The Harmonious Musick of John Jenkins – Volume Two: Suites, Airs and Vocal Music

Author/Editor/Arranger: Ashbee
Publisher: Toccata Press
Format: Book    
Product code: ASHBEE002    


The long-awaited sequel to Andrew Ashbee's pioneering study of the life and music of John Jenkins (1592-1678). The primary focus of this second volume is Jenkins' huge output of fantasia-suites, but his vocal music also comes under examination, and a complete source-list of Jenkins' music is provided.

This second volume surveys the rest of his output, setting each group of pieces in context, beginning with his innovative series of fantasia-suites. Although often unpretentious and geared to amateur performance, his 'horsloads' of airs maintain a lively and varied character. More than fifty works for bass viol(s) are among the best of their kind, as are the pieces featuring the lyra viol in both solo and consort works. The book ends by examining Jenkins' vocal music.

Whatever medium he chose, Jenkins was able to add important pieces to the repertory. An growing list of recordings endorses Christopher Simpson's view that he was 'the ever Famous and most Excellent Composer, in all sorts of Modern Musick'.

Hardback, 8 black and white + 82 line illustrations, 320 pages, 22x14 cm. Published Feb 2020.

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