GM123815 Sonatas for 2 basso continuo instruments£15.00
NM18618 Pieces for 2 oboes & bassoon - without bc£5.95
BP4832 Sonatas Op. 2 No. 1 and Op. 3 No. 2£12.00
BP7083 Sonatas Op. 4/1, 2 & 6£13.50
M42.2223 Sonatas, after the Cembalo Sonatas£18.99
CL01332 Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba, Vol. I: 11 Sonatas£25.00
CL01432 Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba, Vol. II: 10 Sonatas£25.00
CL01532 Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba, Vol. III: 11 Sonatas£25.00
PP165 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 1 in Bb major£9.95
PP345 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 2 in F major£8.95
PP355 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 3 in A minor£8.95
PP265 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 4 in Bb major£8.95
PP1C5 Concertos Score & Parts, No. 5 in F major£9.95
N12646 Divertimenti Op. 1 for 2 cellos£10.00
N35496 Duets, Op. 40 for cellos/viola da gamba/bassoon£11.00
PF2166 Sonatas for Bassoon or Violoncello with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord (London, c.1733)£17.00
Kings-026 Sonatas Op. 14 (1725)£8.50
N12826 Sonatas Op. 3 for 2 cellos£11.25
FF58006 Trio Sonatas Op. 28; 5 Trio Sonatas suivies d'un concerto, Op. 37£42.00
FF51526 Trios (1718)£23.85
EMA113Concerto 'Le Phenix' for 4 bassoons£14.99
PBL4058Concerto in A major TWV 53:A1 - full score£11.25
MR1246Concerto in B major, RV501 - score & parts complete£12.50
PP156Concerto in Bb major£16.95
N3379Concerto in C major - score & parts£15.00
MR1143Concerto in C major, RV88£12.50
M40.158-00Concerto in D major - full score£16.75
M40.158-10Concerto in D major - wind parts complete£9.00
MR1150Concerto in D major 'La Pastorella', RV95 - score & parts£10.75
N1278Concerto in D major (Heinrichshofen)£23.00
HE35.201/00Concerto in D major BWV 249 - full score£14.00
HE35.201/09Concerto in D major BWV 249 - harmony parts (except strings)£15.30
MR1149Concerto in D major, RV217 - score & parts complete£12.95
MR1217Concerto in D major, RV90£19.25
MR2170Concerto in D major, RV92 - score & parts£16.50
MR1149Concerto in D major, RV94 - score & parts£12.95
MR1251Concerto in D minor, RV96 - score & parts£10.95
PP216AConcerto in Eb major - Bassoon and Piano Reduction£11.95
PP216Concerto in Eb major - Score & parts (Hertel)£35.95
MR1161Concerto in F major, RV99 - score & parts£15.25
MR1636Concerto in G major, RV101 - score & parts£14.95
MR1665bConcerto in G major, RV545 - score & parts complete£20.70
MR1504Concerto in G minor, RV103 f£13.75
MR1635Concerto in G minor, RV105 for recorder/flute, oboe, violin, bassoon & bc£21.50
MR1241Concerto in G minor, RV106 - score & parts complete£13.50
MR1148Concerto in G minor, RV107 - score & parts complete£14.50
MR1185Concerto in G minor, RV439 - score & parts complete£15.95
FF5270Concerto pour flute a bec, hautbois, 2 violons et basse, RV87; Concerto pour viole d'amour, 2 cors, 2 hautbois, bassoon et basse, RV97£31.00
FF5255Concertos RV86, 92, 108£26.00
FF5682Concertos RV88, 90, 98, 99 & 107£39.00
Stu2Duo for Oboe and Bassoon from the cantata Héraclite et Démocrite£7.20
Bou1La Feste de Cloris - French cantata£9.50
ED12209Les delices de la solitude Op. 20, Vol. 1£13.50
ED12210Les delices de la solitude Op. 20, Vol. 2£13.50
BAH5628Musica Viva Historica 39: 6 Parthie for 2 Oboe, Bassoon£9.00
