JPHFESTING12 Concertos in 7 parts, Op. 3£25.95
PP165 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 1 in Bb major£9.95
PP345 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 2 in F major£8.95
PP355 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 3 in A minor£8.95
PP265 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 4 in Bb major£8.95
PP1C5 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 5 in F major£9.95
ABRSM0384A Performer’s Guide to the Music of the Baroque Period – second edition£11.95
Cro6A Thanksgiving Anthem - Rejoyce in the Lord. Psalm 33£13.00
F50812XAbdelazer: Incidental music for strings - complete parts£17.99
F508111Abdelazer: Incidental music for strings - full score£9.99
Pep2Aria: Oh I feel the friendly blow from The Death of Dido (1716)£6.60
Han14Aria: Ombre, Piante (from Rodelinda)£6.00
DM357-71Battalia for strings & bc - score & parts£27.50
Pep4Britannia & Augusta£19.20
IRCS10ACanzonas from Libro Primo 1615, Canzonas 1-4£12.00
IRCS10BCanzonas from Libro Primo 1615, Canzonas 5-8£10.00
IRCS10CCanzonas from Libro Primo 1615, Canzonas 9-12£10.00
Pur18-2Circe: Music for Act I, Scene IV: chorus score£3.00
Pur18-1Circe: Music for Act I, Scene IV: full score & set of parts£11.30
MR1639bConcerto a 5 in C major Op. 9/5£20.95
MR1867bConcerto a 5 in C major Op. 9/9£27.95
MR1868bConcerto a 5 in F major Op. 9/3£25.75
MR1866bConcerto a 5 in G major Op. 9/6£20.25
BP703Concerto Grosso 'Christmas Concerto' in G minor Op 6/8 , score & parts£17.00
BA5145Concerto in A major after BWV 1055 for oboe d'amore, strings & bc - score£24.50
PB4314Concerto in A major BWV 1055 - full score£11.25
OB4314-strConcerto in A major BWV 1055 - separate string parts£3.20
PBL4058Concerto in A major TWV 53:A1 - full score£11.25
OB4058-strConcerto in A major TWV 53:A1 - separate string parts£2.50
EM1052Concerto in A minor - Score & parts complete£18.90
BA5189Concerto in A minor BWV 1041 for violin, strings & bc - Score£18.50
PB4328Concerto in A minor BWV 1044 - full score£23.50
OB4328-strConcerto in A minor BWV 1044 - separate string parts£2.90
PB4323Concerto in A minor, BWV 1065 - full score£13.50
OB4323-strConcerto in A minor, BWV 1065 - separate string parts£2.90
MR1184Concerto in A minor, RV445 - score & parts complete£14.75
MR1955bConcerto in A minor, RV461 - score & parts complete£17.50
MR1963bConcerto in A minor, RV463 - score & parts complete£12.50
MR1246Concerto in B major, RV501 - score & parts complete£12.50
M40.150-00Concerto in B minor - full score & bc£16.75
M40.150-60Concerto in B minor - string parts complete£28.80
PP156Concerto in Bb major£16.95
CON113Concerto in Bb major - score & parts£10.50
M40.021-soloConcerto in Bb major - solo parts complete£3.40
M40.021-fullConcerto in Bb major for 2 recorders, strings & bc - full score & bc£10.80
M40.021-strConcerto in Bb major- string parts complete£15.30
MR1827bConcerto in Bb major, Wq.167 - Score and Parts£26.25
EM1065bConcerto in C major - complete parts£18.00
NM200Concerto in C major (Matteis)£6.95
MR1529Concerto in C major RV444 - score & parts complete£16.50
PB4319Concerto in C major, BWV 1061 - full score£20.00
OB4319-strConcerto in C major, BWV 1061 - separate string parts£2.90
PB4322Concerto in C major, BWV 1064 - full score£22.50
