OUP451510 Voluntaries for organ Op. 146£15.95
XHU358510 Voluntaries Op.1 for organ or harpsichord£9.95
JPH011A12 Concertos for 2 violins, alto-viola & a cello adapted for the organ (London, 1766)£25.95
PF17212 Fugues for clavecin or organ (Berlin, 1783)£16.75
JPH02712 Sonate a Tre Op. 1 (Amsterdam, 1700), 4 part-books£15.95
PF19212 Voluntarys for organ or harpsichord London (c.1779]£19.00
SM363 Concertos from Op. 3 No. 1, 2 & 6£20.00
SM143 Pieces arranged for organ£10.00
JPH0184 Lessons & 2 Voluntarys for harpsichord or organ (c.1770)£10.50
NoCode-King6 Concertos - Non Nobis Domine (1749): complete set£40.00
UME211746 Concertos for 2 organs£19.95
ED62306 Concertos for 2 organs, Vol. 1£9.95
ED62316 Concertos for 2 organs, Vol. 2£11.50
PF1056 Double Fugues for the organ or harpsichord with D. Scarlatti's lesson for harpsichord (London, 1750)£15.00
OUP43716 Fugues or Voluntaries for organ£12.95
ALL61106 Fugues with Introductory Voluntaries for organ or harpsichord£11.50
JPH0196 Sets of Lessons Op.1 for harpsichord or organ (London, c.1750)£14.95
PF26 Sonatas for Cembalo "Prussian" Sonatas Wq.48 (Nuremberg, 1742)£16.75
CV40.5996 Sonatas for harpsichord or organ, Op.1£14.90
BC14/1+26 Sonatas from Op.1 & 2 by Corelli, adapted for organ, London (c.1785)£9.50
BC14/3+46 Sonatas from Op.3 & 4 by Corelli, adapted for organ, London (c.1785)£10.50
OM02A6 Voluntaries for organ or harpsichord, Op.1 (Johnson, c.1775)£4.99
FE87 Fancy-Ayre Division Suites, Full score£13.00
FE8a7 Fancy-Ayre Division Suites, Full score & parts£29.00
ED65018 Fugues for the harpsichord or organ£10.99
JPH0148 Lessons for harpsichord or organ, 3 with violin parts (London, c.1750)£12.50
PF628 Toccatas & Fugues for organ (Leipzig, 1793)£16.75
P-ORG100A Centenary Album - 2009£10.00
DM825Apparatus Musico-Organisticus Vol. 1: Toccata 1-4£16.95
DM826Apparatus Musico-Organisticus Vol. 2: Toccata 6-8£17.95
DM827Apparatus Musico-Organisticus Vol. 3: Toccata 9-12£16.95
DM828Apparatus Musico-Organisticus Vol. 4: Ciacona, Passacaglia, Nova Cyclopeias Harmonica£16.95
Bac3Aria: Komm, du susses Todesstunde£7.20
Bac2Aria: Leget euch dem Heiland unter£6.00
PF197Ariadne Musica Neo-Organoedum (Augsburg. 1715)£19.00
FF2632Book of organ pieces from la Bibliotheque Limoges including some by Raison, Julien, Corrette£27.50
SI014Capricci da Sonare cimbali et organi (Naples, 1687)£21.00
BA8224Chorale Preludes EG1-72: Advent, Christmas, New Year and Epiphany£21.50
BA8225Chorale Preludes EG75-134: Passion, Easter, Ascension and Pentecost£21.50
BA5496Chorale Settings for organ£14.00
DP8Clavierubungen with Complete Fingerings after C.P.E. Bach, Vol. 2 (1762)£13.50
DP9Clavierubungen with Complete Fingerings after C.P.E. Bach, Vol. 3 (1763)£13.50
EW805Clavierwerke for harpsichord or organ£19.35
BA8189Collected organ & keyboard Works£33.00
BA4731Complete Church Sonatas, Vol. 1: score & parts£13.00
