Performers’ Facsimiles

PF6010 Sonatas of Four parts (London, 1697)£42.75
PF17212 Fugues for clavecin or organ (Berlin, 1783)£16.75
PF18612 Solos for a violin or oboe with a bass (harpsichord) Book 1£17.00
PF18712 Solos for a violin or oboe with a bass (harpsichord) Book 2£17.00
PF9112 Solos for flute & harpsichord (London, c.1730)£26.50
PF2312 Sonatas for 2 Violins & a Bass, or an Orchestra£29.25
PF1012 Sonatas of Three Parts (1683)£42.75
PF14312 Sonatas, Op. 4 & 6£23.50
PF19212 Voluntarys for organ or harpsichord London (c.1779]£19.00
PF1056 Double Fugues for the organ or harpsichord with D. Scarlatti's lesson for harpsichord (London, 1750)£15.00
PF796 Duets 'Composd in an easy Stile for the Use of the Duke of Parma' for 2 violins (London, 1770)£18.90
PF586 Duets, Op. 2 for 2 flutes (Berlin, 1759)£17.00
PF1616 Overtures for harpsichord or spinnet London (1745)£19.00
PF696 Sonatas for 2 flutes & bass, & 3 Solos for flute & bass (London, c.1710)£18.90
PF2166 Sonatas for Bassoon or Violoncello with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord (London, c.1733)£17.00
PF26 Sonatas for Cembalo "Prussian" Sonatas Wq.48 (Nuremberg, 1742)£16.75
PF2026 Sonatas for clavicembalo all 'Uso delle Donne Wq.54 (Riga, 1773)£16.75
PF736 Sonatas Op. 5 (London, 1756) - 3 part books£21.50
PF207 Sonatas or Trios Op. 5 (London, 1739),  3 part-books£31.50
PF91348 Preludes & Allemande from L'Art de Toucher le harpsichord (Paris, 1717)£10.50
PF868 Suites of Easy Lessons for the Harpsichord, Vol. 1, Opera Terza (London, 1750)£19.00
PF878 Suites of Easy Lessons for the Harpsichord, Vol. 2, Opera Sesta (London, 1758)£19.00
PF198 Suites of Lessons for harpsichord or spinet (London, 1728)£15.00
PF628 Toccatas & Fugues for organ (Leipzig, 1793)£16.75
PF110A Collection of Ayres, Compos'd for the Theatre, and upon other Occasions£56.50
PF162Anmuthige Clavier-Ubung - includes Ricercarien, Praeludien & Fugen (Nuremburg, 1698)£19.00
PF197Ariadne Musica Neo-Organoedum (Augsburg. 1715)£19.00
PF165Book of Pieces for clavecin "Les Caracters de la Guerre" (Paris, 1724) (Performers’ Facsimiles)£21.00
PF92Choice Lessons for harpsichord or spinet (London, 1711)£19.00
PF61Collection of Lessons for harpsichord (London, cI725)£16.75
PF134Collection of Lessons for harpsichord or spinnet (London, 1696)£19.00
PF14Complete Water Music for harpsichord (London, 1743)£16.75
PF94Corelli's Celebrated Twelve Concertos Op. 9 (London, after 1782)£19.00
PF124Deuxieme Recreation de Musique, Op. 8 (Paris, 1737)£17.00
PF140Essercizii Musici: 12 solo & 12 trio sonatas for various instruments (Hamburg, 1739-40)£43.00
PF82First Book for Organ - 2 Suites (Paris, 1710)£15.00
PF22First Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1704) (PF)£10.50
PF65First Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1744) (PF)£16.75
PF12First book of pieces for clavecin Op. 12 (Paris, 1728)£16.75
PF72Five Celebrated Fuges or Voluntaries for harpsichord or organ (London, c.1784)£16.75
PF68Fourth Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1768) (PF)£14.25
PF49La Gamme et Autres Morceaux de Simphonie for violin, viol & harpsichord (Paris, 1723)£21.50
PF40Les Nations I-IV. Sonades; et Suites de Simphonies en Trio (Paris, 1726)£40.00
PF122Lessons for harpsichord or spinet (London, 1705)£14.25
PF54Livres des Sonates for solo violin, Op. 2 (Paris, 1710)£17.00
PF234Melothesia: Lessons for playing continuo (London, 1673)£23.75
PF196Musicalisches Blumen-Buschlein (Augsburg, 1698)£26.50
PF298Pieces de clavecin Book 3£25.70
PF299Pieces de clavecin Book 4£25.70
PF117Pieces for clavecin (London, 1743)£19.00
PF41Pieces for clavecin (Paris, 1751)£19.00
