & 9 (Amsterdam, c.1722) Sonata in D, Op. 1/1 (Amsterdam, c.1722)£6.50
KM21653 Trio Sonatas (Rosier)£13.50
EW44831 Bicinien£15.50
CL01332 Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba, Vol. I: 11 Sonatas£30.00
CL01432 Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba, Vol. II: 10 Sonatas£30.00
CL01532 Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba, Vol. III: 11 Sonatas£30.00
NoCode-King3rd Book of Trios (1707)£15.00
EW6984 Sinfonie: Vol. 1£15.50
EW7004 Sinfonie: Vol. 2£16.00
CS44 Sonatas from Op. 4£5.00
IRCS35 Canzonas£15.00
EW7745 Christmas Carols£14.80
BP25376 Concerti Op. 8: Score & parts, No. 1 in F major£12.00
BP25386 Concerti Op. 8: Score & parts, No. 2 in G major£12.00
BP25396 Concerti Op. 8: Score & parts, No. 3 in Bb major£12.00
BP25406 Concerti Op. 8: Score & parts, No. 4 in F major£12.00
BP25416 Concerti Op. 8: Score & parts, No. 5 in C major£12.00
BP25426 Concerti Op. 8: Score & parts, No. 6 in F major£12.00
HM1926 Concertos Vol. 1: Nos. 1-3£22.50
HM1936 Concertos Vol. 2: Nos. 4-6£24.50
OFB56 Easy Duets for 2 recorders (flutes or oboes), Op. 17 Vol. 1: Suites 1-3£7.99
OFB66 Easy Duets for 2 recorders (flutes or oboes), Op. 17, Vol. 2: Suites 4-6£7.99
P45076 Sonatas£16.95
HE11.2146 Sonatas & a Chaconne Op.8, for 2 recs & bc£19.50
MR18356 Sonatas Op. 22 - Sonata No. 1 in F major£13.45
MR18366 Sonatas Op. 22, Sonata No. 2 in D major£13.45
MR18376 Sonatas Op. 22, Sonata No. 3 in C minor£13.45
MR18386 Sonatas Op. 22, Sonata No. 4 in G major£13.45
MR18396 Sonatas Op. 22, Sonata No. 5 in D minor£14.30
MR18406 Sonatas Op. 22, Sonata No. 6 in A minor£13.45
UE302496 Sonatas Op. 9 for two recorders£11.95
EBA12206 Sonatas Op.2, Vol. 1: Nos 1 & 2 (Amsterdam, 1701)£14.50
EBA12216 Sonatas Op.2, Vol. 2: Nos 3 & 4 (Amsterdam, 1701)£14.50
JPH0036 Sonatas or Solos£9.95
UE187396 Sonatas Vol. 1: Nos 1-3£12.00
UE187436 Sonatas Vol. 2: Nos 4-6£11.50
BP25716 Sonatas, Op. 34 No. 1 in G minor£12.00
BP25726 Sonatas, Op. 34 No. 2 in G major£12.00
BP25736 Sonatas, Op. 34 No. 3 in E minor£12.00
BP25746 Sonatas, Op. 34 No. 4 in D major£13.99
BP25756 Sonatas, Op. 34 No. 5 in D minor£13.99
BP25766 Sonatas, Op. 34 No. 6 in A minor£13.99
EM21096 Sonatas, Vol. 1: Sonatas No. 1 in C major & No. 2 in D major£12.50
EW9216 Sonatas, Vol. I, 1-3£18.50
EW9426 Sonatas, Vol. II, 4-6£19.50
BP20216 Trio Sonata Op.2 Vol. 1: Nos. 1-3£13.50
BP20226 Trio Sonata Op.2, Vol. 2: Nos. 4-6£13.50
HG35506 Trio Sonatas, Vol. 1: Sonatas in D minor & F major£13.50
HG35516 Trio Sonatas, Vol. 2: Sonatas in G minor & Bb major£13.50
HG35526 Trio Sonatas, Vol. 3: Sonatas in C major & G major£13.50
FF51526 Trios (1718)£23.85
EW8586 Triosonatas Vol. 1 (Sonatas I, III, VI)£18.50
OFB137 Suites Arie e Correnti a tre Op.12, Vol. 1: Nos 1-3£8.50
OFB147 Suites, Op.12, Vol. 1: Nos 4-7£8.50
JPH0358 Trio Sonatas: parts for recorders & violins (4 part books in slip case)£14.95