BA4732Complete Church Sonatas, Vol. 2: score & parts£13.00
BA4733Complete Church Sonatas, Vol. 3/4: full score£9.00
BA4735Complete Church Sonatas, Vol. 5: Sonata C major K. 263 - score & set of parts£9.00
ED12141-10Complete Consort Music for Viols or Recorders£26.95
BA8063Complete Keyboard and Organ Works Vol. 1: Book 2£32.00
BA8064Complete Keyboard and Organ Works Vol. 2: Book 4, Capricci e Ricercati (c.1658)£33.50
BA8065Complete Keyboard and Organ Works Vol. 3: Partitas and Partita Movements Part 1£49.00
BA8066Complete Keyboard and Organ Works Vol. 4: Partitas and Partita Movements Part 2£49.00
K7Complete Keyboard Music Book 2: Organ Voluntaries£4.75
DM1142Complete Keyboard Works for Organ£28.90
BA8402Complete Organ & Keyboard Works - Part 1£33.50
BA8406Complete Organ & Keyboard Works - Part 2£36.00
EB8087Complete Organ Works (Böhm)£38.00
EB8663Complete Organ Works (Bruhns)£20.00
ALL3340Complete Organ Works (Croft)£15.40
EB6715Complete Organ Works (Hasse)£18.50
DM570Complete Organ Works (Hassler)£21.95
EB8430Complete Organ Works (Kneller)£16.50
EB8405Complete Organ Works (Leyding)£17.50
EB6673Complete Organ Works (Lubeck)£20.00
EB8556Complete Organ Works (Praetorius)£20.00
EB6714Complete Organ Works (Reincken)£23.00
EB8576Complete Organ Works (Tunder)£29.00
EB6661Complete Organ Works Vol. 1: 18 Preludes, Pedal Works£25.00
EP8009aComplete Organ Works Vol. 1: 6 Sonatas Wq.70 1/6£14.95
EB8411Complete Organ Works Vol. 1: Preludes, Toccatas & Fugues£36.00
EB8679Complete Organ Works Vol. 2: Chorale works£34.50
EP8009bComplete Organ Works Vol. 2: Prelude in D; Fugue in D; Fantasy & Fugue in C; Fugue in Eb£13.50
EB8413Complete Organ Works Vol. 2: Preludes, Fantasias, Fugues & Trios£43.00
EB6662Complete Organ Works Vol. 2: Toccatas, Preludes, Chaconnes etc. BuxWV 155-176£25.00
EB8415Complete Organ Works Vol. 3: Chorale Settings£38.00
EB6663Complete Organ Works Vol. 3: Chorale Settings A-Ma, BuxWV 177-205£25.00
EB8680Complete Organ Works Vol. 3: Chorale works£34.50
EB6664Complete Organ Works Vol. 4: Chorale Settings Me-W, BuxWV 206-244£25.00
EB8681Complete Organ Works Vol. 4: Chorale works£34.50
EB8417Complete Organ Works Vol. 4: Clavierubung£22.00
EB8804Complete Organ Works, Volume 4£24.50
BA8419Complete works for keyboard incl. pieces by Ebner£21.00
EB8407Complete Works for Keyboard Instrument£46.00
UE19541Complete Works for Keyboard Vol. 1: Modulatio Organica£17.95
UE19542Complete Works for Keyboard Vol. 2: Toccata & Canzoni£23.50
UE19543Complete Works for Keyboard Vol. 3: Pieces & Suites£26.50
ED1869Complete Works for Organ (Oeuvres complètes d'Orgue)£15.99
UT50148Complete Works for Organ Vol. 1£18.95
ESZ8269Complete works: Toccatas & Involuntaries for organ/cembalo, Book 1£108.00
ESZ2870Complete works: Toccatas & Involuntaries for organ/cembalo, Book 2£108.00
EW540Concerto in G major - Pastor Ella I Op 18/7 and Concerto in F major - II Pastor Ella op 18/8 £16.75
