Hortus Musicus

HM2392 Sonatas£13.00
HM2222 Suites: No. 1 in F major & No. 2 in D minor£24.50
HM2312 Trio Sonatas£15.00
HM113 Duets from 'Der Gertreue Musikmeister' - B-flat major, D major, G major£12.00
HM2153 Sonatas£12.30
HM1926 Concertos Vol. 1: Nos. 1-3£22.50
HM1936 Concertos Vol. 2: Nos. 4-6£24.50
HM396 Sonatas, Vol. 1: 1-3£16.00
HM1276 Sonatas, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£17.00
HM406 Sonatas, Vol. 2: 4-6£18.50
HM1286 Sonatas, Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6 (Fesch)£17.00
HM100Chaconne in G minor£13.50
HM124Concerto in E minor£15.00
HM130Concerto in F major (Hortus Musicus)£13.00
HM131Concerto in G major£13.00
HM104aConcerto in G major for cello and orchestra (piano reduction)£16.50
HM153Concerto in G major Op. 17/5£10.99
HM135Il Pastor Fido - 6 Sonatas for flute, violin, musette or hurdy-gurdy£17.50
HM225Premiere Recreation de Musique Op. 6£26.50
HM261Quattro Balleti Op. 1/3, 4, 5, 8£13.00
HM133Quintet in B minor£16.00
HM42Quintet in D major, Op.22/1£18.50
HM48Sinfonia in E minor, Score & parts£15.00
HM271Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 1 in F major, ZWV 181/1£23.00
HM272Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 2 in G minor, ZWV 181/2£23.50
HM273Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 3 in Bb major, ZWV 181/3£23.50
HM274Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 4 in G minor, ZWV 181/4£23.50
HM275Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 5 in F major, ZWV 181/5£22.50
HM276Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 6 in C minor, ZWV 181/6)£23.00
HM13Sonata in D major for cello & bc from 'Der Gertreue Musikmeister'£10.00
HM3Sonata in D major from 'Fuerstenbergiana', for flute (oboe or violin) & bc£9.50
HM241Sonata in D major Op. 37/3£13.00
HM160Sonata in E minor Op. 37/2£13.50
HM31Sonata in G major 'La Rasposa'£16.00
HM69Sonata in G major for cello & bc (Torelli)£10.00
HM278Sonata in G minor The Devil's Trill£9.99
HM221Stockholm Sonatas, Vol. 1: Sonatas 1-3£13.00
HM223Stockholm Sonatas, Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6£17.00
HM198Suite in E minor£17.00
HM175Suite in G minor from Der Gertreue Musikmeister£13.00
HM279The Complete Works for cello: 7 Ricercares for solo cello, a canon for 2 cellos & 3 sonatas for cello & bc£23.85
HM253-ptsTrio Sonata in B minor, Op. 21/4 - parts£5.00
HM253-s&pTrio Sonata in B minor, Op. 21/4 - score & parts£13.00
HM252Trio Sonata in B minor, Op.3/3£16.00
HM60Trio Sonata in C major (Quantz-HM)£13.50
HM10Trio Sonata in C major (Telemann)£13.50
HM254Trio Sonata in C major based on Sonata in A major BWV 1032£17.50
HM211Trio Sonata in Eb major (Graun)£17.00
HM235Trio Sonata in Eb major (Quantz)£17.00
HM234Trio Sonata in F major (Graun-Hortus Musicus)£19.50
HM166Trio Sonata in F major (Loeillet)£13.00
HM236Trio Sonata in G major BWV 1038£15.00
HM25Trio Sonata No. 13 in E minor£9.50
HM214Trio Sonata No. 25 in G major (Hortus Musicus)£12.50