The First Book of Ayres, with Lute Tablature

Instrumentation: Voice, lute

Author/editor/arranger: Scott

Publisher: Stainer & Bell

Format: Sheet music

Product code: LS5

Tags: Lute, Vocal


All looks be pale (D – F), As by the streams of Babylon (G – F), Author of light (D – E flat), Awake, awake; thou heavy spirite (D – E), Bravely deck’d, come forth bright day (C – E), Come cheerful day (D – F), Jack and Joan (F sharp – E), Lift up to heav’n sad wretch thy heavy spirite (G – E), Lighten heavy heart thy spirite (D – E), Lo, when back mine eye, pilgrim-like I cast (E – E), Man of life upright, The (E – E), Most sweet and pleasing are thy ways (F – D), Never weather-beaten sail (D – E), Out of my soul’s depth (G – F), Seek the Lord (D – D), Sing a song of joy (G – E), To music bent is my retired mind (F – C), Tune thy music to thy heart (G – E flat), View me Lord, a work of thine (D – D), Wise men patience never want (D – E), Where are all thy beauties now (F sharp – G)

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