SM45Concerto No. 2 in A major (score & parts)£30.50
SM46Concerto No. 3 in D major (score & parts)£31.50
SM48Concerto No. 5 in F major (score & parts)£29.75
91.106/00Concerto Pastorello No. 23 in C major & No. 24 in D major - full score£7.65
91.106/49Concerto Pastorello No. 23 in C major & No. 24 in D major - organ part£1.00
PF94Corelli's Celebrated Twelve Concertos Op. 9 (London, after 1782)£19.00
Tun1Da mihi Domine - Motet£9.50
UE17159Die Auferstehung Jesu£9.95
VC020Eight Fantasia-Suites a 3 Vol.I£35.00
VC014Eight Fantasia-Suites a 4£40.00
BA6497Eight Short Preludes and Fugues BWV 553-560£10.00
VC006Fantasia - Suites a 5 and a 6£50.00
KM6Fantasia Suite No. 1 in G minor£3.00
KM7Fantasia Suite No. 7 in D minor£3.00
VC025Fantasia-Suites a 3 Vol III£28.00
GM919Fantasy in C major for flute & organ£9.50
FM001Fiori Musical modern edition£50.00
FF1278Fiori Musicali - various compositions£45.50
SI043First & Second Book of Toccatas (Rome, 1598 & 1604)£24.15
PF82First Book for Organ - 2 Suites (Paris, 1710)£15.00
FF2662First Book for Organ - 2 Suites (Paris, 1714)£24.50
B18First Book for Organ & Nouveau Livre de Noels for Organ£45.00
FF3197First Book of Pieces for Organ (Paris, 1739)£36.50
FF5629First Organ Book£86.50
FF2663First Organ Book (Paris, 1708)£20.00
PF72Five Celebrated Fuges or Voluntaries for harpsichord or organ (London, c.1784)£16.75
DM844Fugues in Bb major on the name B-A-C-H, G major & C minor£14.95
B19Harpsichord Suites with organ voluntaries£41.00
FF5151Hexachordum Apollinis (Numberg, 1699)£25.50
BA2818Hexachordum Apollinis: Selected Organ Works No 10£17.00
FF4378Hymnes de l'Eglise pour toucher sur l'orgue avec les fugues et recherches sur leur plainchant - 2nd edition Paris (1624)£43.00
MMI8269Il primo libro di Toccate£95.00
Rig1In te Domine speravi (Psalm 31)£9.50
FF4379Le Magnificat ou cantique de la Vierge pour toucher sur l'orgue suivant les huit tons de l'Eglise (1626)£45.50
Cha1Litanies de la Vierge£10.40
UT50147Little Organ Book£18.95
FF0626Livre d'Orgue - 100 pieces on all the ecclesiastical modes (Paris, 1665)£44.50
FF2774Livre d'Orgue - Hymns & a mass (Paris, 1667)£51.50
FF2885Livre d'Orgue - On 8 ecclesiastical modes (Paris, 1665)£51.50
O/L68Livre d'Orgue Vol. 1£14.50
O/L69Livre d'Orgue Vol. 2£14.50
O/L71/72Livre d'Orgue Vol. 3£14.50
PF234Melothesia: Lessons for playing continuo (London, 1673)£23.75
DM1124Messe d'Intavolatura d'Organo - Credo in dominicus, angelorum & cardinalium£27.95
DM1123Messe d'Intavolatura d'Organo - Missa virginis Mariae£19.95
DM1122Messe d'lntavolatura d'Organo - In Dominicus Diebus£17.95
DM1121Messe d'lntavolatura d'Organo - Missa apostolorum£18.95
FF3288Messe du 8th Ton for organ (Paris, 1703)£31.50
FF3723Messe Royale de Dumont (Journal d'Orgue No.6) & 2 Magnificat (Journal d'Orgue No.9)£36.00
F0742 New Book of Noels for organ or clavecin£9.99
FF2011New Book of Noels for organ or clavecin (1757)£25.50
