Ut Orpheus Edizioni

HS14111 duets for 2 viols or 2 cellos£13.00
HS10211 Preludes from 'The Division Viol' for viol£13.00
CSS3612 Sonatas£32.85
CH26719 Preludes for Guitar£11.95
HS1002 concerts for 2 viols£18.50
HS4521 Easy Studies (Bologna 1698) for viol£13.00
CH2603 Frammenti for Guitar£9.95
CSS043 Sonate de camera for flute & bc£17.00
HS1174 Recercadas for solo viol and 6 Recercadas on La Spagna for viol & basso from Trattado de Glosas (Rome, 1553)£15.00
HS1154 Sonatas for viol solo£20.00
HS1044 Unpublished Works for viol£15.00
HS535 Three-part Sonatinas (Rome 1674/81) for 3 (ATB) viols£13.00
CH2726 Andanti Op. 320 for Guitar£11.95
ES156 Solos (London, c 1770) for harpsichord or piano£16.75
CSS476 Solos for flute (violin) & bc£21.15
HS876 Sonatas Op. 10 for 2 viols£22.50
HS497 Canones (Venice, 1548) for 2 viols£6.95
CSS50A Collection of Curious Scots Tunes for violin, flute or harpsichord£32.85
HS46Ave Maria Stella, 7 compositions (Naples 1681) for 2 viols£10.50
CH259Canzoni del focolare (Hearth Songs) for Guitar (2009-2017)£11.95
HS55Daphne, Panopea, Dione (Rome 1681) - 3 sonatinas for 3 viols£13.00
HS54Deiopela, Dryopee, Melapomene (Rome, 1681) - 3 Sonatinas for 3 viols£13.00
CH271Double Guitar. 22 Easy to Intermediate Contemporary Pieces for 2 Guitars£11.95
HS119Doulce Memoire - 4 Recercades from Trattado de Glosas (Rome, 1553)£15.00
XXS60Hommage a Marais: 12 pieces£20.00
CH261Improvviso e Ritmico for 2 Guitars (1998)£17.95
DM43Instrumental Passages in melodic progression from Aurelio Virgiliano’s “Il Dolcimelo” (c.1600) for Violin or Recorder in G£11.00
CSS48BInstrumental Works Vol. 1: Sonate concertate in stil moderno for 2 & 3 parts & bc, Parts£18.75
CSS48AInstrumental Works Vol. 1: Sonate concertate in stil moderno for 2 & 3 parts & bc, Score£22.00
CSS49BInstrumental Works Vol. 2: Sonate concertate in stil moderno for 1,2,3,4-parts & bc, Parts£32.00
CSS49AInstrumental Works Vol. 2: Sonate concertate in stil moderno for 1,2,3,4-parts & bc, Score£35.50
HS48La Fontana, La Marteletta, La Cazzaga (Venice1818): 3 Instrumental 4-part Canzonas for 4 viols.£15.50
HS32La Franceschina, La Gregora, La Fontana (1620) - 3 Canzonas£13.00
HS31La Mantica, La Pinala, La Spelada (1620) - 3 Instrumental Canzonas£13.00
HS30La Richiora, La Ferra, La Crescendola (1620) - 3 Instrumental Canzonas£13.00
CSS11La Stravaganza£13.95
HS34La Vol.ina & La Meduna (1620) - 2 Canzonas£10.50
HS50Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes; 4 five-part compositions for 5 viols£13.00
HS29Maestri del Barocco Italiano,  12 two-part Canons for 2 Descant or Tenor Recorders £13.00
DM27Method for Renaissance Lute£35.00
HS118O felici occhi miei - 4 Recercades from Trattado de Glosas (Rome, 1553)£15.00
GCE1Opera Omnia Vol. 5: 6 Sonatas, Op. 5 for cello & bc (H103-108)£144.00
HS143Pange Lingus: 20 Compositions for 2 viols£16.00
HS83Partita n.2 BVW 1004 for viol£13.00
HS172Partitas (sopra diverse sonates) for violoncello£25.20
RCF01Ricercare per diversi a una e due voci (Bologna, 1698)£14.50
ACC59ASinfonia concertante in A major KV Anh.104£22.50
HS142Six duets for 2 viols or 2 cellos£7.95
HS99Six Sonatas for viol£13.00
CSS03Sonata for flute & bc with chaconne£12.00
CSS56Sonata from Trattenimenti armonici da camera, Op. 1 for cello & bc (Modena, 1700)£11.70
HS58Sonata No. 1 in A minor£11.70
HS120Tenores - 9 Recercades from 'Trattado de Glosas' (Rome, 1553)£15.00
CSS52Trio in G Major£18.50
CH270Trittico Esatonale for Guitar (2010)£9.95
HS72Works for Viol (Venice, 1542-43)£10.50