Hal1A Dialogue on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell£10.40
PCB031A Summer Day£3.95
LMP108Abounding is Grace£4.25
CC16002Absolon fili mi - Motet a4£10.80
ED9761Advanced Recorder Technique Vol. 1 - Finger and Tongue Technique£13.50
ED9762Advanced Recorder Technique Vol. 2 - Breathing and Sound£13.50
EML141Affetti musicali 2 pieces£2.80
Blo4And is my Cavalier return'd?£7.20
P045Animal Antics. Ten Treble recorder Studies with optional piano accompaniment£4.75
Sca3Ardo, e ver, per te d'Amore, Cantata£7.80
FEM311Aria Pastorella£13.80
Bac3Aria: Komm, du susses Todesstunde£7.20
Bac2Aria: Leget euch dem Heiland unter£6.00
Pep2Aria: Oh I feel the friendly blow from The Death of Dido (1716)£6.60
Sca5Aria: Sconsolato Rusignolo£6.60
PCH-2Ayres for the Violin: The Fourth Part, for Violin or Flute. Optional Second Treble, and Basso Continuo£49.50
HE31.308/00Bach: The recorder parts of his vocal works£52.00
Sca1Bella Dama di Nome Santa, Cantata£7.80
Pep4Britannia & Augusta£19.20
LMP102But Why Am I So Abused?' From The Fayrfax Manuscript£5.75
LMP18Canon in D£1.50
Sca10Cantata Quella pace ingrata£12.50
P239Cantus Avium et Volatus - Song and Flight of Birds£7.50
IRCS10ACanzonas from Libro Primo 1615, Canzonas 1-4£12.00
IRCS10BCanzonas from Libro Primo 1615, Canzonas 5-8£10.00
IRCS10CCanzonas from Libro Primo 1615, Canzonas 9-12£10.00
EW705Canzonen & Sonaten Vol. 2£22.50
EW709Canzonen & Sonaten Vol. 3£24.80
EW707Canzoni a una, Canzona a 3 voci (La Rubina)£13.80
BP657Capriccio sopra 12 Figure op. 7/4 · Passagallo primo/ secondo/ terzo op. 7/6-8 (1682)£13.99
EW819Cassatio in D£14.80
UE12632Chacone in F major£7.50
FEA134Chaconne aus "Bourgeois Gentilhomme"£9.80
BP2075Chaconne for 3 recorders & bc£8.50
Anon1AChi sa dove e speranza? Cantata£9.00
B023Chorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Jesus meine Zuversicht” (complete set)£51.00
B023SChorale Cantatas “for Danzig” (c.1754) - “Jesus meine Zuversicht” (score)£21.00
ED12141-10Complete Consort Music for Viols or Recorders£26.95
TLS056Complete Trio Sonatas£30.00
BA8089Concert en Trio£9.50
EBA1205Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Vol. 1, Concerto VIII (Weihnachtskonzert),£13.00
EBA1206Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Vol. 2, Concerto II£13.00
EM1066Concerto a 4 in A minor£14.50
EW1152Concerto a tre in C major£14.80
BP921Concerto a tre in F major£8.50
PAR014Concerto di Camera (Concerto in G minor)£7.75
OFB100Concerto di Camera in G minor for rec, 2 violins & bc£9.50
NM135Concerto di fluteauti£8.95
BP703Concerto Grosso 'Christmas Concerto' in G minor Op 6/8 , score & parts£17.00
EM1052Concerto in A minor - Score & parts complete£18.90
BP847Concerto in A minor (Scarlatti)£13.50
BP2293Concerto in A minor (Telemann-Amadeus)£13.50
EM1064Concerto in A minor (Telemann-Moeck)£2.50
BP915Concerto in A minor, RV108£12.00
M40.021-soloConcerto in Bb major - solo parts complete£3.40
