Stainer & Bell

B318'Messiah' Ornamented (E flat - G)£6.50
802018 Little Preludes£4.25
K335 Pieces from 'The Mulliner Book'£10.25
Y328, 4-part Fantasia and 5-part Pavan (from MB96) (parts)£12.50
N66286 Sonatas for harpsichord (Galuppi)£9.50
K56 Suites for harpsichord£7.50
K397 Suites for harpsichord£7.75
K418 Keyboard Pieces - Sources other than Fitzwilliam Virginal£10.25
K278 Sonatas for harpsichord (London, 1756)£7.50
LS15A Book of Ayres, with Lute tablature£13.50
LS16A Musicall Banquet£15.45
LS4A Pilgrimes Solace, 1612 & Three Songs from 'A Musicall Banquet', with Lute Tablature£18.50
H140An Anthology of English Music for Harp. Book 2: 1650-1750£9.75
H141An Anthology of English Music for Harp. Book 3: 1750-1800£9.75
LS21Ayres (c.1609) with Lute Tablature, Book 1£15.45
LS22Ayres (c.1609) with Lute Tablature, Book 2£15.45
MB6Ayres for Four Voices£105.00
B325Cavalier Songs£6.50
MB31Chamber Music I£81.00
MB32Chamber Music II£81.00
K9Clement Matchett’s Virginal Book£6.80
MB53Collected English Lutenist Partsongs I£100.00
MB54Collected English Lutenist Partsongs II£100.00
MB88Complete Chamber Music (LXXXVIII)£91.00
MB73Complete Harpsichord Music£95.00
K30Complete Harpsichord Music Book 1£10.50
K31Complete Harpsichord Music Book 2£11.25
K29Complete Harpsichord Works£7.00
K21Complete Harpsichord Works, Vol. 1: 8 Suites£9.00
K22Complete Harpsichord Works, Vol. 2: Miscellaneous Pieces£11.25
MB75Complete Keyboard Music£102.00
MB84Complete Keyboard Music (LXXXIV)£98.00
K6Complete Keyboard Music Book 1: Harpsichord Suites£6.80
K7Complete Keyboard Music Book 2: Organ Voluntaries£4.75
K14Complete Keyboard Works£6.50
MB69Complete Organ Music£90.00
MB8Complete Works£96.00
R7940Concerto in A minor (BWV 1041)£6.25
MB59Consort Music£94.00
MB48Consort Music£91.00
MB21Consort Music£76.00
MB101, Consort Music (CI)£123.00
H368Consort Music for five and six viols£33.00
MB26Consort Music in Four Parts£90.00
MB39Consort Music in Six Parts£76.00
Y343, Consort Music of 3 and 4 parts£20.00
MB81Consort Music of 5 and 6 parts£109.00
Y344, Consort Music of 5 parts£45.00
Y345, Consort Music of 6 parts£35.00
MB67Consort Music of Five and Six Parts£97.00
H443Consort Music of Five Parts- Set of String Parts£29.00
MB83Consort Music of Four Parts£91.00
MB70Consort Music of Three Parts£93.00
H343Consort Music Set 1: Music for 3 viols£19.75
H344Consort Music Set 2: Music for 4, 5 & 6 viols£33.00
MB65Consort Music, score & performing parts£92.00
H359Consort Music, Set 1: 4 viols parts£25.50
H360Consort Music, Set 2: 2, 3 & 5 viols parts£25.50
MB22Consort Songs£96.00
B361Consort Songs for voice & viols£64.00
B460Early Georgian Songs, Book 2 (High voice)£6.80
R5131Easy Pieces, Book 1£6.80
K26Eight Pieces from Musica Britannica£6.80
B463Eight Songs£6.80
B494Eight Songs for High Voice£6.80
K46Eighteenth-Century Keyboard Concertos Vol 1£10.95
K47Eighteenth-Century Keyboard Concertos Vol 2£10.95
H147Elizabethan and Jacobean Songs£6.80
MB44Elizabethan Consort Music I£102.00
MB45Elizabethan Consort Music II£96.00
Y225Elizabethan Consort Music: 16 "In Nomines"£23.00
MB55Elizabethan Keyboard Music£100.00
MB94English Keyboard Concertos 1740–1815£96.00
PC6English Keyboard Music 1650-1695£85.00