OB4322-strConcerto in C major, BWV 1064 - separate string parts£3.75
CON161Concerto in C major, RV443 - score & parts complete£9.50
BA5147-fullConcerto in C minor based on BWV1060, for oboe, violin, strings & bc - full score£21.50
NMA253Concerto in C minor Wq.6 - Score & String Parts£21.50
PB4318Concerto in C minor, BWV 1060 - full score£18.00
OB4318-strConcerto in C minor, BWV 1060 - separate string parts£2.90
PB4320Concerto in C minor, BWV 1062 - full score£20.00
OB4320-strConcerto in C minor, BWV 1062 - separate string parts£2.90
MR1203Concerto in C minor, RV441 - score & parts complete£18.25
M40.158-00Concerto in D major - full score£16.75
ANT127Concerto in D major 'Il Gardellino', RV428£8.50
MR1941bConcerto in D major (Musica Rara)£13.50
PB4313Concerto in D major BWV 1054 - full score£12.50
OB4313-strConcerto in D major BWV 1054 - separate string parts£3.75
HE35.201/00Concerto in D major BWV 249 - full score£14.00
M40.158-60Concerto in D major- string parts complete£10.50
MR1891bConcerto in D minor - Score & parts£19.25
PB4311Concerto in D minor BWV 1052 - full score£13.50
OB4311-strConcerto in D minor BWV 1052 - separate string parts£3.75
BA5188Concerto in D minor BWV1043 for 2 violins, strings & bc - Score£19.35
M40.077-00Concerto in D minor Darmstadter - full score & bc£11.00
M40.077-60Concerto in D minor Darmstadter - string parts complete£16.75
MR1633bConcerto in D minor for 2 clarinets, strings & bc£17.50
OCT-10163Concerto in D minor for flute, strings & bc - Score & String Parts£26.00
BA5231Concerto in D minor, BWV 1052a for keyboard & strings - Solo Part & Piano Reduction£15.25
PB4321Concerto in D minor, BWV 1063 - full score£21.60
OB4321-strConcerto in D minor, BWV 1063 - separate string parts£3.20
MR1945bConcerto in D minor, RV454 - score & parts complete£20.75
MR1641bConcerto in D minor, RV535 - score & parts complete£18.75
PB3771Concerto in D minor, Wq.23 - full score£22.50
OB3771-strConcerto in D minor, Wq.23 - separate string parts£3.75
OB4312-strConcerto in E major BWV 1053 - separate string parts£3.20
PB4312Concerto in E major BWV 1053- full score£12.60
BA5190Concerto in E major, BWV 1042 for violin, strings & bc - Score£18.50
HM124Concerto in E minor£15.00
M40.159-00Concerto in E minor - full score & bc (Fasch)£13.50
M40.127-00Concerto in E minor - full score & bc (Telemann)£16.75
M40.159-60Concerto in E minor - string parts complete (Fasch)£16.75
M40.127-60Concerto in E minor - string parts complete (Telemann)£16.75
BP2216Concerto in E minor for flute, strings & bc - score & string parts only£13.50
M40.148-00Concerto in Eb major - full score & bc£16.75
EE2967Concerto in Eb major - score & parts (Graun)£33.99
BP849Concerto in Eb major - score & parts complete£17.00
M40.148-60Concerto in Eb major - string parts complete£17.10
BP2414Concerto in F major - Score & string parts£12.00
ANT125Concerto in F major 'La Tempesta di Mare', RV433£8.50
BP2555Concerto in F major (Amadeus)£12.00
M40.032-60Concerto in F major, BWV1054 - complete string parts£32.50
M40.032-00Concerto in F major, BWV1054 for harpsichord, 2 recorders, strings & bc - full score£20.25
ANT129Concerto in F major, RV434£8.50
MR1956bConcerto in F major, RV455 - score & parts complete£17.50
PB4315Concerto in F minor BWV 1056 - full score£8.50