M40.021-fullConcerto in Bb major for 2 recorders, strings & bc - full score & bc£10.80
EM1065bConcerto in C major - complete parts£18.00
EM1065aConcerto in C major - piano reduction£11.50
EW799Concerto in C major - score£19.80
ANT81Concerto in C major, Op. 17/2 - Score & parts£10.99
CON161Concerto in C major, RV443 - score & parts complete£9.50
MR1144Concerto in C major, RV87 - score & parts£11.25
MR1203Concerto in C minor, RV441 - score & parts complete£18.25
MR1150Concerto in D major 'La Pastorella', RV95 - score & parts£10.75
MR2170Concerto in D major, RV92 - score & parts£16.50
HM124Concerto in E minor£15.00
BP420Concerto in F major - Recorder part & keyboard reduction£12.00
BP2414Concerto in F major - Score & string parts£12.00
BP2555Concerto in F major (Amadeus)£12.00
HM130Concerto in F major (Hortus Musicus)£13.00
M40.032-02Concerto in F major, BWV1054 - recorder parts£6.75
M40.032-00Concerto in F major, BWV1054 for harpsichord, 2 recorders, strings & bc - full score£20.25
HM153Concerto in G major Op. 17/5£10.99
MR1636Concerto in G major, RV101 - score & parts£14.95
BP821Concerto in G minor£13.50
EW785Concerto in G minor - piano reduction£13.20
EW743Concerto in G minor - score£17.50
MR1504Concerto in G minor, RV103 f£13.75
MR1635Concerto in G minor, RV105 for recorder/flute, oboe, violin, bassoon & bc£21.50
BP2095Concerto Noel 'Allemand'£12.00
BP2401Concerto Noel 'Suisse' for recorder, 2 violins & bc£12.00
FF5270Concerto pour flute a bec, hautbois, 2 violons et basse, RV87; Concerto pour viole d'amour, 2 cors, 2 hautbois, bassoon et basse, RV97£31.00
PEMSMAXConsort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - all 4 volumes£75.00
PEMS081Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - Volume I, Nos. 1-20, in 3, 4 & 5 parts£20.00
PEMS082Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - Volume II, Nos. 21-40, in 4 & 5 parts£22.50
PEMS083Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - Volume III, Nos. 41-60, in 3 & 4 parts£22.50
PEMS084Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I - Volume IV, Nos. 61-86, in 4, 5 & 6 parts£25.00
EM1089Dances - Vol. 1: Suites in D minor & D maj£16.49
EM1090Dances - Vol. 2: Suites in C major, G major & Bb maj£16.49
EM1091Dances - Vol. 3: Suites in G minor, F major & A min£16.49
B063Dances & Ayres£25.00
PAR128Danserye - selected dances£7.50
STIMU-2Der Gooden Fluyt-Hemel£15.00
BP2400Die kleine Kammermusik: 6 Partiten£13.50
EW713Due Sinfonie per Violino£15.50
EN517Duets of French Masters for treble recorders or other instrument: Suites by Boismortier and Naudot£8.50
EW838, Durham Ground: Variations on a theme of Corelli£15.50
Sca4E perche non seguite o Pastorelle, Cantata£10.40
P200Easy Baroque Repertoire for treble recorder & piano£5.50
EW855Eight Solo Sonatas, Vol. I (No. 1–4)£24.00
EW884Eight Solo Sonatas, Vol. II (No. 5-8)£20.00
G12.046English Airs, Vol. II£19.80
G12.047English Airs, Vol. III£17.00