PF222Pieces for clavecin with 'playing manual' (Paris, 1705)£23.75
PF118Pieces for clavecin, second collection (London, 1762)£19.00
PF17Pieces for harpsichord (Paris, 1702) Book 1£7.00
PF18Pieces for harpsichord (Paris, 1702) Book 2£7.00
PF81Preludes, fugues & other pieces for organ, Op. 1 (Berlin, 1778)£14.25
PF123Premiere Recreation de Musique Op. 6; Deuxieme Recreation de Musique Op. 8 (1737) - 3 part books (PF)£17.00
PF66Second Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1748) (PF)£16.75
PF179Six Duets for two Violins (London, c.1775)£17.00
PF189Six Duets for two Violins, Op. 2 (London, c.1780)£17.00
PF188Six Duettos, five for two violins and one for two German flutes, Op. 1 (London, 1777)£17.00
PF274Six Favourite Solos for the Violoncello (London, after 1785)£17.00
PF121Six Overtures Op.8 for harpsichord or piano (London, cI775)£16.75
PF51Six Solos for a Hautboy (London, 1748)£15.00
PF155Six Solos for a Violoncello with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord. Opera Seconda (London, c.1732)£15.00
PF184Six Solos for the Violoncello, Op. 1 (London, 1772)£15.75
PF174Six Sonatas for cello solo (London, 1785)£15.75
PF46Six Sonatas for violin & cello or harpsichord, Op. 6 (Paris, c.1748)£15.00
PF108Six Sonatas or Solos for the Violin with a Through Bass for the Harpsichord or Bass Violin (London, 1697)£15.00
PF71Six Sonatas or Solos, three for a Violin, and three for the Flute, with a Thorough Bass (London, 1698)£10.35
PF55Six Sonatas, Op. 8 (London, 1736)£15.75
PF243Six Sonates En Quatuors (Paris, 1743)£36.00
PF171Six Sonates for oboe or violin & bc (Amsterdam, 1710)£15.00
PF141Six Suites of Lessons for the Harpsichord or Spinnet (London, 1723)£21.00
PF151Sonatas (Amsterdam, c.1722)£28.50
PF34Sonatas & Pieces Op. 12 for clavecin with violin ad lib (Paris, 1765)£19.00
PF232Sonatas and pieces for harpsichord (Paris, c.1739)£19.00
PF78Sonatas for 2 flute Op.8 (Paris, 1725)£14.25
PF76Sonatas for 2 flutes Op.2 (Paris, 1724)£14.25
PF77Sonatas for 2 flutes Op.6 (Paris, 1725)£14.25
PF74Sonatas for cello & bc (The Hague, 1746)£15.75
PF132Sonatas for organ & cembalo (Bologna, 1747)£16.75
PF75Sonatas for solo flute Op.1 (Paris, 1724)£14.25
PF27Sonatas for solo violin & bc, Op. 1 (Paris, 1738)£17.00
PF28Sonatas for solo violin Op. 2 (Paris, c.1742)£17.00
PF138Sonatas for violin & bc, Op. 2 (1716)£10.00
PF144Sonatas Op. 1 for 2 flutes (Paris, 1725)£15.00
PF38Sonatas, Op. 3 for 2 flutes (Paris, 1727)£15.00
PF11Sonate da Camera a Violino Solo & cello or harpsichord (London, c.1775)£17.00
PF44Sonates a Violon Seul with bc, Op. 4 (Paris, 1747)£15.00
PF45Sonates a Violon Seul with bc, Op. 5 (Paris, c.1747)£15.00
PF208Suites of the Most Celebrated Lessons Fitted to the harpsichord or spinnet (London, 1717) (PF)£23.75
PF242Suites or Sets of Lessons for Harpsichord (London, 1732)£21.00
PF30Suonate a camera a tre: Op.1 (Amsterdam, 1715)£30.00
PF109Symphonies melees de Cors de Chasse£15.75
PF206The 3rd Book of the Ladys Entertainment or Banquet of Musick London (1709)£16.75
PF70The Celebrated Water Musick' in Seven Parts - 7 part-books£33.75
PF115The Division Violin Book 1 (1684 - Playford)£14.00
PF116The Division Violin Book 2 (1703 - Playford)£14.00
PF215The Division Violist - An introduction to playing on a ground£23.40
PF114The Musick for the Royal Fireworks, set for flute or violin or harpsichord (London, 1749)£16.75
PF67Third Book of Pieces for Clavecin (Paris, 1756) (PF)£16.75
PF139VI Sonate, Op. 5 (Amsterdam, 1716)£14.50
PF125VI Sonates for solo cello & bc (Paris, 1740)£15.75
PF5Voluntarys & Fugues for organ or harpsichord (London, c.1730)£15.00