BA8221New Edition of the Complete Organ Works Vol. 1£21.00
BA8222New Edition of the Complete Organ Works Vol. 2£21.00
BA8223New Edition of the Complete Organ Works Vol. 3£21.00
BA8220New Edition of the Complete Organ Works, in 5 Volumes£96.00
CHVRO17aNoels for organ Vol. 1: First and Second Suitte de Noels£26.10
CHVRO17bNoels for organ Vol. 2: Third and Fourth Suitte de Noels & other pieces£22.50
O/L77Nouveau Livre de Noels Scola Cantorum Vol. 1£22.70
O/L78Nouveau Livre de Noels Scola Cantorum Vol. 2£21.20
O/L79Nouveau Livre de Noels Scola Cantorum Vol. 3£21.20
Hay1O Praise the Lord in His Holiness£17.40
EW432O Spettacolo pur troppo funesto' - Cantata sacra£24.50
EW454O Welt, ich muss dich lassen - two fantasias à 5 - score & parts£13.50
BA8411Organ and Keyboard Works Book 1-1: Recercari et Canzoni franzese (Rome, 1615 & 1618)£42.50
BA8412Organ and Keyboard Works Book 1-2: Toccate e Partite d'involatura di cembalo (Rome, 1615-16)£44.50
ED1872Organ Book (Dumage)£9.99
HE32650Organ Book (Grigny)£71.99
BA5169Organ Chorales trom the Rudorff Collection£9.00
HE32377Organ pieces [attributed]£94.99
FF5825Organ pieces for the Magnificat, 2 manuscripts (Berlin, c.1706)£25.50
NOV590294Organ Work£7.95
O/L55-56Organ Works Book 1 - 1£22.80
O/L58-59Organ Works Book 1 - 2£22.80
O/L61Organ Works Book 1 - 3£15.60
O/LQ39-40Organ Works Book 2 - 1£15.60
O/LQ43-44Organ Works Book 2 - 2£15.60
BA5179Organ Works Complete£164.00
EP8010aOrgan Works in 2 Volumes Vol. 1£13.50
UE17155Organ Works Vol. 1£14.50
BA5171Organ Works Vol. 1: Orgelbuchlein/Schubler - Chorales/Chorale Partitas£21.00
BA5172Organ Works Vol. 2: The Organ Chorale Preludes from the Leipzig Autograph£25.00
UE17156Organ Works Vol. 2/4£10.50
UE17157Organ Works Vol. 3£10.95
BA5173Organ Works Vol. 3: The Individually Transmitted Organ Chorales£19.00
UE17165Organ Works Vol. 4£15.95
BA5174Organ Works Vol. 4: Klavierubung, Part 3£19.00
UE17166Organ Works Vol. 5 [4 hands]£16.50
BA5175Organ Works Vol. 5: Preludes, Toccatas, Fantasias, Fugues, Part I£25.00
BA5176Organ Works Vol. 6: Preludes, Toccatas, Fantasias, Fugues, Part II£19.00
BA5177Organ Works Vol. 7: Six Sonatas and Various Individual Pieces£21.00
BA5178Organ Works Vol. 8: Arrangements of Works by Other Composers£17.00
BA5181Organ Works Vol. 9: Organ Chorales from the Neumeister Collection£17.00
BA5481Organ Works, Vol. 1: Chorale settings£23.50
DM1171Organ Works, Vol. 1: Praludium in G; Praludium in C; Praludium in E£24.95
BA5480Organ Works, Vol. 2: Magnificat arrangements£21.50
DM1172Organ Works, Vol. 2: Praludium & Fugue in G; Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland [Versions 1 & 2]£24.95
BA5477Organ Works, Vol. 3: Praeambulums, Fugues, Fantasias, Canzonas and Toccatas£19.00
Y221Oxford Fantasias/Two-part Ayres£27.50
ED2827Partitas & Pieces£8.50
HE32105Pieces d'Orgue sur les Huit Tons Vol. 1: Suites 1-4£71.99
HE33694Pieces d'Orgue sur les Huit Tons Vol. 2: Suites 5-8£65.99