G12.048English Airs, Vol. IV£17.00
MR251Essercizii Musici [3 Part Books]£33.75
PF140Essercizii Musici: 12 solo & 12 trio sonatas for various instruments (Hamburg, 1739-40)£43.00
STIMU-5Euterpe oft Speel-goddinne I£20.00
Sca7Filen, mio caro, Cantata£9.50
FF2599First Suite of Pieces for 2 flutes or recorders or viols etc. (Paris, 1712)£15.50
Pep1Five Cantatas with Recorder£13.90
EW1040Flauto e Voce 13£22.00
EW1053Flauto e Voce 14£22.35
EW1109Flauto e Voce 16£22.30
EW1146Flauto e Voce 17£24.50
TR3Forgotten and Rediscovered: the Recorder£49.50
B003AFortsetzung des Harmonischen Gottesdienstes Vol. I£72.00
FEB053Fuga in D minor£10.00
FEB022Fuge BWV 849£8.50
FEB011Fuge BWV 864£5.50
FEB023Fuge BWV 867 & Preambulum 872a£8.50
FEB016Fuge BWV 869£11.50
FEB018Fuge BWV 876£6.50
FEB019Fuge BWV 878£6.50
FEB007Fuge BWV 881£6.80
Gre1Fuori di sua capanna - Cantata; Sinfonia a Flauto solo£8.30
PEMS022Gantz Neue Cantzon, Intraden, Balletten & Coranten£40.00
FEM246Grave aus Stabat Mater£8.50
Tree-549Greensleeves variations for solo instrument and Renaissance Lute£4.50
EW930Ich will den Herren loben allezeit£15.00
EW528Il primo Libro delle Canzoni£23.40
Musedita-RO5VEIl vero modo di diminuire£28.00
DM43Instrumental Passages in melodic progression from Aurelio Virgiliano’s “Il Dolcimelo” (c.1600) for Violin or Recorder in G£11.00
Bon1Io vi chiedo, o selve amene£8.30
JVE01Jacob van Eyck and the Others: Dutch Solo Repertoire for Recorder in the Golden Age£85.00
FEM222Kanon BuxWV 124, Canzonetta BuxWV 167£8.50
HS32La Franceschina, La Gregora, La Fontana (1620) - 3 Canzonas£13.00
HS31La Mantica, La Pinala, La Spelada (1620) - 3 Instrumental Canzonas£13.00
HS30La Richiora, La Ferra, La Crescendola (1620) - 3 Instrumental Canzonas£13.00
CSS11La Stravaganza£13.95
Ste5Lagrime dolorose£9.50
GP3aLittle Consort Suites 1- 5: Trios for 2 treble instruments and a bass£9.50
GP3bLittle Consort Suites 6-10: Trios for treble, tenor & bass£9.50
HS29Maestri del Barocco Italiano,  12 two-part Canons for 2 Descant or Tenor Recorders £13.00
PAR116Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Ouvertures, Book 1£7.50
PAR117Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Ouvertures, Book 2£7.50
IRCS14Movements from Il Primo Libro, 1650, Vol.2£20.00
PAR124Music for the Royal Fireworks£5.25
NoCode-KingMusicall Entertainment - Sonatas£15.00
EW1128Musikalisches Klee=Blat op. 5, Parts I-III£19.80
EW726Musique de Table (Hamburg, 1733)£106.00
Han18Nel dolce dell'oblio Pensieri notturni di Fili£7.40
Han6O Ruddier than the Cherry! from Acis & Galatea£7.10
EW454O Welt, ich muss dich lassen - two fantasias à 5 - score & parts£15.00
B048SOde for St. Cecilia’s Day. Score£28.00
B048COde for St. Cecilia’s Day. Score & parts£40.00
BP470Organ Sonata No.5 in F major BWV 529£12.00
EW949Ouverturensuite C Major TWV 55:C1£15.50
CC17001Overture - Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme£9.90
