Stz1"Iss dein Bod mit Freuden" from Symphonie Sacrae Vol. II£8.30
Pur15"Raise, raise the Voice", An Ode£9.50
Pur14"See where she sits", A Symphony Song£8.30
Stz2"Von Aufgung der Sonnen" from Symphonie Sacrae Vol. II£9.00
Leg2A Cantata and Two Canzonettas from 'Cantate e canzonette' (1676)£7.80
Hal1A Dialogue on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell£10.40
Kng1A Pastoral Elegy on the Blessed memory of her late Gracious Queen£11.40
Cro6A Thanksgiving Anthem - Rejoyce in the Lord. Psalm 33£13.00
Abe1Acteon: Cantate Burlesque for bass, oboe (or violin), viol & bc£8.30
Ram1Aquilon et Orithie, Cantata£9.00
Bac1Aria: Hier in meines Vaters Statte£7.10
Maz3Battaglia per espugnare Amore - Trio Concerto£8.30
Pur18-2Circe: Music for Act I, Scene IV: chorus score£3.00
Pur18-1Circe: Music for Act I, Scene IV: full score & set of parts£11.30
Han1Cuopre tal volto il cielo, Italian Cantata£10.10
Tun1Da mihi Domine - Motet£9.50
Ber1Diane et Endimion French cantata£9.50
Jef7Duets for Basses by Jeffreys & Purcell£9.00
Dow1Eight Lute Songs or Duets£10.40
Mor1Eight Songs for Samuel Pepys: Light, Grave and Sacred£15.40
Ces1Four Cantatas for bass & bc£10.40
Pur1Four Dialogues from Orpheus Britannicus - I£7.80
Pur2Four Dialogues from Orpheus Britannicus - II£9.00
Han7Four Duets Book I - Che vai pensando (HWV 184) & Tacete, ohimè, tacete (HWV 196)£10.40
Han8Four Duets Book II - Quando in calma ride (HWV 191) & Giù nei Tartarei (HWV 187)£9.00
Pur5Four Duets from Orpheus Britannicus£7.80
Stu1Heraclite et Democrite - French Cantata£15.40
Pur3In all our Cinthia's shining sphear - a dialogue£7.10
Pur9In Guilty Night' from Saul and the Witch of Endor for soprano, alto/ten, bass solos & bc£8.30
Rig1In te Domine speravi (Psalm 31)£9.50
VBl1L'Apologie des Femmes£8.30
Mon5L'enlevement d'Orithie£10.70
Bou1La Feste de Cloris - French cantata£9.50
Cle1La Mort d'Hercule - Cantata£9.50
Ste5Lagrime dolorose£9.50
Ram3Les Amans Trahis, Cantata£12.60
Cam1Les Femmes - French Cantata£9.00
Cha1Litanies de la Vierge£10.40
Ber2Motet pour la Sainte Vierge£7.10
Han3Nell'Africane selve & Dalla guerra amorosa - Italian Cantatas for bass & bc£8.30
Ces2Nero (Il Nerone) - A dramatic cantata for bass & bc£9.00
Sta2Nero (Il Nerone) - Dramatic Cantata for bass£9.00
Han6O Ruddier than the Cherry! from Acis & Galatea£7.10
Vej1Salve Regina (Vejvanovsky)£9.50
Cam2Silene - French Cantata£12.60
Blo5Sing, sing ye Muses (Epilogue to Amphion Angelicus, 1700) for SATB, 2 violins & bc£9.00
Ecc1Sleep, poor youth from Don Quixote for soprano, bass, 3 recorders & bc£8.30
Cro2Song with Violins: How charming is beauty, Lost is my Love for bass, 2 violins & bc£9.50
Pur12Songs for bass solo from Orpheus Britannicus£8.30
Han2Spande ancor a mio dispetto, Italian Cantata£8.30
Ste1Spezza, amor, l'arco£11.40
Pep3AThe Death of Dido, A Masque - Score£16.80
Pur11The Four Seasons in the Fairy Queen£9.50
Wel1-2The Judgment of Paris - A Masque, Chorus Score£2.40
Ram2Thetis, Cantata£8.30
CVR3565Three Arias for Bass Voice and Trumpet (Bach)£6.60
CVR3206Three Arias for Bass Voice and Trumpet (Handel)£7.80
Leg1Three Cantatas for solo Bass from 'Cantate e canzonette' (1676)£9.00
Jef6Three Devotional Songs£7.10
Jef8Three dialogues for soprano & bass£9.00
Jef3Three Motets for alto, bass and continuo£8.30
Maz1Three Songs for solo Bass£7.80
Pur7Three Songs with Hautboys from Orpheus Britannicus for soprano, bass, 2 recorders & bc£10.40
Mon1Tircis et Climene, Cantata£10.20
Sca6Tra speranza, Cantata£7.80
ENS4Tra Sperenaza a Timore - Cantata£16.00
Ram4Tristes apprêts: Télaïre's lament from Castor et Pollux£6.60
Jon1ATwenty-one Lute Songs or Duets - Vol. I, Nos. 1-7£11.40
Jon2ATwenty-one Lute Songs or Duets - Vol. II, Nos. 8-14£12.00
Jon3ATwenty-one Lute Songs or Duets - Vol. III, Nos. 15-21£10.40
Lev1Twenty-one Songs£18.60
Leg3Two Cantatas from the Munich MS£8.30
Blo1Two Duets with Violin: 1. Septimus & Acme, 2. Go Perjurd Man from Amphion Angelicus£9.00
Cam3Two Motets£12.60
Pur6Two Songs with flutes from Orpheus Britannicus for soprano, bass, 2 recorders & bc£11.40
Pur13When Night her purple vail, A Cantata£10.10
Cro1With Noice of Cannon£9.50