MB96English Keyboard Music c.1600-1625 (XCVI)£103.00
B616English Lute Songs, Book 1£9.00
B617English Lute Songs, Book 2£9.00
LS12English Lute Songs: Airs, Songs and Dialogues - no lute tablature printed£15.45
Y218Fantasia Suites£23.00
H432Fantasia Suites£26.00
Y277Fantasia Suites Nos. 1-5£24.00
Y278Fantasia Suites Nos. 6-9£24.00
H346Fantasia Suites, Set 1£17.00
H347Fantasia Suites, Set 2£17.00
Y355Fantasia Suites, String Parts. Set 1£22.50
Y356Fantasia Suites, String Parts. Set 2£22.50
H433Fantasia-Air Sets£32.00
MB78Fantasia-Suites I£100.00
MB90Fantasia-Suites II (XC)£100.00
H327Fantasias and In Nomines£20.00
K2Fifteen Dances from Musica Britannica£5.95
K4Fifteen Pieces£6.50
K16Fitzwilliam Virginal Book£6.50
B637Folk Songs for Voice and Harp (or Piano)£6.80
Y268Four Sonatas£32.00
H350Four-part Fantasias - Set of String Parts£24.00
MB62Four-Part Fantasias for Viols£94.00
LS9Funeral Tears, 1606; Songs of Mourning, 1613; The Masque of Squires, 1614 - all with Lute Tablature£13.50
R7410Golden Sonata£7.00
K23Intabolatura Nova di Ballo£6.50
MB9Jacobean Consort Music£96.00
H132Jacobean Consort Music: Five Fantasias and Two Dances of Three Parts£9.00
K49Jacobean Keyboard Music: Early Keyboard£8.75
K37John Blow's Anthology£11.75
MB5Keyboard Music£90.00
MB102Keyboard Music from Fitzwilliam Manuscripts£113.00
K48Keyboard Solos and Duets, Early Keyboard£8.75
K35Lessons for harpsichord£13.50
H282Little Consort Suites 1- 5: Trios£17.25
H306Little Consort Suites 6-10: Trios£17.25
H311March from King's Birthday Ode, 1769£4.50
K40Miscellaneous harpsichord pieces£9.25
MB18Music at the Court of Henry VIII£69.00
MB40Music for Mixed Consort£96.00
MB15Music of Scotland 1500-1700£96.00
K28Musick's Handmaid: The First Part£9.75
K10Musick's Handmaid: The Second Part£7.50
K25Nine Organ Pieces£6.80
K1Nine Organ Pieces£5.75
K33Nine Pieces from 'My Lady Nevell's Book'£8.00
D109Oh that my grief was throughly weigh'd£8.50
Y221Oxford Fantasias/Two-part Ayres£27.50
H479Play Baroque! Cello£17.00
MB103Restoration Music for Three Violins (CIII)£107.00
Y351Restoration Music for Three Violins: Set 2£27.50
Y350Restoration Music Set 1: 10 Fantasia Suites£27.50
PC4Restoration Trio Sonata£45.00
Y301Restoration Trio Sonatas, Set 1£20.00
Y302Restoration Trio Sonatas, Set 2£20.00
Y303Restoration Trio Sonatas, Set 3£20.00
B510Seven Songs for High Voice£6.80
K11Seventeen Pieces£6.50
K34Six Sets of Variations from Musica Britannica£8.00
6628Six Sonatas£9.50
Y269Six Sonatas for Two Recorders£17.00
B448Six Songs£5.25
R7663Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello£9.25
K43Sixteen Organ Pieces£8.75
5502Sonata in C for Cello and Piano£6.95
Y266Sonata in E£17.00
H436Sonata in E minor for Cello and Piano£5.00
5574Sonata in E minor for Viola and Piano£5.00
Y267Sonata in F£17.00
H260Sonata in G minor, Op. 1 No. 6 for cello & keyboard£5.75
H244Sonata in G minor, Op. 1, No. 6 for Viola and Piano£9.50
H229Sonata No. VI in B flat. Violin, Cello and Harp (or Piano)£8.75
5511Sonatas in G and C for Cello and Piano£6.50
R5503Sonatas in G minor and F for Cello and Piano£6.80
R9001Sonatas, Op. 1 with Keyboard: Book 1£9.50
R9002Sonatas, Op. 1 with Keyboard: Book 2£9.50