OFB92Overture in D minor£8.50
EM1006Overture No.1 in F major£10.25
EM1061Overture No.2 in Bb major£13.50
PEMS023Paduanen, Galliarden, Canzonen, Allmand & Coranten£40.00
PCB004Pagan Piper£2.50
DM842Partita in G major£15.95
Musedita-RO5PAPassaggi per potersi essercitare nel diminuire terminatamente£17.90
LPMAH1Pavans, Galliards & Almains (1599)£37.50
PEMS014Pavans, Galliards, Almains and other short Aeirs in five parts£40.00
VDGS51aPetites Sonatas Op. 66, Vol 1: Sonatas 1-5£11.50
VDGS51bPetites Sonatas Op. 66, Vol 2: Sonatas 6-9£11.50
OUP0015Playing Recorder Sonatas, Interpretation and Technique£38.00
DM941Prima Sonata in C major£14.95
AFT053Principes de la flute traversiere flute or recorder or oboe (Paris, 1707)£29.80
LMP156Puzzle Chaconne 'Fantasia upon a ground'£11.75
HE40.504/00Quadro in F major, Op. 6: flute, violin, oboe & bc£10.00
BP478Quadro in G major - Score & Parts£12.00
BP919Quartet in D minor TWV 43:d1 from Tafelmusik II£13.50
BA3539Quartet in D minor, Tafelmusik II TWV 43:d1£18.00
ED10147Quartet in F major£7.50
BP896Quartet in G minor, TWV 43:G4£12.00
HM133Quintet in B minor£16.00
IRCS5ARicercari a Quattro Voci from 'Libro Primo' (1547), Vol. 1. Ricercari 1-5£25.00
IRCS5BRicercari a Quattro Voci from 'Libro Primo' (1547), Vol. 2: Ricercari 6-10£29.00
PJT171Scherzo and Canzona£6.50
DM942Seconda Sonata in F major£14.95
CMP448Sinfonie for 5 viols£9.50
FF5371Six Concertos in Six Parts for violins & flutes (London, 1729)£31.00
HG3135Six Pieces for 2 recorders & harpsichord£7.50
Six-sonatasSix Sonatas£24.50
Ecc1Sleep, poor youth from Don Quixote for soprano, bass, 3 recorders & bc£8.30
CS5Sonata - l'Aria di Ruggeiro£4.00
CS10Sonata (CS10)£4.00
CS18Sonata (CS18)£4.50
EM1016Sonata a 3 No.5 in G minor£6.10
EM1017Sonata a 3 No.6 in Bb major£4.95
BP895Sonata a tre Fiauti£13.50
91.215/21Sonata ad tabulam - recorders 1 & 2£1.45
91.215/00Sonata ad tabulam for 2 recorders, 2 violins & bc - full score£6.75
BP722Sonata Canonica in G minor£12.00
BA8080Sonata Concertata£7.00
CERR09Sonata da Camera, No 1 in C Major£5.00
H7838Sonata e Due Canzoni£8.10
MR1116Sonata for Treble Recorder and Piano - score and parts£12.60
EW841Sonata in A minor - Harrach-Sonate No 2£10.00
BP795Sonata in Bb major£12.00
OFB162Sonata in Bb major Op. 41/3£9.50
IH07Sonata in C major£13.30
BP511Sonata in C major (Scarlatti)£12.00
BP713Sonata in C minor£7.75
M41.105Sonata in C minor (Schultze)£11.25
BP886Sonata in D minor£13.50
BP2033Sonata in F major (Scarlatti-Amadeus)£10.25
EM1036Sonata in F major (Scarlatti-Moeck)£9.50
OFB1017Sonata in G major£7.99
EP10418Sonata in G major (Bach)£3.75
OUP5214Sonata In Imitation of Birds£11.50
BP449Sonata Magnifique£10.25
HS58Sonata No. 1 in A minor£11.70
BCMS26Sonata No. 1 in C Major£8.00
BCMS28Sonata No. 2 in A Major£8.00
NM196Sonata No. 5 in C major£6.95
NM101Sonata No. 6 in G major£6.95
HG3381Sonata Op.6 No.9£7.30
EM2107Sonata ottava£10.50