EW454O Welt, ich muss dich lassen - two fantasias à 5 - score & parts£13.50
DM948Ottava Sonata in G major£14.95
BA2983Overture in C major 'Water Music' - score£19.50
BA5157Overture in C major BWV1066 for orchestra - score£13.00
VDGS51aPetites Sonatas Op. 66, Vol 1: Sonatas 1-5£11.50
VDGS51bPetites Sonatas Op. 66, Vol 2: Sonatas 6-9£11.50
FF5766Pieces for 2 bassoons, vcs or viols, Op. 14, 40 & 66£40.00
BP2290Quartet in B minor TWV 43:h3£12.00
BP2276Quartet in C major, TWV 43:C2£13.99
BA3539Quartet in D minor, Tafelmusik II TWV 43:d1£15.75
BP347Quartet in G major, TWV 43:G11£12.00
DM947Settima Sonata in G major£14.95
ECS37aSix Easy Solos for cello/bassoon & bc, Op. 3 (c.1778), Vol. 1, Sonatas 1-3 in G major, D major & C major£28.00
ECS37bSix Easy Solos for cello/bassoon & bc, Op. 3 (c.1778), Vol. 2: Sonatas 4-6 in F major, G major & D major£28.00
NoCode-KingSix Organ Concertos, Op. 4 for strings, oboes and bassoon - set of parts£30.00
FF50524Six Sonatas for 2 cellos, viols or bassoons (Paris, 1733)£20.00
HM271Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 1 in F major, ZWV 181/1£18.50
HM272Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 2 in G minor, ZWV 181/2£18.85
HM273Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 3 in Bb major, ZWV 181/3£18.85
HM274Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 4 in G minor, ZWV 181/4£18.85
HM275Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 5 in F major, ZWV 181/5£17.50
HM276Six Sonatas for 2 oboes, bassoon & bc - No. 6 in C minor, ZWV 181/6)£18.50
CL006Six Sonatas for cello & harpsichord (1765)£27.00
EO-SW3094Sonata a 3£12.00
NM167Sonata a 4£6.95
MR1949bSonata a 7 - score & parts£12.50
DM410Sonata decima in E minor£14.50
DM411Sonata duodecima in F major£14.50
CB97Sonata in E minor, Op. 26/4£8.99
DV8441Sonata in F major (Fasch)£10.00
BP738Sonata No. 17£8.50
CB98Sonata no. 5 in G minor for cello & bc, Op. 26/5£8.50
DM409Sonata nona in F major£13.50
91.216/22Sonata per chiesa e per camera - bassoon part£1.45
91.216/00Sonata per chiesa e per camera for recorder, bassoon, 2 violins, 2 violas & bc - full score£6.75
NoCode-KingSonatas 8 & 9 for 2 basses, Op. 8£4.00
Ste1Spezza, amor, l'arco£11.40
PF70The Celebrated Water Musick' in Seven Parts - 7 part-books£33.75
Pep3BThe Death of Dido, A Masque - Orchestral Parts£16.80
Wel1-3The Judgment of Paris - A Masque, Set of Orchestral Parts£13.00
EW572Trio in F Major (Graupner)£14.50
MRF1133Trio Sonata in A minor£9.50
NM129Trio Sonata in C major, Op. 5 No. 10£5.95
UE21043Trio Sonata in C minor (Platti-UE21043)£14.50
UE31284Trio Sonata in C minor (Platti-UE31284)£13.95
NMA159Trio Sonata in D major (Hasse)£11.25
MR1937Trio Sonata in G major (Schiffelholz)£15.75
NM103Trio Sonata in G major K.46£6.95
MR2253Trio Sonata in G minor Op. 37/4£11.50
BP2502Trio Sonata No. 10 in Bb major£8.50
BP1240Trio Sonata No. 100 in F major£10.25
BP2586Trio Sonata No. 67 in F major£8.50
ECS39Trio, Op. 7 for bassoon, viola & cello (or 2 cellos & viola)£24.00
EE2105Triple Concerto in B minor - score & parts£33.99
Ram4Tristes apprêts: Télaïre's lament from Castor et Pollux£6.60
DM951Undecima Sonata in C major£17.95
FF6126VI Sonatas for bassoon or cello with bc (1735)£13.95
CMP424Was mein Gott will - Motet£5.50

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