HE32387Pieces for clavecin, organ and fortepiano£52.99
FF2665Pieces for Organ (Paris & Lyon, 1740)£22.50
FF3172Pieces for Organ, Versailles manuscript£38.50
FF0723Pieces for organ: Messe 'pour les couvents de Religeux et Religieuses'£24.50
PF81Preludes, fugues & other pieces for organ, Op. 1 (Berlin, 1778)£14.25
SI082Prothimia suavissima', 10 Sonatas for 2 violins, viola da gamba & organ£31.50
EW655Ricercate, et Canzone per Sonare et Cantare (Rome, 1601)£17.50
Vej1Salve Regina (Vejvanovsky)£9.50
FF5010Second Organ Book£42.00
UE17469Selected Organ Works£17.95
BA0238Selected Organ Works, Vol. 1: Preludes, Fantasias etc.£17.00
BA0239Selected Organ Works, Vol. 2: Chorale Preludes£17.00
BA0287Selected Organ Works, Vol. 3: Chorale Preludes£21.50
BA1016Selected Organ Works, Vol. 4: Chorale Partitas£17.00
BA5494Selected Organ Works, Vol. 5: Prelude, Toccata, Ricercar, Fugues£13.00
BA5498Selected Organ Works, Vol. 6: Fantasia, Ciaconna, Toccatas, Fugues etc.£13.00
BA6445Selected Organ Works, Vol. 7: Magnificat Fugues I£17.50
BA6446Selected Organ Works, Vol. 8: Magnificat Fugues II£17.50
BA6444Selected Organ Works, Vol. 9: Toccata, Ciacone, Fugues etc.£11.50
BA9261Selected Works for keyboard, Vol. I: Hymns and Versets£25.25
BA9262Selected Works for keyboard, Vol. II: Hymnes, Versets and Tientos£24.25
VC039pSeven Fantasias & Almaines for 6 viols - Parts only£36.00
VC039cSeven Fantasias & Almaines for 6 viols - Score and parts£50.00
VC039Seven Fantasias & Almaines for 6 viols - Score only£16.00
MR163Six Concertos for harpsichord or organ, Op.2 (London, c.1745)£12.15
VC022Six Fantasia-Suites a 3 Vol. II for 2 violins, bass viol & organ£28.00
VC078Six Fantasias of Thomas Brewer for four viols£30.00
H1544Solos from Concertos 1,2,3 & 6£9.95
91.211/49Sonata à doi chori for 2 violins, 3 violas & bc - organ part£1.45
BRP1783Sonata in Bb major for violin (flute or oboe) & piano or organ£9.25
P9465Sonata in C major RV779£13.25
PF132Sonatas for organ & cembalo (Bologna, 1747)£16.75
BrMF19Sonate d'Intavolatura per l' Organo e l‘Cembalo£70.00
MR111FSonate D'lntavolatura for organ or cembalo, Op. 1 (Roma, 1716)£13.50
HE30.650The Complete Organ Chorales£19.80
FF5393Third Organ Book£44.50
Y242Thirty-two Airs£27.50
VC008Three Sonatas for 4 & 5 violins & viols£17.00
SI012Toccate e Correnti (Roma, 1657)£24.15
EW778Toccate per Organo di varj autori - Vol. IV£18.00
RG113Trio Sonatas, Vol. 1: Nos. 1-4£16.50
RG114Trio Sonatas, Vol. 2: Nos. 5-8£16.50
RG115Trio Sonatas, Vol. 3: Nos. 9-12£16.50
O/LQ12Various Noels for Organ Book 1£14.50
O/LQ16Various Noels for Organ Book 2£14.50
O/LQ19-20Various Noels for Organ Book 3£16.80
O/LQ22Various Noels for Organ Book 4£14.50
LPMREP15Viola Bastarda Settings from 'Selva di varie passaggi' (1620)£6.50
PF5Voluntarys & Fugues for organ or harpsichord (London, c.1730)£15.00
DP13186Works for organ and keyboard£16.95