91.216/21Sonata per chiesa e per camera - recorder part£1.45
91.216/00Sonata per chiesa e per camera for recorder, bassoon, 2 violins, 2 violas & bc - full score£6.75
BP448Sonata Prima£10.25
EW958Sonata prima "La Pellicana"£12.60
M22.007Sonata pro tabula a 10, for 5 recorders, 2 violin, 2 violas, cello & bc - Score & Parts£21.60
EM2106Sonata settima£10.00
DM879Sonata settima in D minor£13.50
EM2108Sonata undecima£11.00
NM127Sonatas Nos. 3 & 4£6.95
EW809Sonate c-Moll - Harach Sonata No. 1£12.80
DFC-2Sonate en Quatuor in B minor - score & parts£7.00
EW897Sonate in c-minor, TWV 42:c7 - score and parts£12.80
EW899Sonate in F-Major, TWV 42:F9£12.80
FEM245St Petrus-Hymnus£8.50
BP366Suite in A minor - Recorder part & keyboard reduction£10.25
BP731Suite in A minor - Score & string parts only£13.50
OFB139Suite in C major (Marais)£10.99
MR2103Suite in C major (Saint Luc)£7.50
EM2534Suite in C major Op. 6/4£7.50
CMP471-aSuite in D major (1692) (2 treble viols)£5.50
MR2102Suite in D major (Saint Luc)£8.25
EM2536Suite in D major Op. 6/2£11.30
OFB19Suite in D minor (Dornel)£12.99
NM149Suite in D minor (Weldon)£6.95
OFB71Suite in D minor Op.2/2£8.50
HM198Suite in E minor£17.00
EM2505Suite in E minor for 2 recs or other instruments & bc£15.70
OFB70Suite in F major Op.2/1£8.50
EM2514Suite in G major Op. 6/3£12.60
OFB138Suite in G minor (Marais)£10.99
MR2104Suite in G minor (Saint Luc)£7.50
FEM224Symphonie de Noel£12.80
FEM042Tafelmusik III 1. Suite B-Dur Part 1£21.80
FEM043Tafelmusik III 1. Suite B-Dur Part 2£21.80
P311Ten Advanced Studies for treble recorder£4.50
DM943Terza Sonata in A major£14.95
AFT055The Art of Preluder, Op. 7 for flute, rec, oboe & other instruments (Paris, 1719)£28.50
LMP10The Bass Quartet£5.50
Pep3BThe Death of Dido, A Masque - Orchestral Parts£16.80
Tree-NicholsonThe Jew's Dance, for Flute (Violin, Recorder or Viol) & Renaissance Lute£13.50
Wel1-3The Judgment of Paris - A Masque, Set of Orchestral Parts£13.00
Ecc2Comp.The Judgment of Paris.  A Masque£34.60
UE19930The Kid from Venezuela£10.99
CMP462The Mad Lover (1701): 4-part theatre music for varied instrumental performance, score & parts£7.75
TRMThe Recorder and its Music£14.45
PAR108The Solo Recorder, Volume 1 - Telemannn, Quantz, J S Bach, C P E Bach£20.00
PAR109The Solo Recorder, Volume 2 - Telemann, Marais, J S Bach£20.00
EW1099The Sonatas for Recorder, Volume IV£20.50
VC034xThe Third Book of Madrigals - Supplemental score. transposed pieces£10.00
VC034pThe Third Book of Madrigals Five parts only£26.00
VC034vThe Third Book of Madrigals, Score and five parts£45.00
VC034cThe Third Book of Madrigals, Score and seven parts£55.00
VC034sThe Third Book of Madrigals, Score only£24.00
VC034qThe Third Book of Madrigals, Seven parts only£36.00
Sca2Three Cantatas with Recorders for soprano, 2 recorders & bc£13.00
CMP401Three Dorick Fantasias£5.50
IRCS11Three Ricercars from 'Liber secundus sacrarum cantionum'£10.00