OB4315-strConcerto in F minor BWV 1056 - separate string parts£2.60
M40.166-60Concerto in G major - string parts complete£30.15
M40.166-00Concerto in G major for viola d'amore, strings & bc - full score & bc£16.75
PB5219Concerto in G major QV 5:174 - full score£10.00
OB5219-strConcerto in G major QV 5:174 - separate string parts£3.75
ANT128Concerto in G major, RV435£8.50
MR1665bConcerto in G major, RV545 - score & parts complete£20.70
MR1623bConcerto in G major, Wq.169£36.25
M40.134-00Concerto in G minor, GWV 336 for viola, strings & bc - full score & bc£16.75
M40.134-60Concerto in G minor, GWV 336 for viola, strings & bc - string parts complete£27.00
SM49Concerto No. 6 in D minor (score & parts)£29.75
M40.034-00Concerto Suite in D major - full score & bc£12.15
M40.034-60Concerto Suite in D major - string parts complete£30.00
MMR018Dies Irae£69.80
NoCode-Tree-16Divertimento for strings & lute (1761)£13.50
FE2Frena le belle lagrime from 'Sifari' - Score and full set of parts£12.00
AFE0651Il Vero Modo di Diminuir - solos playable on various instruments£44.00
EW726Musique de Table (Hamburg, 1733)£106.00
BA3538Overture & Conclusion in D major - score£37.00
BA3533Overture & Conclusion in E minor - score£24.00
BA5158Overture in B minor BWV 1067 - score£12.15
PB3794Overture in Bb major, Op.9 (Op.21) No.1 - full score£16.20
OB3794-strOverture in Bb major, Op.9 (Op.21) No.1 - separate string parts£3.20
BA2983Overture in C major 'Water Music' - score£24.50
M40.137-60Overture in D major 'La Tromba' - string parts complete£32.00
M40.137-00Overture in D major 'La Tromba', for trumpet in C, strings & bc - full score & bc£18.50
OB3797-strOverture in D major, Op.18/6 - separate string parts£3.20
PB3797Overture in D major, Op.18/6 for Harpsichord, strings & winds - full score£17.00
PB3796Overture in Eb major, Op.18/5 - full score£29.00
OB3796-strOverture in Eb major, Op.18/5 - separate string parts£3.20
BA2986Overtures des Nations Anciens et Modernes - score£17.00
Y221Oxford Fantasias/Two-part Ayres£27.50
NMA73Sinfonia in C major, Wq.182/3£14.00
HM48Sinfonia in E minor, Score & parts£15.00
PB4863Sinfonia in Eb major, Op.6/3 - full score£9.50
OB4863-strSinfonia in Eb major, Op.6/3 - separate string parts£3.20
PB3793Sinfonia in G minor, Op.6/6 - full score£16.20
OB3793-strSinfonia in G minor, Op.6/6 - separate string parts£3.20
BP2251Six Quartets from the Quatrieme Livre de Quators, for flute, violin, viola & bc, No. 1 in D major£13.50
MR1949bSonata a 7 - score & parts£12.50
BP731Suite in A minor - Score & string parts only£13.50
F508146The Double Dealer: Incidental music for strings - complete parts£16.99
F508138The Double Dealer: Incidental music for strings - full score£9.99
Pur11The Four Seasons in the Fairy Queen£9.50
CMP462The Mad Lover (1701): 4-part theatre music for varied instrumental performance, score & parts£7.00
Han11Three Arias from Solomon£9.00
IRCS1Three Ricercars from Primo Libro (1593)£8.50
HM253-s&pTrio Sonata in B minor, Op. 21/4 - score & parts£13.00
EE2105Triple Concerto in B minor - score & parts£33.99
Ram4Tristes apprêts: Télaïre's lament from Castor et Pollux£6.60
ENS2aTwo Sonatas, Vol. 1£22.00
ENS2bTwo Sonatas, Vol. 2£22.00
T0663Works for Solo Lute & Chamber Orchestra (strings & harpsichord bc) - score & parts£55.00