R7406Sonatas, Op. 5 with Keyboard. Nos 8, 9 and 11£8.00
LS10Songs for the Lute, Viol & Voice, 1606£15.45
LS17Songs from Manuscript Sources, Book 1£9.25
LS18Songs from Manuscript Sources: 2£9.25
LS8Songs from Rosseter's Book of Ayres, with Lute Tablature£13.50
B569, Songs of the Linleys for High Voice£6.80
B323Songs, Book 1£7.25
B324Songs, Book 2£7.25
B383Songs, Book 3£7.25
B483Tablature for Two Lutes, Book 1: Anonymous Compositions£12.50
B484Tablature for Two Lutes, Book 2: Works by Allison, Cutting, Ferrabosco, Johnson, Lawrey & Robinson£12.50
B487Tablature for Two Lutes, Book 3: Works by Daniel, Dowland, Johnson, Pilkington & Robinson£12.50
LS11Ten Aires from 'Musicke of Sundrie Kindes', with Lute Tablature£7.00
K18Ten Organ Pieces£7.75
K8Ten Pieces from Musica Britannica£7.00
B493Ten Songs for High Voice£6.80
K42The 'Lynar' Virginal Book£8.00
R8009AThe 48 Preludes and Fugues, BWV 846-893. Book 1: Nos. 1 to 24£10.50
R8009BThe 48 Preludes and Fugues, BWV 846-893. Book 2: Nos. 25-48£10.50
MB20The Complete Keyboard Music£73.00
MB24, The Complete Keyboard Music - Musica Britannica£76.00
MB14The Complete Keyboard Music - Musica Britannica, Book 1£90.00
MB19The Complete Keyboard Music - Musica Britannica, Book 2£90.00
K12The Complete Keyboard Music - Musica Britannicus, Vol. 1£7.25
K13The Complete Keyboard Music - Musica Britannicus, Vol. 2£7.25
MB27The Complete Keyboard Music Musica Britannica, Vol. 1£91.00
MB28The Complete Keyboard Music Musica Britannica, Vol. 2£91.00
8100AThe Complete Keyboard Works. Book 1, Ordres 1-5£17.00
8100BThe Complete Keyboard Works. Book 2, Ordres 6-12£17.00
8100CThe Complete Keyboard Works. Book 3, Ordres 13-19£17.00
8100DThe Complete Keyboard Works. Book 4, Ordres 20-27£17.00
LS13The First Book of Ayres, 1600, with Lute Tablature£13.50
LS5The First Book of Ayres, with Lute Tablature£14.45
LS1The First Book of Songs, 1597, with Lute Tablature£13.50
LS14The First Booke of Songs, with Lute Tablature£13.50
B643The Handel Opera Repertory, Book 1: Mezzo-Soprano£9.50
B777The Handel Opera Repertory, Book 2: Tenor£9.50
MB1The Mulliner Book£106.00
LS6The Second Book of Ayres, with Lute Tablature£14.45
LS2The Second Book of Songs, 1600, with Lute Tablature£14.45
8021The Six French Suites, BWV 812-817£6.50
R5900AThe Sonatas Book 1£9.50
R5900BThe Sonatas Book 2£9.50
R5900CThe Sonatas Book 3£9.50
6502CThe Suites of 1720, Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 7£7.75
6502DThe Suites of 1720, Nos. 2, 4, 6 and 8£7.75
LS7The Third Book of Ayres (c.1618)(No Lute Tablature)£13.50
LS3The Third Book of Songs, 1603, with Lute Tablature£14.45
LS20The Twelve Wonders of the World - Songs with Lute Tablature£14.45
Y242Thirty-two Airs£27.50
H208Three Sonata Movements arranged for Double Bass and Piano£6.50
Y270Three Sonatas for Violin & Continuo£23.00
H396Three-part Fantasias, Set 1£25.50
H397Three-part Fantasias, Set 2£25.50
K24Tisdale's Virginal Book£11.25
R0860Toccata in A£3.50
MB66Tudor Keyboard Music c.1520-1580£101.00
K36Twelve Pieces from Musica Britannica£6.00
SS62Twelve Seventeenth-Century English Songs£6.50
LS19Twenty Songs from Printed Sources£19.75
K44Twenty-Five Harpsichord Pieces£8.75