IRCS1Three Ricercars from Primo Libro (1593)£8.50
Pur20Three Songs with Flutes from Orpheus Britannicus£11.40
Pur7Three Songs with Hautboys from Orpheus Britannicus for soprano, bass, 2 recorders & bc£10.40
GP5Three Suites of Airs for 2 Trebles & a Bass£10.75
FEB055Tiento sobre Qui la dira£13.80
P309Time Out of Mind- Canzona£5.50
EW572Trio in F Major (Graupner)£14.50
EW892Trio in G-Major for Alto Recorder, Violin & bc£16.50
BP714Trio Sonata (Corelli)£7.75
AFT003Trio Sonata for flutes (Paris, 1712)£29.80
MRF1133Trio Sonata in A minor£9.50
ANT113Trio Sonata in A minor (Telemann)£9.50
EP4563Trio Sonata in Bb major (Bach-Edition Peters)£13.50
NM153Trio Sonata in Bb major (Keller)£5.95
KM2277Trio Sonata in Bb major after BWV 525 and 1032£12.00
BA6433Trio Sonata in Bb major BWV 1039 (Bärenreiter)£11.50
EM2541Trio Sonata in Bb major BWV 1039 (Moeck)£15.70
HG3079Trio Sonata in Bb major for 2 recs & bc£6.70
BP746Trio Sonata in C major (Quantz-Amadeus)£8.50
HM60Trio Sonata in C major (Quantz-HM)£13.50
MR7002Trio Sonata in C major (Quantz-MR)£3.25
PAN870Trio Sonata in C major (Schaffrath)£15.00
HM10Trio Sonata in C major (Telemann)£13.50
ANT83Trio Sonata in C major from Op. 8 'Fetes Rustiques' - Score & parts£10.99
DOW2501Trio Sonata in C major Op. 3 No. 5 for 2 recs & kbd£14.95
ANT11Trio Sonata in C major, reconstruction of BWV 1027£10.99
OFB42Trio Sonata in C minor (Handel)£8.50
BP2036Trio Sonata in C minor Op.2/6£8.50
HG3498Trio Sonata in D major£8.40
ANT66Trio Sonata in D major (Hotteterre)£7.99
OFB79Trio Sonata in D minor (Purcell)£7.99
OFB173Trio Sonata in D minor (Quantz-Schott)£15.99
PAN861Trio Sonata in D minor (Schaffrath-Pan)£11.50
EM1067Trio Sonata in D minor (Telemann)£10.30
NM102Trio Sonata in D minor based on Corelli's Concerto£6.95
BP2035Trio Sonata in D minor Op.2/4£8.50
OFB87Trio Sonata in E minor (Schickhardt)£7.99
CV11.220Trio Sonata in F major - full score£13.00
EM1046Trio Sonata in F major (Fasch)£11.70
BP2358Trio Sonata in F major (Handel-Amadeus)£10.50
HG3122Trio Sonata in F major (Handel-Noetzel)£6.70
OFB43Trio Sonata in F major (Handel-Schott)£8.50
HM166Trio Sonata in F major (Loeillet)£13.00
ZM33290Trio Sonata in F major (Lotti)£16.60
PAN862Trio Sonata in F major (Schaffrath)£15.00
BP743Trio Sonata in F major (Simonetti)£12.00
EM1010Trio sonata in F major (Telemann-recorder/oboe)£9.00
EM1001Trio sonata in F major (Telemann-recorder/violin)£9.00
OFB1016Trio sonata in F major (Telemann-Schott)£6.50
UE18746Trio Sonata in F major after TWV 42:D16£10.50
EM2532Trio Sonata in F major BWV 1028£15.50
BA4261Trio Sonata in F major HWV405£10.00
ED10055Trio Sonata in F major Op.1/1£7.50
BP2034Trio Sonata in F major Op.2/2£8.50
BP2047Trio Sonata in F major Wq.163£12.00
EM1114Trio Sonata in G major (Anon-Moeck)£10.00
BP327Trio Sonata in G major (Fasch-Amadeus)£12.00
M223314190Trio Sonata in G minor (Finger)£7.50
EP4556VTrio Sonata in G minor (Pepusch)£7.50
