Songs from Rosseter’s Book of Ayres, with Lute Tablature

Instrumentation: Voice, lute

Author/editor/arranger: Fellowes & Dart

Publisher: Stainer & Bell

Format: Sheet music

Product code: LS8

Tags: Lute, Vocal


Blame not my cheeks (D – D), Come let us sound with melody (F sharp – D), Cypress curtain of the night, The (G – F), Fair if you expect admiring (D – E), Follow thy fair sun (D – D), Follow your saint (F – F), Hark all you ladies (G – G), I care not for these ladies (D – D), It fell upon a summer’s day (F sharp – E), Man of life upright, The (D – D), Mistress, since you so much desire (D – D), My love hath vow’d (D – D), My sweetest Lesbia (D – D), See where she flies (E – E), Thou are not fair (G – F), Though you are young (D – F), Turn back, you wanton flyer (F sharp – F), When the god of merry love (F – D), When thou must home (D – E flat), When to her lute Corrina sings (D – F), Your fair looks (D – D)

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