BP421Trio Sonata in G minor (Simonetti)£12.00
EM1047Trio Sonata in G minor (Vivaldi)£12.25
NM119Trio Sonata in G minor, Op.1/6 (Priestman IX) from the Flute Original£7.95
MR1973Trio Sonata No. 1 in F major£12.50
BP2249Trio Sonata No. 12 in C minor£8.50
HM25Trio Sonata No. 13 in E minor£9.50
BP2440Trio Sonata No. 13 in E minor£8.50
BP764Trio Sonata No. 14 in C major£8.50
BP414Trio Sonata No. 17 in F minor£8.50
BP2580Trio Sonata No. 18 in F major£8.50
EM1038Trio Sonata No. 2£9.00
EM1005Trio Sonata No. 26 in F major£8.00
BP2416Trio Sonata No. 26 in F major£8.50
BP2483Trio Sonata No. 29 in A minor (Amadeus)£10.50
OFB102Trio Sonata No. 29 in A minor (Schott)£7.99
OFB106Trio Sonata No. 32 in F major£6.99
BP2441Trio Sonata No. 32 in F major£10.50
BP747Trio Sonata No. 33 in D minor (Amadeus)£8.50
OFB108Trio Sonata No. 33 in D minor (Schott)£7.99
BP2419Trio Sonata No. 35 in C major£8.50
BP2510Trio Sonata No. 36 in A minor£8.50
BP732Trio Sonata No. 55a in C major - Der Getreue Music Meister£8.50
BP754Trio Sonata No. 57 in G minor (Amadeus)£8.50
OFB107Trio Sonata No. 57 in G minor (Schott)£7.99
OFB109Trio Sonata No. 63 in G minor£7.99
BP2410Trio Sonata No. 63 in G minor, TWV 42:g9£8.50
BP758Trio Sonata No. 69 in F major (Amadeus)£8.50
OFB105Trio Sonata No. 69 in F major (Schott)£8.50
BP499Trio Sonata No. 70 in F major£8.50
BP2613Trio Sonata No. 79 in C minor£8.50
BP819Trio Sonata No. 81 in G minor£8.50
BP755Trio Sonata No. 83 in F major from 'Essercizii Musici', TWV 42:F3£8.50
BP2415Trio Sonata No. 84 in A minor£8.50
BP2578Trio Sonata No. 91 in C minor£8.50
BP723Trio Sonata No. 95 in A minor from Essercizii Musici£8.50
BP2564Trio Sonata No. 96 in Bb major from 'Essercizii Musici'£8.50
MR1975Trio Sonata No.3 in G minor£12.50
MRF1806Trio Sonatas Op.3 Nos. 1-3£15.75
MRF1807Trio Sonatas Op.3 Nos. 4-6£16.50
EP4567Trio Sonatas, Op. 2 Nos. 1, 5 & 7£11.95
N3642Trio Suites from Op.1 & Op.4, Vol. 1: Suites in A minor, D major & G minor£25.50
N3643Trio Suites from Op.1 & Op.4, Vol. 2: Suites in C major & F major; Sonatines in G minor & E minor£25.50
N3644Trio Suites from Op.1 & Op.4, Vol. 3: Suites in G major, Bb major & E minor£25.50
HE33675Trios Pour le Coucher du Roy - Lully et Marais, Parts£90.99
HE33661Trios Pour le Coucher du Roy - Lully et Marais, Score£90.99
Gre2Tu parti idolo mio - Cantata£10.10
EW1143Two Diminutions for Soprano and Bass£13.40
Kings-221Two in One upon a Ground from Dioclesan (3 separate scores)£6.00
CERR03Two Sonatas, No 1 in F major & No 3 in D minor (London, c.1720)£9.00
CERR04Two Sonatas, No 2 in C major & No 4 in G major (London, c.1720)£9.00
CERR01Two Sonatas, Op. 1/5 in F major & Op. 1/6 in E minor (Dublin, c.1724)£7.50
CERR02Two Sonatas, Op. 1/7 in C major & Op. 1/8 in G minor (Dublin, c.1724)£7.50
Pur6Two Songs with flutes from Orpheus Britannicus for soprano, bass, 2 recorders & bc£11.40
EMA117Variations on La Folia Op.6/6£11.50